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[deleted] t1_ix4ztsx wrote

Ban it. An American tech company will make a clone of it in an instant that everyone will migrate to.

What are we risking our national security for? The money corporations make marketing on tik tok? How many times are we going to put corporate profits ahead of the well being of our people?


SparklyRoniPony t1_ix5juw1 wrote

The one thing TikTok does right is that the algorithm really shows the user what they want to see. Good luck getting Meta to do that. It’s a fun app. I’d love to see an American company do it and have it be as much fun, but we know capitalism will eventually take over and ruin it.


mmarollo t1_ix5lxrf wrote

That’s nonsensical. American companies are all “capitalist”. Capitalism can’t “take over” because it’s the underlying system for the entire planet other than a few desperate places like North Korea.


bigheartbiggerdick97 t1_ix6g85n wrote

The word capitalism is meaningless in this site. Everything people dont like is capitalism or communism


CocaineHammer t1_ix7r4jn wrote

That's because Communism's bad and so is rampant capitalism it's just some people tend to lean to far to each side.


iCantPauseItsOnline t1_ix6nhrh wrote

well comments like this certainly don't help


ganja_and_code t1_ix7e4xi wrote

They certainly don't hurt. If there's a problem, it's better to acknowledge it than to ignore it lol


hoboyolo t1_ix66bav wrote

Really really look into China. Modern day Chinese government. Jesus man, you want them in every home?


[deleted] t1_ix6fiqq wrote

YouTube already does that too and you can even curate Reddit to only see subreddits you want to see. None of this is new.


tdogg241 t1_ix61ef4 wrote

>The one thing TikTok does right is that the algorithm really shows the user what they want to see.

Knowing how to tap into and exploit your attention is hardly doing something "right."


tipbruley t1_ix5v5wh wrote

I doubt tik tok makes money without selling data to government entities so I don’t think it’s obvious a U.S. company will fill in for it


nomorerainpls t1_ix6cmyj wrote

Why wouldn’t Meta improve their recommendation engine to compete with TikTok? Have you paid any attention to their financial reports? ML models for ranking and recommendations is one of their biggest areas of investment.


CocaineHammer t1_ix7reg8 wrote

Metas design is to get you on FB more often by showing you things that make you mad because people interact with the things that make them mad more than the things that make them happy weirdly enough, you could say it's at least partly down to the user but then again Meta is a shit show so I'd have no doubt old FB getting ahold of something like that would but just as had as China. Ideally give it to another company give it to Elon Musk and watch more meltdowns happen that'd be funny.


nokinship t1_ix6i3h5 wrote

This is less complicated than you think. It's just grouping related tags together. Bam your algorithm. There's probably a neutral network component too that creates those tags.


SlowMotionPanic t1_ix7u6xb wrote

It is weird, then, how the competition doesn’t do it well.

Reels and Shorts, for example, really aggressively push rightwing content out of nowhere. I’m a leftist and subscribe mostly to leftist content creators. TikTok has no problems showing me mostly content from that spectrum. But Shorts? It almost entirely ignores my subscriptions directly and instead pushes me elsewhere. For example, I subscribe to a game streamer. Only one. So naturally Shorts shows me almost exclusively videos about guns in video games as rightwing propaganda is narrated on top.

Reels wasn’t much better when I tried it.

It seems that the competitors all have certain things they want to push—rightwing nut jobs in YouTube’s case and coronated internet celebrities in Instagram’s—and everything else falls by the wayside.

TikTok hones in quickly and makes feeds truly unique. That is why it is so good and dangerous.


jamesthepeach t1_ix8ws2u wrote

Idk why you would be downvoted. People upset about your comment have never used Tiktok - the algorithm is the reason people use it over Reels (stolen TT content) and Shorts (stolen TT content & Family Guy clips).


andthedevilissix t1_ixa4o0v wrote

>but we know capitalism will eventually take over and ruin it.

The app is an example of the capitalist system producing goods that people want.


sir-nays-a-lot t1_ix7u7ti wrote

No, the algorithm makes you think you’re more popular than you are.


CocaineHammer t1_ix7r1d2 wrote

Well Communism's currently ruining that and stupid kids with there "Trends" tide pod eating mofos then again Darwinism for some I guess.


SomeCuteWolfBoy t1_ix62d8m wrote

Isn't tik tok a clone of vine?


kotchinsky t1_ix7ae9t wrote

The world is bigger than the US - good luck trying to get everyone over!


