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685327593 t1_iunflcx wrote

Can you imagine in TikTok, Facebook and Twitter all go down together? What an amazing day that would be!


Dr-McLuvin t1_iunoffa wrote

Redditors and MySpace users rejoice!


zoicyte t1_iunpn6p wrote

man i miss myspace.


regalrecaller t1_iunv1fj wrote

It was too honest. Difficult to make money from it. It also forced users to have some kind of computer skills.


zoicyte t1_iunzgtw wrote

>computer skills



bravejango t1_iuo08cu wrote

If you wanted to customize your pay layout you had to know basic HTML and CSS. Then websites came out that you could pay for layouts. Then layouts became free but were injected with malware and other shit.


iruleatlifekthx t1_iuq2t12 wrote

I learned all of my html and css skills there lol. My first web design class I completed the whole semester's load of work in a couple days - 100's on everything. And my page was fire


zoicyte t1_iuo21jy wrote

i don't know if i would call that computer skills haha, but i guess i see your point.

(also i do remember this but it was such pissant basic html


Sieg67 t1_iuownjk wrote

I knew a bit of HTML at the time but I mostly just copied and pasted stuff from sites into the editor.

I don't remember if there were specific instructions for each element or if I already knew where to place them, though.


TheFriendlyArtificer t1_iuormec wrote

I miss arbitrarily ranking my friends and bumping that girl I met at the club to my top 8 list.


White_Mocha t1_iupzbye wrote

Only had one night of a myspace account before my dad changed my password. Apparently, he had access to my email account, and when myspace sent my login information, he saw it, changed it, then wiped my face in it.


NotsoGreatsword t1_iur262n wrote

what a dick. reminds me of when my parents found my Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction and printed it out. Then they read it to me and laughed at me about how bad it was.

"You really think anyone is going to want to read this?"

Before that I got awards in school for my writing and had even won a statewide competition in my age group.

All of that stopped when that happened I was too embarrassed to write anything that I was not forced to write for school.


UncleMilts t1_iuoub1e wrote

Digg is probably still kicking themselves for the changes they made that made everyone leave for Reddit.


MyWorldTalkRadio t1_iunox4r wrote

We all return to Tumblr


bravejango t1_iuo0ci2 wrote

Tumblr died because they stopped allowing porn.


MyWorldTalkRadio t1_iuo59bh wrote

Pretty sure they allow porn again.


unresolved_m t1_iup7rhv wrote

Just nudity, no porn. Not sure what that would accomplish given that there's already OnlyFans.


MattDaCatt t1_iuo191g wrote

Twitter and Meta nerds going to flock to tumblr and reddit, then move to reddit once they get bullied off tumblr. That's when we return to tumblr and make fun of reddit.


Toprelemons t1_iupmyt9 wrote

Then people will just shift over to Reddit and become the next shit hole?


jpiro t1_iunxjan wrote

It's crazy that of those three, I actually hate Facebook the least.

Twitter just went full right-wing nuthouse.
TikTok is, and always has been, Chinese spyware.


TheThirdRnner t1_iuo6ywe wrote

Honestly, would be nice to just have a platform without any left/right nuthousery.


jpiro t1_iuo7od0 wrote

That's why I'm on Reddit more than ever. It's here, but it's not as disruptive as on other platforms.

FB I still use just to keep up with people I actually know.


Mr_SkeletaI t1_iuoh6gc wrote

If you don’t think the political nuthousery isn’t disruptive on here then boy do I have a bridge to sell you


jpiro t1_iuohe72 wrote

IMO, it's easier to avoid here than on FB comment sections, Twitter threads, etc.

Personal preference, I'm sure.


WinterNL t1_iuour7n wrote

It can be a bit of an echo chamber, not just in terms of politics, but you do fairly regularly see people with either a valid question or even an unexpected (and possibly not well liked) correct answer get downvoted into oblivion.

However at least it doesn't outright promote controversial content.

Did worry a bit when I recently got invited to do a reddit survey and there were a bunch of questions about discovering new content/subs. I sincerely hope we don't end up with r/all or trending new subs being forced into our regular home page.


__homan__ t1_iuoxme3 wrote

>Twitter just went full right-wing nuthouse.

aka Twitter stopped censoring one side of the debate.

I don't see them censoring left wing dribble, so why the complaint?

Free speech as long as it's only my speech.


jpiro t1_iup1no9 wrote

When one side is responsible for the vast majority of misinformation and conspiracy bullshit, yeah, that’s the side that should get shut down more often.

