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__homan__ t1_iuoxme3 wrote

>Twitter just went full right-wing nuthouse.

aka Twitter stopped censoring one side of the debate.

I don't see them censoring left wing dribble, so why the complaint?

Free speech as long as it's only my speech.


jpiro t1_iup1no9 wrote

When one side is responsible for the vast majority of misinformation and conspiracy bullshit, yeah, that’s the side that should get shut down more often.

Glad Elon was at least smart enough to delete his own misinfo spread within hours of owning the platform at least.


_WardenoftheWest_ t1_iupctjn wrote

There’s a gulf between censoring political beliefs, and letting Q bullshit spread rampant, let election deniers free reign, let the Brexit lies stand; those are not the same thing and you are blind or really far down the rabbit hole of self-reinforcement if you think they are