[deleted] t1_ixaq7m0 wrote

You think I was suggesting that the US government make it illegal for anyone in any nation to use tiktok? Why would you assume I’m that stupid? What do you have against me?


GraciesDad92 t1_ix68zo8 wrote

Musk wants to bring back Vine. So instead, we can have the Saudis own our kids social media.


Last-Caterpillar-112 t1_ix7a02b wrote

It is not easy to clone Tiktok as Facebook has already discovered after pouring tons of money into it. It is not just about some slick front end or AI or ML or database software. Tiktok has built a unique culture that creates joyful viral trends that American big tech is deeply jealous of. Yes, Facebook and the others are very, very, very JEALOUS of Tiktok - a source of daily heartburn. They aren’t able to simply copy the Tiktok culture by deploying a thousand overpaid Stanford graduates at the problem. Unlike the rest of American social media, which thrives on anger, Tiktok is a place of joy. Yes, the cloned apps LOOK like Tiktok to the T, but the mojo ain’t there. This MUST be said whether you like it or not.


AphyxCA t1_ix8p89z wrote

Facebook is falling because the metaverse is dog shit. Insanely tragic investment.


nomorerainpls t1_ix6cfms wrote

Short form video sharing is not an essential utility. If the Chinese government is using TikTok as a surveillance tool on US citizens or harming our national security interests they should be shut down regardless of whether someone will build a clone or how much profit a Chinese company makes.


hoboyolo t1_ix4kqa9 wrote

For anyone that thinks we shouldn’t ban tiktok just remember zero American social media platforms are allowed in China


circumtopia t1_ix92k2w wrote

And zero Chinese phones are allowed in major US carriers. You saying they should ban apple? No Chinese network companies can build in the US now yet Cisco built their great firewall. Is this really how you want to go with tit for tat?


nicuramar t1_ix50ead wrote

Yeah, but China is a dictatorship and can hardly be used as a model for what laws other countries should implement.


Bardhyll t1_ix549yq wrote

That’s a good point, we don’t want to use the CCP as a moral barometer. But by that same measure I would argue that it is appropriate to limit the availability of such a powerfully addictive app that is controlled by that same dictatorship. Especially since it has openly expressed a desire to reduce the US’ power and influence in the global arena.


PlaugeofRage t1_ix59u0m wrote

Honestly we should use the same rules for Chinese companies in the US as American companies have in China. Strictly from a common sense stand point. It is to our economic disadvantage not to.


nicuramar t1_ix54y06 wrote

> But by that same measure I would argue that it is appropriate to limit the availability of such a powerfully addictive app that is controlled by that same dictatorship.

Sure, there can be sense in that. It’s all a risk assessment. I don’t think the app is as directly controlled by Xi as everyone seems to assume without evidence, and I don’t think it poses any particular risk to “the average person”, but, well, it’s not up to you or me.


Zacajoowea t1_ix4lgsi wrote

To avoid becoming China we should copy China!


Bardhyll t1_ix53phc wrote

That might be more like reciprocal treatment. Copying China would be allowing the gov’t control over the app and more importantly the algorithms that subtly nudge your feed without your notice.


KanosKohli t1_ix4o91z wrote

Just ban that cancer of an app already.


Sprolicious t1_ix5egy8 wrote

Yeah, the federal government should ban media to protest authoritarian measures of a foreign government. That will show them what freedom means


AintAintAWord t1_ix5hb16 wrote

I don't think you fully understand the situation, and that's ok. I ask that you read the article.


bing-bong-forever t1_ix4much wrote

One of the few things the orange man and I agreed on.


TransposingJons t1_ix4i7mw wrote

Fuk TikTok and Fuk the Chinese government.


Astronaut-Fine t1_ix4k5v7 wrote

When are they going to ban TikTok? Can't wait!


xReshi92 t1_ix5a27d wrote

People will embrace Vine again if it's given the proper re-launch.

I like TikTok. I recently uninstalled it for the obvious reasons, but once you cultivate a good "for you page", you see all this content you love. It's changed very much from the "teens singing" app. My fyp is a combo of all my hobbies and some great skit groups.

The energy of TikTok deserves to live on. Just get China out of it.