Glad Elon was at least smart enough to delete his own misinfo spread within hours of owning the platform at least.


_WardenoftheWest_ t1_iupctjn wrote

There’s a gulf between censoring political beliefs, and letting Q bullshit spread rampant, let election deniers free reign, let the Brexit lies stand; those are not the same thing and you are blind or really far down the rabbit hole of self-reinforcement if you think they are


bravejango t1_iuo0rd0 wrote

What are the Chinese going to get from your TikTok that google isn’t stealing from you? Why would the Chinese give two shits about you? Facebook gathers just as much if not more then TikTok.


thatfreshjive t1_iuo1ket wrote

Absolutely incorrect. Tik Tok collects WAY more data, and changes it's behavior if the app determines you are attempting to analyze it's network traffic.


jpiro t1_iuo1wcr wrote

Nope. Breakdown here.

More here.

More here.

TikTok is shady as fuck.


generallyanoaf t1_iuo9das wrote

Your other links are good but you should probably avoid using that Reddit comment. Dude claims he "reverse engineered" TikTok, Facebook, etc and had all the data but unfortunately his laptop died so he couldn't actually prove anything and he also couldn't reverse engineer it again for some reason and was going to post the proof in a few days but has since gone silent for the last couple years.


jpiro t1_iuoa4rm wrote

Fair enough, it was just something I remembered from way back that raised alarms about TikTok that have been proven correct in the years since. There may have even been a different post I'm thinking of, but this is the one I found with a quick Google.


AmbitionExtension184 t1_iuo3ii5 wrote

I don’t think you realize how massive of a win it would be for meta if TikTok is banned. Meta apps aren’t available in China and they have 40% of the world using their apps daily. Meanwhile TikTok growth has already plateaued well under FB numbers and they are a Chinese company…

The whole market is down except for meta and snap because of this news alone.


Hero_Of_Shadows t1_iuo02y1 wrote

I just want a way to chat with my Facebook friends without Facebook itself and I'm good.

Facebook is how I stay in contact with college friends.


Nonya5 t1_iupes6x wrote

Oh what a day, what a lovely day!


fgdfghdhj5yeh t1_iuqeq6q wrote

hell yea! Plenty of other stuff to add to that list as well. The amazon blackout day was such a great day. I enjoyed all my stuff running watching all of these companies having their entire phone system to website to email down. Good times


cdash4 t1_iuo2wss wrote

Twitter is about to restart Vine. It’ll be the new TikTok.


UncleNvte t1_iunmmpq wrote

Why do all the posts I see on this subreddit seemingly only talk about Meta and Facebook? Surely there has to be better tech news..


Dr-McLuvin t1_iunopgf wrote

I’m sure they are the posts that generate the most controversy. Kind of the main problem with social media in general.


reapersivan t1_iuokuf9 wrote

Dude yes every fucking day. At least 4x a day. Yes I know i need to go outside, i did today and biked :)


0KdQ6 t1_iuplmuf wrote

A lot of Reddit content is attempts to manipulate the stock market and consumer investment.


HarryHacker42 t1_iunqye7 wrote

Yes, I haven't seen enough about Twitter lately, or Truth social, or parler, or Right Stuff.


Essenji t1_iuo3xu1 wrote

What if there was some other form of technology, that wasn't social media? Wouldn't that be kinda cool?


HappyThumb55555 t1_iup439d wrote

They are the tracking glue that is making every nook and cranny of the internet sticky and stinky


d3jake t1_iuq2jyx wrote

Easy topics that garner upvotes easier. Same with the vaguely-tech-related Amazon posts.


merien_nl t1_iunl3ud wrote

If this really is about consumer rights and consumer safety, this news would not make me invest in Meta. If TikTok is banned, Facebook should also be banned or reformed.

It would also set a precedent. There is a face-off between Facebook and the EU. If a TikTok ban in the US is successful, the EU would definitely notice and be less hesitant to ban a major platform.


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iunn3hv wrote

>If this really is about consumer rights and consumer safety, this news would not make me invest in Meta.

