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supaloopar t1_ix7irn1 wrote

What tech company doesn't provide some kind of backdoor to the governments of China or the US?

Unless you want to paint the Chinese as the same ol' Yellow Horde that wants to destroy you but the White Power of the US is good and benign.


sephy009 t1_ix7jl4y wrote

>Unless you want to paint the Chinese as the same ol' Yellow Horde

Thanks for ignoring their actual stated goal just to claim I'm racist. You truly have astounding conversational prowess.

>but the White Power of the US is good and benign.

In this instance, I think I'll take my chances with the racists I know compared to the racist dictatorship currently committing genocide.

It's pretty hilarious to me that some people don't understand why's it's bad for a foreign power to have backdoor data and influence on your nation. If you really think the US is the bad guy here then why don't you look at how US corporations are treated in China. They'd never allow some shit like tiktok to get that far there. Nah fam.


supaloopar t1_ix7l1se wrote

So... China had the right idea on Facebook? The fact that you people can come out and clearly state that it's your goal to influence other nations is quite terrifying. TikTok is just showing what Americans like.

Kind of like cocaine or fentanyl. It's a lifestyle choice, no one is forcing you to do anything but you keep doing it anyways. Then you say its the brown folk down South that you have to go after LOL


sephy009 t1_ix7o91h wrote

Just looked at your comment history and it's odd to say the least. It's like all you do is support anything that's for the good of China while actively deriding western countries. This conversation is over and I won't be replying to you. This is just information for anyone else that sees the comment thread.


supaloopar t1_ix7pto1 wrote

I’ve looked at your comment history and it seems that you’re constantly defending racists closer to home instead of deriding racism as a whole.

I support fairness in its truest sense, when the west exhibits it, I don’t have an issue. Anyways, in light of fairness, I too will no longer be responding to this conversation. Im leaving this here to warn others of this persons view on inherent racial supremacy.