SparklyRoniPony t1_ix5k6hx wrote

Yes, exactly. I still use it, and I would definitely miss it unless there’s a replacement. Meta is not the company to do it, even though they’re pushing reels so hard. At the end of the day, it’s Meta, and they’re going to push their stupid algorithms on us and ruin the fun. The TikTok algorithm is so much better.


bocephus67 t1_ix5u8kg wrote

I can absolutely tell that app is spying on me, as soon as I do anything in real life not associated with anything Ive seen on tiktok, its starts showing me associated videos.

I had zero fire fighter stuff on tt, had a fire training day at work and then it starts showing me those videos…. One of many examples.

The algorithm and spying Im convinced


AphyxCA t1_ix8pxfb wrote

I hope you all realize your phones, android or iPhone, are actively listening as a feature for marketing services specifically for this function


Whoz_Yerdaddi t1_ix7iw9d wrote

Supposedly even Google does this. Pixel phones track your every movement by default. If you spend time next to someone who uses Colgate toothpaste, it will start showing you ads for Colgate.


LeoSolaris t1_ix4baqt wrote

Incentive local competition. TikTok is absolutely wretched for content creators with a near zero monetization. YouTube is trying to compete, but needs to spin their "Shorts" out into a separate product with a unique name and short format specific user controls to be viable in the new space.


Sarcastic43 t1_ix5jez9 wrote

The billionaires took down Twitter to squash people reporting bad businesses and unfair treatment from CEOs and management and now scaring the younger crowds on TikTok


SomeCuteWolfBoy t1_ix8ma00 wrote

Um twitter is still up my dude.


Sarcastic43 t1_ixxxzxd wrote

But it’s not trustworthy anymore. They made parody accounts of everybody just to break the system. It’s still running but it’s not the same platform people can trust anymore so Elon accomplished the goal! He stopped loose lips from sinking ships the billionaire way.


[deleted] t1_ix5o1b9 wrote



circumtopia t1_ix935ev wrote

Never underestimate how brainwashed Americans can be. They were largely calling those who didn't join them on their Iraq crusade, traitors and freedom haters.


andthedevilissix t1_ixa4yoh wrote

It's almost as though it's right and good to be suspicious of a dictatorial country that's currently committing genocide!


justveryslightlymad t1_ix608oo wrote

criticism of tiktok is sinophobia? lmfao


[deleted] t1_ix64myq wrote



sephy009 t1_ix6w2cp wrote

The chinese government partially owns tiktok and has backdoors into it. Their long term stated goal is to weaken the political power of the US. Data is more powerful than you realize (I believe they found a few US bases just by checking spaces most people weren't allowed but that only a handful of people traveled to). Why on earth you would ever defend China I'll never know.

Also the whole xenophobia bad argument doesn't really work for a lot of asian countries since they're extremely xenophobic and limit the power of american people/corporations in their country. Unless you don't care about the direct geopolitical interests of your own country this is a stupid take.


supaloopar t1_ix7irn1 wrote

What tech company doesn't provide some kind of backdoor to the governments of China or the US?

Unless you want to paint the Chinese as the same ol' Yellow Horde that wants to destroy you but the White Power of the US is good and benign.


sephy009 t1_ix7jl4y wrote

>Unless you want to paint the Chinese as the same ol' Yellow Horde

Thanks for ignoring their actual stated goal just to claim I'm racist. You truly have astounding conversational prowess.

>but the White Power of the US is good and benign.

In this instance, I think I'll take my chances with the racists I know compared to the racist dictatorship currently committing genocide.

It's pretty hilarious to me that some people don't understand why's it's bad for a foreign power to have backdoor data and influence on your nation. If you really think the US is the bad guy here then why don't you look at how US corporations are treated in China. They'd never allow some shit like tiktok to get that far there. Nah fam.


supaloopar t1_ix7l1se wrote

So... China had the right idea on Facebook? The fact that you people can come out and clearly state that it's your goal to influence other nations is quite terrifying. TikTok is just showing what Americans like.

Kind of like cocaine or fentanyl. It's a lifestyle choice, no one is forcing you to do anything but you keep doing it anyways. Then you say its the brown folk down South that you have to go after LOL


sephy009 t1_ix7o91h wrote

Just looked at your comment history and it's odd to say the least. It's like all you do is support anything that's for the good of China while actively deriding western countries. This conversation is over and I won't be replying to you. This is just information for anyone else that sees the comment thread.


supaloopar t1_ix7pto1 wrote

I’ve looked at your comment history and it seems that you’re constantly defending racists closer to home instead of deriding racism as a whole.

