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anonymous_troII t1_irp8h2g wrote

I think you mean.... Be forced to


Torzii t1_irpduo5 wrote

Yeah, Not 'could' but 'have to' if they want to remain in businesses with the EU. I don't know why this had to happen in Europe, but I'm glad it did!


random-incident t1_irq3szo wrote

Sometimes we get a free ride from Europe.


Seb_XDD t1_irqfd1d wrote

Would be kinda funny if they released two versions of the new iPhone, usb -c for Europe and lightning for America


random-incident t1_irqn4gk wrote

No way. Apple head is a bean counter and doing that would be blasphemy!


Khalbrae t1_irrmdvd wrote

I just wish European warranty laws applies to stuff in North America.


theLonelyBinary t1_irsawa8 wrote

Or you could wish America wasn't garbage to consumers.

I guess tomato tomahto


Frooonti t1_irqpvtk wrote

Yeah but "forced to" isn't a good PR term. Corporate sponsors rather want you to think it's them doing you a favor, making the impossible possible.


Enem- t1_irp9qjf wrote

It won’t be long before they come up with a video saying they’re doing this for the planet and definitely not being forced to lol


excelbae t1_irq50p2 wrote

I can already imagine scrolling through the product page: “Game changer”, “Closing the gap”, “Unifying the charging experience across all your devices”, and so on.


JDpoZ t1_irq7drg wrote

Best case scenario is that Apple feels like they need to own the forced change and instead of just USB-C, they actually upgrade to some form of Thunderbolt 4 (which also happens to be shaped the same / is compatible with USB-C) and pretend they did it for innovation’s sake.

This would still allow Apple to sell their expensive cables and flip a long-overdue forced adaptation to an actual improvement since Thunderbolt 4 is so goddamn fast.


hazily t1_irqfq6f wrote

They’ll call it C O U R A G E


Frooonti t1_irqpyv6 wrote

Just like how Apple's cases are almost fully made out of recycled aluminum: Sounds so green but doing the opposite would be stupid given that recycling aluminum is much cheaper than sourcing "new" stuff.


[deleted] t1_irpkvdc wrote



[deleted] t1_irpl3lp wrote



asdaaaaaaaa t1_irqkh1m wrote

Make sure you have backwards compatibility to Micro USB as well, wouldn't want my ~13 year old MP3 player with 1GB of space to feel left out now do we?


dntwrybtityo t1_irp6rpa wrote

Yea, if they are forced to. They are one of the worst if not the worst for making things proprietary


seasesh t1_irpcaeo wrote

Oh wow I can already see the key note:

"After years of development, Apple is the proud invator of a new connector. Never to be seen before, done better."


EverybodyIsUseless t1_irpcsji wrote

“…also never to be seen again. This is the only charger on the planet that will charge your headphones. Good luck.”


asdaaaaaaaa t1_irqkj9c wrote

They basically run the "trump method", just in business. So long as you advertise enough that you're the "good guys", enough people will believe whatever you tell them.


CyberJokerWTF t1_irpcwis wrote

It is still baffling to me that the latest Airpods pro 2 came with a lightning connector when they know quite well that next year nothing else will be using a Lightning connecter.


oced2001 t1_irpm3qk wrote

They will sell you an adapter next year for $29.99


erarem_ t1_irpdsqd wrote

Apple doesn't care about "next year", they're all about the "now" and the assumption you will buy again in 12 months or less


DoctorEvilHomer t1_irpldix wrote

I mean at this point isn't a forgone conclusion that Apple fans will definitely buy Airpods Pro 3 next year and praise Apple for switching to USB-C. lol


DevAnalyzeOperate t1_irqr2vz wrote

They'll update the case for the Pro 2 before they release the Pro 3. They already did this for the Pro 1.


wedontlikespaces t1_irql0r8 wrote

In fact Apple invented USB C.

The fact that it has been on Android phones by years is irrelevant, they only copied Apple.


QwertzOne t1_irqovn6 wrote

>Apple invented USB C

It takes few seconds to verify that as false statement. Apple was one of the companies that contributed to standard, they worked on USB-C connector, you may say that they were major contributor to USB-C, but they did not "invented USB-C".


augustuen t1_irqp2cb wrote

You forgot this: /s

(I know Apple is part of the USB-IF which invented USB-C, but saying Apple invented it is disingenuous)


gizamo t1_irtm19r wrote

It's the typical Apple marketing scheme. It ensures there is a clear, visible distinction between old and new Apple products. That helps the cult members shame others about having old tech, which increases Apple sales.


megasxl264 t1_irpst6n wrote

What's baffling is that the Beats earbud lineup are essentially the same product yet Airpods still use lightning.


nviledn5 t1_irq6pmj wrote

Is it really all that baffling on that product if the iPhone is still on Lightning?

