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Lumpyyyyy t1_itc4d2d wrote

It takes a minute and a half, but it can work 24 hours a day.

That’s better than my current pace which is 5 seconds to fold and get annoyed after 25 seconds.


couldof_used_couldve t1_itc9sbi wrote

Exactly I don't need it to be faster than me, I just need it to be faster than the laundry accumulates


AttackingHobo t1_itcrfg5 wrote

Thank you! I don't care if my laundry is folded in 10 minutes, or 2 hours.

But even so, any task that can be done by a robot, can and will be optimized till it is faster than a human.


pablonus t1_ithn2bp wrote

I can't wait for our personal home robots to do laundry and clean around the house. Blessed be the robotic overlord primus one.


MaxTHC t1_itdkwsa wrote

> but it can work 24 hours a day

You will be among the first they come for in the robot uprising


GenoHuman t1_itmy48m wrote

a minute and a half, per robot... Just get 10 of them and there you go.


[deleted] t1_itc7oac wrote



[deleted] t1_itd8k7b wrote

I thought I was the only one that did this lol


FuzzyBacon t1_ite6gkj wrote

My family calls it the laundry staging room.


muskateeer t1_itd6wc3 wrote

This is the way! A room-sized closet where your clothes are always ready. Very fancy


Tappswxf t1_itea76r wrote

That’s just my bedroom. Thanks for calling it fancy, though!


mcwobby t1_itfm6l2 wrote

I don’t fold anymore. Straight out of the washer, onto a coat hanger on the clothesline. Then when dry just move the whole coat hanger into the closet.


pablonus t1_ithnbgx wrote

Sounds like a lot of work. Have you tried just leaving your clothes in the dryer then panic when you need something and it's a wrinklefest? Lol


AdRepulsive7699 t1_itc3sae wrote

You mean it takes 3 weeks to finally fold the laundry?


VincentNacon t1_itc6taq wrote

It's still better than not doing the laundry yourself at all. :D


OmniFella t1_itdf3z6 wrote

Slower than me? Bro do you have any idea how long it takes me to put away a load of laundry? Once its out of the dryer, that shit stays unfolded in the basket until I'm ready to wear it.


WTWIV t1_itdtdym wrote

Same. Every morning I just throw what I want to wear in the dryer for 10-15 minutes while I’m getting ready. Then I get to dress in fresh warm clothes straight from the dryer every day. Feels like the best way to do it.


GenoHuman t1_itmy7kp wrote

I wear the same clothes for like two - three months straight so I don't have to wash them that often 😂


MailFucker t1_itfd66d wrote

All your cloths are wrinkled


OmniFella t1_itfds1t wrote

But they're not though. Button-up shirts maybe, but I don't own any. I don't even own an iron.


MyNameIsDaveToo t1_itc3xuf wrote

Please make an ironing robot instead.


avcue t1_itces5g wrote

Steam closets are a consumer available thing.


FormalOperational t1_itd030f wrote

Chiming in to say that they’re so worth it, too! I love my LG one. Creases pants, air/line dries things that can’t be tumble dried, dusts off sweaters/clothes in general that haven’t been worn all year, gets the wrinkles out of clean clothes that sat too long before being put away, heats up blankets and jackets, disinfects pillows, etc.


upvoatsforall t1_ites87n wrote

Are you being compensated in any way to chime in?


FormalOperational t1_iths84c wrote

No, cynical redditor. I got mine during a Black Friday sale for like 33% off. When I tell people I have one, they act like it’s a waste of money. But those are the same people that either don’t value their time (assuming they can afford one) or just don’t hate doing laundry as much as I do, I suppose.


upvoatsforall t1_ithtxf7 wrote

There are millions of bots and a large number of individuals on the internet whose job it is to post about a “products they lovel, because it appears more natural and trustworthy.


ironichaos t1_itewldt wrote

Does it have a pressing function? Like can I make my shirt look like it just came from the dry cleaners?


FormalOperational t1_ithud5e wrote

Unfortunately not for shirts, just pants. It’s perfect for business casual attire. If you have to have a crisp shirt every morning and rarely dress down, it’s probably not as worth it. I’d recommend a Miele rotary iron for that.


