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MrTzatzik t1_ixgeb2o wrote

You don't have to program it like that because AI would learn that from previous lawsuits. Just like it happened in Amazon. They were using AI to hire people but the AI didn't want to hire black and women based on statistics.


Nervous-Masterpiece4 t1_ixgyl7f wrote

So the training data would need to be manipulated to remove racial bias.

At which time the opportunity to add new biases would arise… nicely encoded in indecipherable AI networks.

> it does things. We’re just not completely sure how.


pipopapupupewebghost t1_ixgz9qf wrote

Why include race in it? Why not just say "this person" if race isn't part of the crime


Petersburg_Spelunker t1_ixoqemk wrote

Facts, how can you trust a computer when ya can't trust the money err people who made them..