Like both should be Type C, but as long as the iPhone has Lightning, AirPods will naturally.


name_plays_out t1_irqlh85 wrote

You spelt iPhone 14 wrong


CyberJokerWTF t1_irqndcy wrote

iPhones are updated every year so it’s fine, Airpods which are updated every 3 years is not.


Lbox777 t1_irpfb78 wrote

Yeah and I cleaned my room as a 5th grader because I wanted to and had no outside influences making me do so in anyway whatsoever.


momo88852 t1_irp9n6d wrote

It’s because they gonna be forced to.


BasedAutoJanny t1_irpfqag wrote

Now, thanks to Apple, your poor Android owning homeless friend can borrow your vastly superior Apple charger.

Apple, we help homeless people.

Superbowl 2023 Advert


DeepTh0tt t1_irphnsy wrote

"Apple could catch up with the tech the rest of the world was using years and years and years ago by 2024".

Ok. I'm sure it'll take at least 2 years for them to replicate the world standard we've all been using for years.


gizamo t1_irtmqg9 wrote

~50% of phones in the US are Androids.

In Europe, 70%+ are Androids.


Fine-Art-6048 t1_irpaaed wrote

They should be legally mandated to do so in the US, following in the steps of Europe. Apple is responsible for significant tech waste by using new / unique charging hardware; the cost of which is borne by taxpayers $$ & health of our environment.


THENATHE t1_irpg5p0 wrote

Except for the fact that I have been using the same lightning cable for years on my old iphone, ipad, and new iphone. But when I got my Pixel 2XL I needed a new set of cables.

Sure, if every single device is on USBC it will be great, but how many old school holdouts are there gonna be for lightning? My dad is still using a 6s plus, my mom an iphone xr. They won’t upgrade for YEARS. So it’s not like lightning is gonna go away for like 3+ years MINIMUM


Cyan-Eyed452 t1_irqnsqn wrote

>My dad is still using a 6s plus, my mom an iphone xr. They won’t upgrade for YEARS.

So you've outlined that not only have apple been a nuisance with their proprietary hardware up until now, it will continue to be a nuisance even after they introduce USB-C.

Perhaps they should have stuck with a standard from the start like every other manufacturer.


AwfulUnicorn t1_irry8xv wrote

Tbf Apple switched to lightning way before USB-C was commonplace


THENATHE t1_irs24cq wrote

Lightning was MILES ahead of micro USB. Just because they decided to keep their “good enough” connector a bit longer than they should have isn’t a cardinal sin. My point was that MANY people already have plenty of lightning stuff because they already have iPhones. If a charger breaks and they need a new one, from a waste perspective, it doesn’t matter if it’s lightning or USBC, it’s still 1 cable thrown away and one new one made.

Not many people have like 2000 cables like everyone seems to insinuate. I have plenty of devices that use USBC and one that uses lightning and I have like 10 cables total.


ethervillage t1_irqdwn3 wrote

Thanks EU! We (US) are no longer capable of getting things like this accomplished in our Oligarchy.


mredofcourse t1_irpsbeo wrote

To everyone saying, "duh, because they're being force to". Yes, of course, but...

The EU requirement if signed into law by the end of the year, is that new products released by the end of 2024 must be USB-C. Apple could use lightning for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 along with any accessories through 2024. They wouldn't need to switch until the iPhone 17 in the Fall of 2025 (assumptions in naming conventions aside) and could still sell existing products at that time with Lightning indefinitely.

Gurman is saying that Apple is going to transition sooner than the mandate requires, and that 2023 will be the year of transition.

I tend to agree with that, and also think that Apple will lean into it with marketing when it comes to the iPhone 15 by promoting that they are using faster data and charging protocols.


djdsf t1_irpp9to wrote

They SHOULD since they are being forced to.


leoquem t1_irqfcxs wrote

Can't they prioritize it? How hard is this compared to making a new iphone?


misatillo t1_irqjn2r wrote

Almost everything except for AirPods and iPhones use usb-c since long time ago. I never understood why they kept Lightning on those


GroceryRobot t1_irp9ood wrote

I’m curious what they’ll do. They make different models for china when it comes to the SIM card configurations. Maybe they’ll make a USB-C version only for EU and everyone else will get the lightning.