Makes me wonder if Trump and by extension Republicans are still mad at TikTok after users organized to snag so many tickets that there was almost nobody in attendance. They set up satellite stages, extra security, and everything too. And if your goal is to spread right-wing propaganda you want Meta to be successful so you want threats to them neutralized.


whatchagonnado0707 t1_iunpj07 wrote

World's super fucked when moral battles are fought through proxy wars between Facebook and tiktok


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iunqdal wrote

It's crazy. Nobody gave a shit about TikTok until that incident with the Trump rally. And they love to point out that TikTok has ties to China but totally ignore Zuckerberg selling user data to intelligence agencies in foreign nations for the purpose of using his platform to astroturf presidential candidates who will favor them politically and monetarily. At a distance the animosity toward TikTok seems to come from butthurt Trump supporters mad that users there said bad things about him, all things considered.


thune123 t1_iunueoz wrote

As a lefty I think Tiktoks ties to China are super dangerous. I have avoided the platform for that reason. I agree Zuck has also made some shady deals and should have some level of restrictions on what he does with metas data. But to ignore Tiktok and the damage China can do with it just because the right doesn't like it is so petty and short sighted.

Also to say nobody cared until the trump incident is just ignorant. Tiktok has been a huge red flag since it blew up and people looked at the backend coding.

Also stop making this a left vs right issue. This is a nation vs nation issue and figuring out what influences should and shouldn't be allowed that have direct ties to other countries. Especially during a time where we are entering a technology cold war with China.

Hell, I could even argue this is exactly what China would want and how they can use tik tok to make it happen. Have people believe that Tik Tok is only an issue for the right and if you're on the left you should be all for Tik Tok. Which is pretty ridiculous if you really think about what you are arguing for.


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iunwwq1 wrote

I think you misunderstood my point. TikTok and Facebook are cut from the same cloth and have the same issues. And I'm in agreement with you because there's some shady shit going on with TikTok which is why I also don't and won't get an account.

The problem is when you have a population of people who single out TikTok while forgiving other platforms that are as bad simply because they are critical of their favored politician. After the Trump rally incident he spoke out against TikTok and at that point it became a solid "left vs right" issue (like many of the normally non-partisan things Trump attacked with his rhetoric). Meanwhile Facebook was allowing straight-up right wing propaganda on its platform but that same crowd happily overlooked it. Call me ignorant but, like the Colin Kaepernick kneeling issue, it didn't have an uproar until Trump tweeted about it. And the uproar was clearly from the right-wing crowd. Again like the Colin Kaepernick issue it shouldn't be a "left vs right" issue but it is. Centered around Trump's ire at TikTok for messing up his rally.


thune123 t1_iuo0d0q wrote

It's only a left vs right issue if that is the way you view it. I am pretty confident that most people have no idea that there is any left vs right augments when it comes to tik tok. Honestly, I had forgotten about the trump incident until you mentioned in your previous comment. I think you would be surprised by how removed the average person is from the online news cycle and political positionings that you see on news sites and social media. Of course the right is a more tribe based and tend to just believe whatever they are fed but I have never seen any pro tik tok right based protests or the left saying we should keep tik tok purely based on the rightwing distain for it. I could be wrong but I think you are over estimating how righteous people feel about tik tok based on their political affiliations.

I don't think I misunderstood your point, I was just arguing that on the larger scale, the issue isn't platform vs platform but nation vs nation. If tok-tok was run by Canada I would have way less of an issue with it. Usa and China are currently in a technological cold war. There is a reason Biden just put a ban on certain type of chips being sent to China. It is because we are in an information war. Tik tok is very powerful tool in the in regards to that. At least with Facebook the government has some sort of power over the company. With Tok-tok they can't do much besides ban it out right.


paceminterris t1_iuq34mu wrote

Congrats, you just let yourself get used by the US establishment propaganda machine. You can't really call yourself a "lefty" when your foreign policy opinions are directly given to you by the capitalist, warmongering establishment that holds both the Democrats AND Republicans in it's pocket.


thune123 t1_iuqd8b9 wrote

Alright bud. I will live in my capitalist, warmongering US establishment propaganda machine and you go live in China. Let me know how that utopia of freedom goes.


sneakywill t1_iunsiyv wrote

I hate TikTok because it's a bunch of mindless garbage that makes you dumber and shortens your attention span. And it's a surveillance tool for China on top of that. Enough reasons for me to say fuck that garbage app.


