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pfaccioxx t1_iuaqwim wrote

A decent soloson for people who need to use a chromium browser, but that can create a minor inconvenience that will prevent meany people from doing so

Thoth I personally feel that the slight Google Chrome convenience of being able to integrate directly with some Google services is not worth it considering all the downsides that come with that browser combined with the fact that pretty much all google services that I know of can be used without that sapific browser.

Almost any other chromium browser is better then Google Chrome.


qtx t1_iuchdqe wrote

Next time use Chrome when writing a comment, it has spellcheck.


pfaccioxx t1_iueab7q wrote

My browser has a built in spell check, and yes I do use it, I have a spelling impairment that makes it hard to spell things correctly even with it and I don't have hours to spend on typing comments to perfect spelling that realistically a very tiny number of people will ever read

Also no one should use Google Chrome, even for people who don't like Firefox / Safari (for some reason) almost any other chromium browser is better then Google Chrome.