I support fairness in its truest sense, when the west exhibits it, I don’t have an issue. Anyways, in light of fairness, I too will no longer be responding to this conversation. Im leaving this here to warn others of this persons view on inherent racial supremacy.


AphyxCA t1_ix6c29q wrote

So TikTok is evil without any evidence, but we leave Parlor up for alt-right idiots to voice insane and violent notions. Aight.


challengerNomad12 t1_ix8avlg wrote

"Without any evidence "....

Clearly too lazy to read the article


geekynerdynerd t1_ix8oyvl wrote

Did you because the only claim is literally impossible.

The articles sole claim, made by a senator on Faux News is that and I quote

>"It’s not just the content you upload to TikTok but all the data on your phone, other apps, all your personal information, even facial imagery, even where your eyes are looking on your phone,”

All your personal information, facial imagery, etc would require TikTok break the permissions systems for iOS and Android. Getting access to data from other apps, not just what apps are installed would require breaking not only that permissions system but breaking the operating system's containerization. Those are some serious, zero day exploits TikTok would need to be using. That is not something that they or any app, no matter how large, could do and not get banned off of the Google Play and Apple App stores. We are talking exploits that if sold to places like Zerodium would be worth millions of dollars. The kind that would be kept under lock and key by intelligence agencies.

The claim is so utterly ridiculous as to not even be worth consideration. Nobody would burn precious zero day exploits for mass surveillance, especially not of the general population of another country. There is no benefit.

If the government is so concerned about that possibility, they should ban any apps not developed by the government itself from being installed on any device used by a government employee. Not trying to ban a popular social media app from the country writ large.

Racism or Stupidity are the only explanations for believing such utterly blatant conspiracy theories, and stupidity is only an explanation if they also think Facebook does this.


challengerNomad12 t1_ix8s2x6 wrote

The fact you are cleary in the IT industry and so unaware of the information that tik tok has access to during run time is a bit concerning.

Plain and simple you are wrong. The application has permissions to full hard drive scans, contacts, see other running applications (potentially harvesting data from them), and most concerning clip board data while running. If you use any sort of password saver on AndroidOS, your password is in your clipboard and thus could be compromised.

They also petitioned to collect biometric data in the US, and can presumably have access to finger print data and use images for facial recognition. (Not by any means something tik tok only does)

Add that with the repot from the engineers working for the Tik Tok US corporate branch and the clear lack of understanding and transparency on what data stays in the US and what can be shared with the larger corporation based in China and there in lies the security concern.

Racism has no play here and is a far leap from reality. A distraction from the situation at hand.

Educate yourself mate, the claim isn't ridiculous at all but your false sense of security sure is.,that%20TikTok%20abuses%20this%20ability.


geekynerdynerd t1_ix97yg7 wrote

It seems you didn't read your own sources or understand just how widespread all of these practices are. Biometric collection is done via media / camera access. Which is protected by the permissions system and containerization. Contacts again are a permission system protected thing. They do not have access to fingerprint data. That is encrypted and stored in the Secure Enclave. Only the operating system has access to that. They could make their own via a high resolution image of your fingers, but again TikTok doesn't have access if you do not grant them permission to access the camera/media/files. Clipboard access is a concern, but one that applies to all apps and is why Google and Apple have been working on locking clipboard access behind a new permission. However Most password managers use the password manager API on Android/iOS, not the clipboard, with some exceptions.

Full Hard drive scans are nonsense. There is no such thing as a "full Hard drive scan" on modern Android/iOS. On iOS apps do not have access to the full Hard drive, only a containerized file that is only available to that specific app. All requests to access other files must be made via an API, with tight restrictions on what is accessed. Only the operating system has full access at any given time on iOS. On Android it's a bit more complicated and possible to bypass simply because Google is significantly more lax in permitting apps to bypass androids newer security features by letting apps target versions of Android that are ancient and don't support the newer more secure APIs. Eventually Google will force all apps to target a version of Android with the Scoped Storage API, and when that happens this loophole will be closed, and a permission will be required for full drive access.

As for the rest of it, that's all industry standard. UUID collection, targeted advertising based on your activity in app and content uploaded to the app. Using third party tracking systems for more data to further enhance targeted advertising and algorithmic content suggestions... It's all standard and legal outside of the European Union where the GDPR has made most of this difficult, if not outright impossible to do legally.