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iuntacw wrote

Not saying you're wrong of course but there's been Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes, Spongebob, Newgrounds, Youtube, video games, and on and on for decades claiming the same thing so it's not a new argument. And apps used as surveillance tools predates TikTok and has been happening ever since we've had devices capable. So the focus on TikTok seems more politically motivated than they want to admit.


bravejango t1_iuo1nk9 wrote

TikTok is what you make of it. Follow the accounts you want to see and it filters out the bullshit. My feed is filled with authors, scientists, social activists, musicians and only fans creators. I don’t get tide pod challenges or other stupid ass shit. It isn’t filled with teenagers or right wing bullshit.

The algorithm will give you what you want to see you just have to use it to allow it to filter what you want. It knows what you want by what you interact with through likes, comments and shares.


sneakywill t1_iuo5qy2 wrote

It shows you whatever keeps you coming back for more. The algorithm is designed to keep you swiping and to addict you to the small dopamine hits you get each time, regardless of what genre you end up with. Same As other social media platforms yes. It's all nefarious, but TikTok is the apitome of garbage addictive social media surveillance apps.


Wdrussell1 t1_iunthgt wrote

I think the most hilarious part is how many people from the right-wing are anti-facebook when reality is has been a huge boon for them.


pontiacfirebird92 t1_iunttsz wrote

>how many people from the right-wing are anti-facebook

The number of "Lets Go Brandon!" Facebook groups in my local area doesn't really reflect this.


Wdrussell1 t1_iunu3e4 wrote

That's the icing on the cake. They use Facebook like crazy and then also keep calling Zuck a lizard and so many other things.


Xi_Jing_ping_your_IP t1_iunpsnb wrote

What a poor way to frame the issue. The "pop" is the stock market reaction to a ban. Not the defacto action taken. People have livlihoods tied to the stock market and if you need a safe bet, well Meta is still around. Thats it. The people pushing for a ban is not the same demographic "protecting" their money. Its not an either or situation. Its a cluster of interests.


jsting t1_iunyzfd wrote

I figure it's more of a national security concern rather than protecting users.


AmbitionExtension184 t1_iuo3ozs wrote

Meta isn’t owned by the CCP…. That’s a massive distinction that you are just choosing to ignore.


rdldr1 t1_iupm9ax wrote

TikTok is an extension of the Chinese Communist Party. That’s a huge difference.


throwawayadorno1 t1_iunuxua wrote

It’s not about consumer protection. It’s about protecting American billionaires and their companies from more innovative Chinese competitors.

Kinda like how NHTSB said Toyotas were unintentionally accelerating, when GM was heading towards bankruptcy in 2008. This problem would magically solve itself after GM and Chrysler were bailed.


DaveFoSrs t1_iuo0z3o wrote

Imagine thinking that China ever operates in good faith


System777 t1_iunspqp wrote

“Pop” doesn’t seem like the right word when it goes up just over 3%


WolfeCreation t1_iuqeo42 wrote

Also it sounds like a bubble popping so, while I assumed it meant am increase, I thought there was plausibility in it meaning a decrease


BILLCLINTONMASK t1_iunre8i wrote

Do you see now why China has "The Great Firewall?" Foreign social media networks can be used for all sorts of nefarious deeds outside of their home country.


[deleted] t1_iuobi0x wrote

Lol that's not why they have The Great Firewall.


cnbc_official OP t1_iunfhh2 wrote

Shares of U.S. social media companies Snap and Meta spiked on the news that a Federal Communications Commissioner said the U.S. government should ban TikTok.

“I don’t believe there is a path forward for anything other than a ban,” Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr told Axios in an interview.

Snap shares were up 6% and Meta shares were up 4% Tuesday afternoon.

The comments from Carr, one of four current commissioners at the Democrat-led agency, do not necessarily signal any pending actions against TikTok.

Read more:


zephyranthesGP01 t1_iunvtpt wrote

I'm in favor of banning TikTok and regulating what the Zuck can do with the collected data. Only an idiot would believe that the CCP won't weaponize TikTok if they haven't already like the fascists have done with Facebook.

But can we please stop comparing that Zucker to Lex Luthor? It's very insulting to Lex.


SuperMazziveH3r0 t1_iunslq1 wrote

It went from $93 to $95 after dropping from $200 in May. I wouldn't exactly call it "poping"


GetOutOfTheWhey t1_iuqj9ks wrote

We call that "pimpling"

Eventually even that little 2% pimple will get popped.


JeevesAI t1_iunmq5o wrote

When FCC commissioners speak alone, that’s not the FCC speaking that’s internal politics of the FCC. The fact that he’s saying this tells me it won’t happen. If the FCC was going to ban Tiktok, he wouldn’t be talking to the media about it, he would just do it.


