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sourpussmcgee t1_ixg606f wrote

It will always be too early. In no way should AI do criminal justice work.


j0n_ t1_ixgkmkk wrote

Why? In theory it should be consistently rule-based.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_ixgurk1 wrote

> In theory it should be consistently rule-based.

Yes, and in-theory a lot of things would be great.


strugglebusn t1_ixgzb7n wrote

Never know till you try. Just data based I’d love to see the letter of the law print out. Not opinion


i_demand_cats t1_ixhia1q wrote

Laws all have wiggle room for judges to give harsher or lighter sentences based on circumstances. There are very few laws that are ironclad enough in their wording for a machine to be able to interpret them correctly 100% of the time.


strugglebusn t1_ixgtyp2 wrote

Might be better than half the judges these days. Cite the precedent and the exact letter of the law. Realistically I think an AI print out with a recommendation -paired with a human judge would go far.

“Welp the AI recommends 10 years and $X fine because that’s the law buuuuuuut I’m going to do 6 months and $0” would at least make it more blatant when judges disregard the letter of the law.


markhouston72 t1_ixgtfm0 wrote

In theory is the key. As an example, look up the story about Meta's AI scientific paper generator which they posted to GitHub earlier this week. They pulled it down after 2 days. Early users identified that it was inherently biased against POC and also generates a lot of false claims.


j0n_ t1_ixh705o wrote

But research paper writing is an inherently creative process, even if research methods themselves are not. Thats very different. Also, i followed the story and it generated surprisingly correct claims. The problem was, that it made up sources and therefore encouraged junk science and academic dishonesty. Going as far as asigning fake papers to real authors of a field.


jsgnextortex t1_ixhdpv4 wrote

This has absolutely no relation to passing judgement on are comparing an AIs dataset to another AI dataset with completely different entries. AI doesnt go against POC, AI doesnt even know wtf POC is...conclusions like this only show that people have absolutely no clue how AI works and base a lot of their judgements on plain ignorance.


OraxisOnaris1 t1_ixirk57 wrote

There's a lot more to the criminal justice system than rules. A lot of nuance happens in the implementation of laws and, frankly, the reason behind a crime is sometimes more important than the crime itself.