Technical Illiteracy+ Racism have to play a role, otherwise we'd be seeing similar backlash against Facebook still. Instead all of the focus on Facebook has died out and everyone is talking about Banning TikTok, rather than admitting that we need something like the GDPR in America. A level playing ground that would still neuter the problems TikTok has, however nobody is suggesting that as an option here. Which is telling of the real motivations at hand.


challengerNomad12 t1_ix9dgmq wrote

Like I said, it's not that what tik tok has access to is any more alarming or different than other applications. It is that plus the fact that reports have shown a clear lack of transparency in where and how the data is stored, and whom has access to it. That doesn't negate the existence of the threat you are simply saying "its not new".

The fact that a Chinese company owns it, is obviously where the concern comes in and I am failing to see how that equates to racism. Not only is Chinese influence bad for the western world and our way of life, but they have demonstrated time and time again they do not play by the rules. Hafnium, wawei, etc. etc. So while I agree with you that a GPDR is in order do you really anticipate the Chinese to honor those laws and boundaries? When have they ever? International patents mean nothing to them. They are a safe haven for corporate espionage and labor crimes.

As far as technical illiteracy I think its evident given the very in depth analysis congress did on the security of data management at facebook (satire), that the government is far removed from having the wherewithal to accurately evaluate the threat. That doesn't mean it isnt there. That doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Nobody is saying ban tiktok because it has a owner of Chinese decent. They are saying ban tik tok because it presents a very real data collection and security threat and is owned by a company outside our jurisdiction in a country that has a record of not taking security or privacy concerns seriously.

If bytedance wants to be in the US market they should have to play by our rules. They supposedly were, but have been caught blurring those lines.

Ban it.


geekynerdynerd t1_ix9llml wrote

The US doesn't have much in the way of rules to begin with when it comes to data usage. That's the problem. Outside of wiretapping laws, COPPA, HIPPA and Financial data laws they effectively don't exist. Not at the federal level. There is no law requiring that TikTok not provide data access to employees located in China. They promised to cease doing so, because Trump threatened to use his broad executive powers to ban it under the claim that they were a unique national security threat. Huawei absolutely was, albeit primarily on the infrastructure side. And China definitely has a history of patent and general intellectual property theft.

Overall, I don't disagree that the CCP is a threat to western civilization. I don't even disagree that TikTok should be regulated and even banned if they repeatedly break the rules. However currently there aren't any real rules that apply to them.

If we are gonna ban them, it has to be for breaking rules that actually exist, with the consequences clearly written out in those rules/laws. Calling to ban them outright now however is completely legally and ethically unjustifiable. They haven't broken the law because there are no laws on what they are doing. They aren't collecting anything unique.

The reason why I can't help but see this as being racially motivated is because American companies have been guilty of the same things, and rather than calling for widespread reform they leave the call at banning TikTok. Like banning TikTok will solve all of our problems. Outside of Google and Apple, almost no private sector American company has much of an emphasis on security, and Apple holds the lone title for large American corporations that actually care about protecting privacy even somewhat meaningfully.

Rushing to ban TikTok before there are even any rules to attempt to constrain them, and assuming that because they are Chinese they will inherently violate data regulations immediately and fully is racist. Full stop. Regulate them like any other company from any other country. If they violate those rules then go ahead and ban them if that's the penalty written down in the laws. Whether they are a company from Panama or China should be completely irrelevant under the law. Anything less is in fact racism. By definition. We don't need to discriminate to kneecap the influence of the CCP. Doing so infact means we are acknowledging their ideology is superior. Don't do it. Don't push for us to become like them in the name of containing them. Don't repeat the mistakes of the cold war.


challengerNomad12 t1_ix9owv4 wrote

I appreciate your energy and agree with you.

Achievemnet unlocked: Change someone's mind in the positive on social media

Plus 2000 XP


phoenix1984 t1_ix5qryj wrote

The thing is, it gives people what they want. It’s a mostly positive place where people share interesting things. Why American companies have to promote so much negativity is beyond me. It hurts long term growth.


Suntreestar420 t1_ix54m67 wrote

Honestly let’s destroy all social media and go back to forums. I’m more then happy to watch Reddit, twitter, TikTok and Meta all fall in the dumpster.


