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LegitimateCrows t1_iuefkb7 wrote

I hear you for sure. But this is a problem in the US especially - the constant want for “cheap” and a race to the bottom. Of everything. That’s part of why we are where we are.


zsreport OP t1_iueg1bp wrote

> the constant want for “cheap”

Unfortunately, lot of times it isn't a want so much as it is a need.


kneedeepco t1_iuejhzq wrote

Yup this is a multifaceted problem. For one the lack of public transportation leads to an increase in the need of personal transportation such as an e-bike. Second, low wages lead to consumers leading to less than desirable products out of necessity. Third, we outsourced our labor to countries with much more loose regulations.

Our culture preaches profit first and these companies are following that. They don't care about consumer safety or the quality of their product as long as people will buy it and they'll make money.



MadLintElf t1_iuej3aw wrote

I've lived in NYC for over 50 years. I try to only use glass bottles and containers to store everything and everything I buy comes in plastic that can't be recycled because it's cheaper to sell that way.

Thankfully we have ethnic markets, and you bring you own bag. Bulk rice, beans, fruits, dried good, etc. I'd rather recycle a glass bottle and brown paper bags than toss plastic into a landfill.

But you are right, the manufacturers have zero incentive to sell things that last. Heck I have an old black and white TV that is older than I am and still works. Can't tell you how many LCD tv's we have tossed over the years.

I keep saying our garbage dumps will be the mines that our future generations will be digging though. If we don't become sustainable we'll drown in our own crap and nothing will be left for future generations.