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nokinship t1_ix6i3h5 wrote

This is less complicated than you think. It's just grouping related tags together. Bam your algorithm. There's probably a neutral network component too that creates those tags.


SlowMotionPanic t1_ix7u6xb wrote

It is weird, then, how the competition doesn’t do it well.

Reels and Shorts, for example, really aggressively push rightwing content out of nowhere. I’m a leftist and subscribe mostly to leftist content creators. TikTok has no problems showing me mostly content from that spectrum. But Shorts? It almost entirely ignores my subscriptions directly and instead pushes me elsewhere. For example, I subscribe to a game streamer. Only one. So naturally Shorts shows me almost exclusively videos about guns in video games as rightwing propaganda is narrated on top.

Reels wasn’t much better when I tried it.

It seems that the competitors all have certain things they want to push—rightwing nut jobs in YouTube’s case and coronated internet celebrities in Instagram’s—and everything else falls by the wayside.

TikTok hones in quickly and makes feeds truly unique. That is why it is so good and dangerous.


jamesthepeach t1_ix8ws2u wrote

Idk why you would be downvoted. People upset about your comment have never used Tiktok - the algorithm is the reason people use it over Reels (stolen TT content) and Shorts (stolen TT content & Family Guy clips).