N4BFR t1_iup5v17 wrote

I’d like to understand what jurisdiction the FCC would use to justify any action against TikTok. It’s delivered by internet. Nothing that uses FCC licenses.


[deleted] t1_iunome3 wrote

Just take Facebook/Meta off of life support already.


partizan92 t1_iunqirc wrote

It's hardly on life support. It makes a ton of money. Their marketing and image is on life support, but not the company itself.


ashehudson t1_iuntmxv wrote

As long as they are still allowing grown ass men to subscribe to 13 yo girls on IG for exclusive content, meta will make money. Once that stops, the company is dead.


thenerdal t1_iuo8tag wrote

Kinda funny considering Reddit was known for having a subreddit called Jailbait.


AmbitionExtension184 t1_iuo3wus wrote

Off life support? They literally just put up record numbers for their daily active users at almost 2B. And 3.6 billion across their family of apps (FB, IG, WA, Messenger).

They made almost $5B in profit last half…

Put me on that life support please.


mrlizardwizard t1_iunpjlr wrote

I don't think these people know what spike means. There was a slight uptick at best.


NegotiationDapper552 t1_iunt77g wrote

Oh yea. Meta shares didn't pop at all. Down yesterday over 3%. Up today at less than 3%. How is that a "pop" at all?

These fucking "journalists" write nothing but pure fiction sometimes. This is one of those times btw.


Prior-Landscape-8834 t1_iuozv35 wrote

Nice try Meta you still suck and your stocks will still tank.


Prior_Ad3038 t1_iupn5ag wrote

Fuck Meta and Snap and good TikTok can eat a bag of dicks and fuck off to the sun 🌞


TwitterElon t1_iunfftj wrote

FCC ban the bytedance! WWW


zoicyte t1_iunpfmk wrote

The US should ban meta, too.


ben02211986 t1_iunr1cu wrote

We'd all be better for it. Gut the rest while too.


dolemite99 t1_iunr7f5 wrote

Alternate headline based on thumbnail photo:

“Snap, Meta shares pop after a fully-bearded Louis CK threatens to ‘Tik his Tok’ on TikTok.”


Svelok t1_iunrmyt wrote

  • Tiktok banned in the US for being a tool of the Chinese government
  • Twitter burns to the ground trying to simultaneously lower moderation standards and monetize users to pay off its own acquisition
  • Facebook throws all its resources into the firepit trying to kickstart monetization of a VR platform (without first bothering to build the platform to be monetized)

America really has the devil's luck, in terms of ignoring our problems but then they resolve themselves by accident.


hifidood t1_iuns41o wrote

We're the stubborn procrastinator kid that didn't pay attention at all and then crammed the night before and somehow pulls off a passing grade.


zekex944resurrection t1_iunsgfa wrote

It cracks me up that they think they can. China bans google and a VPN creates a work around. This is why I don’t think America will survive you wait until a technology has already infected your citizens to respond, their as still born as their ethics.


Girthero t1_iuos5sx wrote

Do you think tik tok users care enough to start using a VPN?


zekex944resurrection t1_iuxeai8 wrote

I think the ones with millions of followers would get the regulars to install one. It could be an absolute boom in user numbers if played properly.


gooseears t1_iunsl99 wrote

META +2.42%, still -71% YTD

SNAP +3.43%, still -78% YTD


Late-Performer744 t1_iunum2s wrote

We have age limits for consuming tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. Although they are hard to compare and quantify, there are plenty of websites that are just as toxic and damaging to young peoples emotional and psychological well being. I would call this psychological warfare perpetrated by an enemy government if there weren't numerous domestic tech companies that were just as bad.


SwimmingSafe408 t1_iunvm4o wrote

Pop? Pop where? Definitely not in the stock market. $Meta 2 percent gain of a 50 percent loss isn't even close to a recovery.


Kenerad t1_iuo364z wrote

pop is a 12% gain in a day. I don't see that.


HappyThumb55555 t1_iuov6oj wrote

Great, now we need to know if the fcc commissioner and senators and house representatives have insider trading situated stock options...

Can they ban tiktac and facepalm and tweeter?


mouseat9 t1_iuq8wti wrote

This headline😐


fgdfghdhj5yeh t1_iuqend1 wrote

how much stock does the FCC dude have in meta?


