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UncleNvte t1_iunmmpq wrote

Why do all the posts I see on this subreddit seemingly only talk about Meta and Facebook? Surely there has to be better tech news..


Dr-McLuvin t1_iunopgf wrote

I’m sure they are the posts that generate the most controversy. Kind of the main problem with social media in general.


reapersivan t1_iuokuf9 wrote

Dude yes every fucking day. At least 4x a day. Yes I know i need to go outside, i did today and biked :)


0KdQ6 t1_iuplmuf wrote

A lot of Reddit content is attempts to manipulate the stock market and consumer investment.


HarryHacker42 t1_iunqye7 wrote

Yes, I haven't seen enough about Twitter lately, or Truth social, or parler, or Right Stuff.


Essenji t1_iuo3xu1 wrote

What if there was some other form of technology, that wasn't social media? Wouldn't that be kinda cool?


HappyThumb55555 t1_iup439d wrote

They are the tracking glue that is making every nook and cranny of the internet sticky and stinky


d3jake t1_iuq2jyx wrote

Easy topics that garner upvotes easier. Same with the vaguely-tech-related Amazon posts.