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EelTeamNine t1_iwyb4pd wrote

She'll be 50 when she finishes her sentence (I don't think she's eligible for any parole bring a federal conviction) and nobody is going to want to nor have reason to work with her in biomed.


UsedToBsmart t1_iwybrmc wrote

Only Fans may be an option. Are cougars still a thing?


ThisIsWhatLoveIs t1_iwycy0p wrote

She’s a homely broad. Nobody is paying for that shit.


TheCosmicJester t1_iwyhin1 wrote

People would pay for a Kari Lake OnlyFans.


PM_ME_YOUR_ANUS_PIC t1_ix40ihj wrote

I hate Republicans but I find Kari Lake and Marjorie Taylor Greene really attractive lmao, something about dominant women I think


Platypuslord t1_iwyeyg4 wrote

Does her fake deep voice turn you on? I get the feeling you would pay good money to see Mark Zuckerberg naked.