Graega t1_iurejs3 wrote

"We can't let foreign governments spread propaganda through their apps! Then people won't pay attention to our propaganda!"


Shankbon t1_iurqmia wrote

My first impression from the headline was that Snap and Meta got together and drank from the same soda pop bottle.


R1150gsguy t1_iurxs43 wrote

“Don’t let dysfunctional Chinese social media app /corporations provide misinformation, let US based dysfunctional media app/corporations provide it”


Kiwip0rn t1_iuxo6lq wrote

🙄 here we go again 🙄


JMockJr t1_iunpct0 wrote

If you ban TikTok for this reason then you should ban Facebook ( meta ) for doing the same shit


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iunppip wrote

With America it's never about people's safety, always about killing off the competition.


Ivanthegorilla t1_iunqtz4 wrote

tiktok is just CCP spyware even pretty much says so in the agreement of course this isnt this articles agenda to mention it, reddit itself has recieved 150 million from the CCP I doubt they didnt get anything for their "donation"


Kenerad t1_iuo0s06 wrote

THANK GOODNESS. I honestly can't wait til they ban TikTok. It causes more harm to society and security then we could ever truly know, just get rid of it already.


mpbh t1_iuqahpn wrote

When reddit is on the same side as FB lobbyists you know we've gone to shit. If you think the government cares more about protecting you than protecting corporate profits I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.


Kenerad t1_iuraw18 wrote

Go where the money is they say.

I’m confused why I got one downvote though lol

I’m surprised someone doesn’t think tiktok should be killed off. I mean I wouldn’t mind adding Facebook, twitter to that pile too. Then the e girls and scammers.


mpbh t1_iurcbgu wrote

Censorship ftw right? If you don't like it the government should ban it?


Kenerad t1_iurdb62 wrote

I’m more in favor of banning things that actually cause both monetary, property and physical harm/death. TikTok is no except, Facebook is a sea pool of misinformation that hurts or leads others too desth.

I’m okay if Facebook and twitter go down, I don’t like them but from a free speech perspective which I’m 10000% for, they can’t go down for those reasons, rather business ones.

TikTok is that weird exception, free speech wouldn’t apply to this because the issues are far extending that right. It causes teenagers to commit crimes and actually give info to the CCP to help cause harm here in US.

Think about this, if china has police stations abroad, in other countries, why wouldn’t they also use TikTok to manipulate younger people and spy on everyone to further their goals. We’ll never know what TikTok does with the data and knowing so far they police people in other country’s or hire hit men to attack Chinese citizens fleeing the CCP, we have to assume the worst.

Oh let’s not forget they are juggling Russia and Iran’s dicks in the Ukraine war via doing all the hacking for Russia (has been confirmed btw) and that’s another reason we need to sanction them.

CCP will use TikTok for their government needs, there’s no reason the CCP should spy on US citizens and push algorithms to harm and effect US political, cultural and economic decisions.

Let’s ban TikTok asap!


Insect_Jaded t1_iuo6a8k wrote

Social media in general is kinda dumb, people share way too much personal info for free, mind boggling how much info about millions is harvested and sold, grotesque use of power.


moxyte t1_iuo70v6 wrote

Hah, I knew that was coming, just like Huawei. God Bless protectionism.


OPGoblin t1_iuo9imz wrote

Hmm all the news I don't see on regular stations is being reported by ppl on tik tok and alot of it is outing or reporting republican shit. Wonder why they want it gone


aboysmokingintherain t1_iup0wwr wrote

I mean TIKTOK is def a Chinese psyop. But at the same time, Facebook has allowed countries to commit genocide so maybe we should look into all social media


Maximum_Passion1865 t1_iuo55qx wrote

Now sue Google you cowards.

Tiktok isn't going anywhere you mind numbing fools.


voodoovan t1_iuogu6a wrote

The US Gov will prop up US corporations by banning any competitive company that is not US origin. The US competes by banning and sanctioning others.


SwampTerror t1_iuoj8a6 wrote

Tiktok is CCP. They should be banned from the west, but we're so in love with cheap junk that breaks down in a year.


voodoovan t1_iuquhx1 wrote

Facebook is the rogue US gov, creating wars wherever they go, the most dangerous terrorist rogue nation the world has ever seen. They should be banned.


SwampTerror t1_iv0b6t0 wrote

I agree. When Facebook took that 700billion hit I was like hell yeah. I demand that Mark-III Zuckerborg lose all his ill gotten wealth. He stole from those boys.