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sneakywill t1_iunsiyv wrote

I hate TikTok because it's a bunch of mindless garbage that makes you dumber and shortens your attention span. And it's a surveillance tool for China on top of that. Enough reasons for me to say fuck that garbage app.


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iuntacw wrote

Not saying you're wrong of course but there's been Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes, Spongebob, Newgrounds, Youtube, video games, and on and on for decades claiming the same thing so it's not a new argument. And apps used as surveillance tools predates TikTok and has been happening ever since we've had devices capable. So the focus on TikTok seems more politically motivated than they want to admit.


bravejango t1_iuo1nk9 wrote

TikTok is what you make of it. Follow the accounts you want to see and it filters out the bullshit. My feed is filled with authors, scientists, social activists, musicians and only fans creators. I don’t get tide pod challenges or other stupid ass shit. It isn’t filled with teenagers or right wing bullshit.

The algorithm will give you what you want to see you just have to use it to allow it to filter what you want. It knows what you want by what you interact with through likes, comments and shares.


sneakywill t1_iuo5qy2 wrote

It shows you whatever keeps you coming back for more. The algorithm is designed to keep you swiping and to addict you to the small dopamine hits you get each time, regardless of what genre you end up with. Same As other social media platforms yes. It's all nefarious, but TikTok is the apitome of garbage addictive social media surveillance apps.