Spanishparlante t1_irpfwpq wrote

They’ll probably do a “surprise” hey look! No ports at all! Move and circumvent these rules.

“We don’t have any cables anymore. It’s all wireless, but we have a wireless dongle that works especially well with our devices” sort of a thing.


Substantial_Boiler t1_irqew20 wrote

They can't due to DFU and other low level diagnostics that cannot be done wirelessly


Jupiters t1_irpa10s wrote

I wonder if the people in the comments here agree they are being forced to?


LittleRudiger t1_irpdp3e wrote

I'm not sure. But, I think they might be forced to change to a USB-C connector.


ERRORMONSTER t1_irpnjso wrote

I still stand by that Apple won't actually put USB-C on their devices. They'll either force them to charge wirelessly or design a new lightning hyper-charge capable cable that can do 101 watts.

Either of these will exempt them from the EU law and allow for proprietary charging methods (proprietary wireless charging protocol or the lightning 101W connector)

Edit: you're welcome to be mad about it, but like... read the text of the law then point out where I'm wrong and where Apple will happily give up their $4 per lightning connector royalty fee


DanielPhermous t1_irq37cu wrote

Charging is not the only issue, though. People need to get tremendously huge video files off their phones these days.


ERRORMONSTER t1_irq55gv wrote

As long as it doesn't charge by cable, then they can freely use a lightning cable to transfer files. That just makes the second option more likely.

Or honestly, gigabit is pretty standard now for wireless


DanielPhermous t1_irqabf9 wrote

Gigabit is pretty standard in the US, probably mostly among computer geeks like us. It is not standard everywhere in the world, nor among the non-computer savvy.


ERRORMONSTER t1_irr626i wrote

Same goes for USB-C, honestly. Gigabit is more accessible since it's been a standard for longer.


[deleted] t1_irqwyq1 wrote

>People need to get tremendously huge video files off their phones these days.

I don't know of anyone doing this manually anymore, it's all done through the cloud.


DanielPhermous t1_irqymxo wrote

It's a niche. People who take photos in HDR and video in 4K 60fps or whatever it goes up to. Anything short of a cable is just too damned slow.

But Apple has an iPhone Pro and this is a pro use, so we need the port to support it.


Barroux t1_irqimie wrote

Apple would still get their MFi program money if they switch to USB-C. Apple can't switch to another physical cable, it would need to be USB-C. USB-C is better anyway.


ERRORMONSTER t1_irr5tgm wrote

I agree that it's better. My point is not that lighting is good or better than usb-c but that Apple is greedy and will not take this lying down.


Obliterators t1_irqm677 wrote

>They'll either force them to charge wirelessly or design a new lightning hyper-charge capable cable that can do 101 watts.

>Either of these will exempt them from the EU law and allow for proprietary charging methods (proprietary wireless charging protocol or the lightning 101W connector)

>Edit: you're welcome to be mad about it, but like... read the text of the law then point out where I'm wrong and where Apple will happily give up their $4 per lightning connector royalty fee

Did you read the text? There is no 101W exemption in the directive.

>In so far as they are capable of being recharged by means of wired charging, —, shall: be equipped with the USB Type-C receptacle... > In so far as they are capable of being recharged by means of wired charging at voltages higher than 5 Volts, currents higher than 3 Amperes or powers higher than 15 Watts, —, shall: incorporate the USB Power Delivery...

The lawmakers acknowledge in the text that Type-C and USB PD have room to grow and that the newly updated USB PD already does 240W, that why they didn't write such exemptions.


ERRORMONSTER t1_irr657q wrote

That's true; I was getting the 100W limit from the press release but that's not actually in the text anywhere. I wonder why they would put it in the release then


thejakeev t1_irptb7d wrote

To quote Lizzo: “it’s about damn time”


Lucigirl4ever t1_irqtrrp wrote

coulda, woulda, shoulda. now, gota.


CaseFace5 t1_irse7z2 wrote

I hate to say it but I prefer the lightning port to USB-C but I get making them adhere to a standard.


bannacct56 t1_irsfxkc wrote

I guess it depends if they want to sell anything in Europe or not, if they do it has to be USB c


Norn-Iron t1_irqi25d wrote

What are the odds of apple creating a better cable and lobbying the EU to use their new lightning 2 electric boogaloo cables?


HungryLikeTheWolf99 t1_irpafu5 wrote

That's plenty of time for them to come up with a new proprietary standard.