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mpbh t1_iurcbgu wrote

Censorship ftw right? If you don't like it the government should ban it?


Kenerad t1_iurdb62 wrote

I’m more in favor of banning things that actually cause both monetary, property and physical harm/death. TikTok is no except, Facebook is a sea pool of misinformation that hurts or leads others too desth.

I’m okay if Facebook and twitter go down, I don’t like them but from a free speech perspective which I’m 10000% for, they can’t go down for those reasons, rather business ones.

TikTok is that weird exception, free speech wouldn’t apply to this because the issues are far extending that right. It causes teenagers to commit crimes and actually give info to the CCP to help cause harm here in US.

Think about this, if china has police stations abroad, in other countries, why wouldn’t they also use TikTok to manipulate younger people and spy on everyone to further their goals. We’ll never know what TikTok does with the data and knowing so far they police people in other country’s or hire hit men to attack Chinese citizens fleeing the CCP, we have to assume the worst.

Oh let’s not forget they are juggling Russia and Iran’s dicks in the Ukraine war via doing all the hacking for Russia (has been confirmed btw) and that’s another reason we need to sanction them.

CCP will use TikTok for their government needs, there’s no reason the CCP should spy on US citizens and push algorithms to harm and effect US political, cultural and economic decisions.

Let’s ban TikTok asap!