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UnkindlyDisagree t1_ixi3sja wrote

I love that UK has been kicking every single American company's ass in the last few weeks.

They deserve to rejoin the EU if they keep up this amazing attitude.


ogodilovejudyalvarez t1_ixi5pgy wrote

Agreed. I just love watching US corporations used to doing whatever they want, trying to do business in countries with actual laws.


LinuxMatthews t1_ixk59yz wrote

UK Government is like

> The only unelected millionaires that get to spy and manipulate our people through dystopian means is us!


ogodilovejudyalvarez t1_ixm5bne wrote

Since Good Queen Bess' preeminent secret service, I believe, making Sir Walsingham the original M. Bless their conspiratorial hearts.