Vault614 t1_itca2d5 wrote

Honestly though


IdealDesperate2732 t1_ite2one wrote

wtf are you people ironing? I've literally never ironed a thing in my life. The only use I've ever had for an iron was to put patches on things and even then I've also done that with a hot frying pan.


Cold_Turkey_Cutlet t1_itefspn wrote

It's dress clothes for office work. You need to iron that shit or it looks surprisingly bad. I don't know why it looks so viscerally bad, but when you have a wrinkled suit, you look worse than somebody wearing straight up rags. I think it's that sense of fallen grace.


Haagen76 t1_itc6eg6 wrote

I don't appreciate people talking about my mom on the internet.


kuraxt t1_itcc4cc wrote

But it can still do something I hate to do, so win.


-Dark-Energy- t1_itdpsn2 wrote

It doesn't have to be faster than me. If I have one of these, I'll just be happy I don't have to do the folding. I don't care if the machine takes 2 hours to do it.


Plaineswalker t1_itc93wg wrote

Why do robots suck so bad? I thought we would have full on robot butlers by now.


ACCount82 t1_itd7l8e wrote

Because existing in an arbitrary three-dimensional world is actually hard.

The hardware is quite expensive too - but that would be acceptable if a robot could do things humans do and didn't ask for breaks, sleep or a living wage. The main issue was that of capability. The humanoid robots simply aren't smart enough to do the tasks that would justify their existence.

Only recently did we get the tech to start emulating the more complex behaviors - and things like self-driving cars or humanoid robots that are actually useful start to look like they might be within reach.


Squibbles01 t1_itfu8ht wrote

Our brains have evolved for millions of years to be able to effectively manipulate the world. Robots have to learn it all from scratch.


Spartycus t1_itcfdsq wrote

Their great innovation: two hands!

How is it possible that no researchers or engineers thought to see how hard it would be for them to fold clothes with only 1 arm… (I know they must have and that there were likely technical hurdles. Still…)


phdoofus t1_ite2g6e wrote

So those shirt folding jobs at the mall aren't going away soon?


IdealDesperate2732 t1_ite2hm9 wrote

It doesn't matter if it's slower than me, it matters that it can do the job and free up my time. Now, how's the robot that does the rest of the wash coming?


Kaizen2468 t1_ite42oi wrote

Can it fold a fitted sheet? Because I can’t do that


silverbolt2000 t1_itecwlb wrote

If it can fold my fitted sheets then I’ll pay whatever you ask!


cez801 t1_itepk7i wrote

It’s probably faster than me. Although I can fold fast, I tend to procrastinate for at least 4 days before starting….


dan525 t1_itf3f1b wrote

The machine in my house that handles all the unfolded clothes is called the treadmill.


Dye_Harder t1_itfne4f wrote

Oh, so they will just use 2.


gsvnvariable t1_itdk4r2 wrote

My friend and her dad both work for Apple, pretty high up, and I’ve been lobbying for them to get Apple to make the “iFold”. I need signatures people! Signatures!


Dangerous_Profit_555 t1_itdogyx wrote

It’s a robot it doesn’t have to be fast it has to be efficient. When your out getting groceries you’re not pissed that it’s no folding clothes faster than you while you’re out


antiauthoritarianfr t1_itedzt9 wrote

It's slower than you and me, so I guess we should just go ahead and stop developing it now


Trgdor32 t1_itf2yl6 wrote

I dont care if its faster. I just care if its consistent.


Friggin_Grease t1_itfkdpb wrote

Who gives a shit how slow it is, as long as it's trying it's best, and I don't have to do it


GenoHuman t1_itmyg79 wrote

Please make a robot that can cook high quality dishes and wake you up in the morning with a hug or a kiss, thank you.


aurumae t1_itcgojd wrote

Fastest so far


Rexono t1_itcikqg wrote

I feel like compostable clothing made of a form of paper that is able to be created on demand and printed followed by disposed of after use might be easier.

Just print the paper clothing in the folded position.


AlleKeskitason t1_itckp3d wrote

Robot wins anyway if the folded shirts don't look like the mess I manage to produce when I try.