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UrHellaLateB t1_iuoi6z4 wrote

"flock to other platforms" is a stretch. One person going to Discord and one starting their own blog. Is there any actual data on user migration?


Wh00ster t1_iuqd56p wrote

Um, we don’t question articles here. We blindly eat the slop headline that provides a dopamine hit.


JDGumby t1_iuoia7e wrote

What other sorta-real-time, mobile micro-blogging platforms are there to move to that have enough people to make switching away from Twitter even vaguely realistic?


bicyclesausage22 t1_iurddpo wrote

Opting out of the “sorta-real-time microblogging” market is also an option. It’s the best option I’ve found.


WexfordHo t1_iuom7xj wrote

Mastodon, Discord, or any startup that’s positioned to move right now and occupy the impending vacuum.

Basically it’s time for someone to do to Twitter what Reddit did to Digg.


StuffyGoose t1_iup19cx wrote

Mastodon? Amateur techies running home-based servers are not going to replace Twitter.


WexfordHo t1_iupblox wrote

Something is going to replace Twitter.


JDGumby t1_iur1x6w wrote

Won't be Mastodon, though. Not when people realize that it is, by design, already in the same mess Twitter soon will be with unaccountable individuals (rather than boards or committees, who at least have to compromise with each other) making the rules about what you can send and see on a node-by-node basis (like subreddits with a single mod, but worse since the person who runs the node doesn't have any network-wide content rules they have to obey).


lego_office_worker t1_iuoi4kr wrote

i dont understand what they think he going to do


WexfordHo t1_iuom24z wrote

Monetize it and tie the hands of moderators until it’s a cesspool. And they’re right.


[deleted] t1_iuoq7rg wrote

What if we just wait and see instead of being all dramatic and speculating about the future?


FIRSTFREED0CELL t1_iupuiy4 wrote

He has to do something, if the NYTimes is right, he has $1B/year in interest payments for the loans to buy Twitter, and Twitter's total income last year was $630m.


hdksjabsjs t1_iur0gjn wrote

Wait he BORROWED the money to buy it? So he doesn’t actually own it then


Andrethegreengiant3 t1_iur2esp wrote

Of course he borrowed the money, he couldn't sell that many shares without cratering his stock even if he wanted to buy it outright


Blearchie t1_iuqk23x wrote

Good riddance. Most were poison.


hdksjabsjs t1_iur0d1q wrote

Good. Fuck those pansies


sylsau t1_iur7wyy wrote

There will necessarily be an initial wave of departures. Elon Musk had already foreseen this. We'll have to see how things play out over the next few months.


RabidHyenaSauce t1_iuqe9iw wrote

Moments like this reminds me that I made a great choice ditching most social apps like Facebook and such. I was not using them anyways, snd I've heard only negative things about it. So yeah.