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Dr-McLuvin t1_iunoffa wrote

Redditors and MySpace users rejoice!


zoicyte t1_iunpn6p wrote

man i miss myspace.


regalrecaller t1_iunv1fj wrote

It was too honest. Difficult to make money from it. It also forced users to have some kind of computer skills.


zoicyte t1_iunzgtw wrote

>computer skills



bravejango t1_iuo08cu wrote

If you wanted to customize your pay layout you had to know basic HTML and CSS. Then websites came out that you could pay for layouts. Then layouts became free but were injected with malware and other shit.


iruleatlifekthx t1_iuq2t12 wrote

I learned all of my html and css skills there lol. My first web design class I completed the whole semester's load of work in a couple days - 100's on everything. And my page was fire


zoicyte t1_iuo21jy wrote

i don't know if i would call that computer skills haha, but i guess i see your point.

(also i do remember this but it was such pissant basic html


Sieg67 t1_iuownjk wrote

I knew a bit of HTML at the time but I mostly just copied and pasted stuff from sites into the editor.

I don't remember if there were specific instructions for each element or if I already knew where to place them, though.


TheFriendlyArtificer t1_iuormec wrote

I miss arbitrarily ranking my friends and bumping that girl I met at the club to my top 8 list.


White_Mocha t1_iupzbye wrote

Only had one night of a myspace account before my dad changed my password. Apparently, he had access to my email account, and when myspace sent my login information, he saw it, changed it, then wiped my face in it.


NotsoGreatsword t1_iur262n wrote

what a dick. reminds me of when my parents found my Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction and printed it out. Then they read it to me and laughed at me about how bad it was.

"You really think anyone is going to want to read this?"

Before that I got awards in school for my writing and had even won a statewide competition in my age group.

All of that stopped when that happened I was too embarrassed to write anything that I was not forced to write for school.


UncleMilts t1_iuoub1e wrote

Digg is probably still kicking themselves for the changes they made that made everyone leave for Reddit.


MyWorldTalkRadio t1_iunox4r wrote

We all return to Tumblr


bravejango t1_iuo0ci2 wrote

Tumblr died because they stopped allowing porn.


MyWorldTalkRadio t1_iuo59bh wrote

Pretty sure they allow porn again.


unresolved_m t1_iup7rhv wrote

Just nudity, no porn. Not sure what that would accomplish given that there's already OnlyFans.


MattDaCatt t1_iuo191g wrote

Twitter and Meta nerds going to flock to tumblr and reddit, then move to reddit once they get bullied off tumblr. That's when we return to tumblr and make fun of reddit.


Toprelemons t1_iupmyt9 wrote

Then people will just shift over to Reddit and become the next shit hole?