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jpiro t1_iunxjan wrote

It's crazy that of those three, I actually hate Facebook the least.

Twitter just went full right-wing nuthouse.
TikTok is, and always has been, Chinese spyware.


TheThirdRnner t1_iuo6ywe wrote

Honestly, would be nice to just have a platform without any left/right nuthousery.


jpiro t1_iuo7od0 wrote

That's why I'm on Reddit more than ever. It's here, but it's not as disruptive as on other platforms.

FB I still use just to keep up with people I actually know.


Mr_SkeletaI t1_iuoh6gc wrote

If you don’t think the political nuthousery isn’t disruptive on here then boy do I have a bridge to sell you


jpiro t1_iuohe72 wrote

IMO, it's easier to avoid here than on FB comment sections, Twitter threads, etc.

Personal preference, I'm sure.


WinterNL t1_iuour7n wrote

It can be a bit of an echo chamber, not just in terms of politics, but you do fairly regularly see people with either a valid question or even an unexpected (and possibly not well liked) correct answer get downvoted into oblivion.

However at least it doesn't outright promote controversial content.

Did worry a bit when I recently got invited to do a reddit survey and there were a bunch of questions about discovering new content/subs. I sincerely hope we don't end up with r/all or trending new subs being forced into our regular home page.


__homan__ t1_iuoxme3 wrote

>Twitter just went full right-wing nuthouse.

aka Twitter stopped censoring one side of the debate.

I don't see them censoring left wing dribble, so why the complaint?

Free speech as long as it's only my speech.


jpiro t1_iup1no9 wrote

When one side is responsible for the vast majority of misinformation and conspiracy bullshit, yeah, that’s the side that should get shut down more often.

Glad Elon was at least smart enough to delete his own misinfo spread within hours of owning the platform at least.


_WardenoftheWest_ t1_iupctjn wrote

There’s a gulf between censoring political beliefs, and letting Q bullshit spread rampant, let election deniers free reign, let the Brexit lies stand; those are not the same thing and you are blind or really far down the rabbit hole of self-reinforcement if you think they are


bravejango t1_iuo0rd0 wrote

What are the Chinese going to get from your TikTok that google isn’t stealing from you? Why would the Chinese give two shits about you? Facebook gathers just as much if not more then TikTok.


thatfreshjive t1_iuo1ket wrote

Absolutely incorrect. Tik Tok collects WAY more data, and changes it's behavior if the app determines you are attempting to analyze it's network traffic.


jpiro t1_iuo1wcr wrote

Nope. Breakdown here.

More here.

More here.

TikTok is shady as fuck.


generallyanoaf t1_iuo9das wrote

Your other links are good but you should probably avoid using that Reddit comment. Dude claims he "reverse engineered" TikTok, Facebook, etc and had all the data but unfortunately his laptop died so he couldn't actually prove anything and he also couldn't reverse engineer it again for some reason and was going to post the proof in a few days but has since gone silent for the last couple years.


jpiro t1_iuoa4rm wrote

Fair enough, it was just something I remembered from way back that raised alarms about TikTok that have been proven correct in the years since. There may have even been a different post I'm thinking of, but this is the one I found with a quick Google.