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SparklyRoniPony t1_ix5k6hx wrote

Yes, exactly. I still use it, and I would definitely miss it unless there’s a replacement. Meta is not the company to do it, even though they’re pushing reels so hard. At the end of the day, it’s Meta, and they’re going to push their stupid algorithms on us and ruin the fun. The TikTok algorithm is so much better.


bocephus67 t1_ix5u8kg wrote

I can absolutely tell that app is spying on me, as soon as I do anything in real life not associated with anything Ive seen on tiktok, its starts showing me associated videos.

I had zero fire fighter stuff on tt, had a fire training day at work and then it starts showing me those videos…. One of many examples.

The algorithm and spying Im convinced


AphyxCA t1_ix8pxfb wrote

I hope you all realize your phones, android or iPhone, are actively listening as a feature for marketing services specifically for this function


Whoz_Yerdaddi t1_ix7iw9d wrote

Supposedly even Google does this. Pixel phones track your every movement by default. If you spend time next to someone who uses Colgate toothpaste, it will start showing you ads for Colgate.