SparklyRoniPony t1_ix5kkcn wrote

You don’t remember how toxic forums could be, do you? I do miss the days when we didn’t know everything about everyone. I’d probably still be in touch with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.


sephy009 t1_ix6vm51 wrote

People like this just like to remember the good old days without thinking about any of those pesky facts you're talking about.


bennysoy t1_ix6xc81 wrote

F#ck the algorithm.


moxyte t1_ix5gynd wrote

Cool, ban it.


lemmecheckit t1_ix5r8y9 wrote

Why is Biden afraid to ban it?


SwampTerror t1_ixerglk wrote

I agree with the banning of tiktok. The Chinese tiktok doesn't have any of the stupid things America's does like all those dangerous "challenges". China only likes fucking with stupid American people.

However think for a minute the precedent it would set to ban these apps. It'd do the world a favor to ban Facebook and tiktok but there may be a more benevolent app banned next week, perhaps against a competing side? Biden has to think of the potential for abuse. In time it could get to the point they ban right/left sided apps for the hell of it.


jerrystrieff t1_ix6a6li wrote

Never mind the congressional spies we have for Russia 🇷🇺- you know who I am talking about


sbezu01 t1_ix6gqiz wrote

The government banning the app would set a horrible precedent and upset a constituency that’s realizing its political significance.


Ash-Devil240Z t1_ix7hmlp wrote

The one thing trump was right about was banning tiktok.


sir-nays-a-lot t1_ix7ucbf wrote

The only way forward is to pull a China and just steal that shit.


medievalmachine t1_ix7x91a wrote

Democrats should boycott Twitter and show no sign even though it’s run by an openly partisan right wing troll who is already making selfish moderation decisions and illegal labor practices. Musk spread misinformation about Pelosi’s husband.

Come on. Before it’s too late. Don’t let this become a fascist situation again.


RobotSuicide t1_ix835cm wrote

I have a theory that neither president has wanted to ban Tiktok out of fear from the reaction of young voters. Gen Z really likes Tiktok


Dat1BlackDude t1_ix87o8j wrote

I think this is just US propaganda. I just interacted with majority US creators on TikTok.


kletcherian t1_ix8q7p7 wrote

What about Zuck surveillance concern?

(Not a tiktok user)


jaypeeo t1_ixcgeav wrote

Good. Garbage platform for garbage people.


themobyone t1_ix5idba wrote

From the other side of the Atlantic it makes perfect sense for the US to protect is self from an Chinese spying app. I think previously many European countries were too lenient towards China. And only now restricting Chinese influence.


brgr_king_inside_job t1_ix6vbiw wrote

If you are JUST RIGHT NOW IN 2022 learning that tiktok is chinese spyware...

i'd like to buy the rock you've been living under and also sell you a bridge downtown.


Sarcastic43 t1_ix5jlqb wrote

Maybe the Chinese just want to know what to make for you guys to make your lives more comfortable at a cheaper price… lol


Annahsbananas t1_ix5nhpj wrote

I never saw the fascination with tik tok. I honestly found it to be annoying AF


Dat1BlackDude t1_ix89jv5 wrote

TikTok is great. You can learn how to do a lot of things, there is comedy, and a lot of thing that haven’t broke the news will be on TikTok first. There is so much diversity on it that I know you haven’t actively used the app.


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_ix5iipx wrote

It’s bad, all bad. Way too late tho. Imagine the data center ooo boy. Boobies


Usual-Suspect-Moo t1_ix7mrpi wrote

China plays dirty. They ban all non-Chinese social media inside China, yet have free reign in other people’s markets.

Trump was right. The CCP are probably laughing in disbelief that the US is so stupid for allowing this.

Time for American politicians to wake the fuck up and ban tiktok.


lobehold t1_ix5l5bp wrote

What happened to that deal with Oracle?


gypsygib t1_ix64o3g wrote

Ban it now before its largest demographic can vote!


According_Scarcity55 t1_ix5jifd wrote

All the people thinking TikTok will be banned in the foreseeable future is being delusional. Democrats are relying on it to attract vote from Gen Z. Similar to what republicans do with Facebook. Unless there is an alternative platform which does that job for them, democrats wont let it happen


745395 t1_ix59wpv wrote

Goddamn anti-China propaganda is so good in the West.


[deleted] t1_ix4oj6g wrote



Decent-Stable8069 t1_ix5eux4 wrote

Tik Tok has the highest kill count….man. Suffocation challenge , sucker punch knockdown challenge, stupid life hacks…. The list goes on.