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Anachron101 t1_iwydc9z wrote

The amount of people willing to make money even though it means creating people like her or Apartheid Elon is one of the reasons why shit like this happens constantly.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwyf2sq wrote

I am not fan of either for sure, but comparing Musk to her is peak r/technology circlejerk.

Some times I wonder where your brain is guys smh


burningcpuwastaken t1_iwygcg8 wrote

Yeah, I'm sure full selfdriving will come out next year! /s


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwygk4y wrote

That's shady marketing on a product that exists. Tesla cars exist. SpaceX rockets exist. Starlink satellites exist. The Boring Tunnel exists.

It's idiotic to compare those to Theranos, which as a company never delivered a single product.

I am truly amazed I have to explain this. Don't be greedy with your chromosomes my dudes.


NekoCatSidhe t1_iwz3s69 wrote

What Holmes was selling is a product that already exists too. It is called a Lab-on-a-chip, a device used to make analysis on very small amounts of blood. Just google it if you don’t believe me. It was also already sold commercially before she even dropped out of college, and it is very high tech product that takes a lot of research and investment to design and manufacture, and there was no way a college dropout could actually make one.

But somehow she was able to sell it as something that was actually new and innovative, but was unable to use the money raised from investors to hire a team of competent engineers to design her own Lab-on-a-chip before some journalist found out she was actually using the ones made by other companies and using her investors’ money for that. If she had been better at hiring competent people and managing them, she could have succeeded, but she was just a narcissist crook, so she did not.

Personally, I think the only difference between her and Elon Musk is that Musk is better (or maybe just more lucky) at hiring competent people. He is not better at managing them (his antics at Twitter show that he is actually an extremely incompetent manager), but that was enough for him to have other people actually make the products he was selling and succeed. But they are both narcissist crooks, in my opinion. Musk is just a better crook : he is shady, but knows better than to do anything actually illegal.


ukezi t1_iwz2bjy wrote

It's selling capabilities that don't exist really selling a product that exist?


Timbershoe t1_iwyhlkm wrote

That’s because you made the mistake of thinking this is a sub about technology.

It isn’t. People don’t discuss the technology and are largely technologically illiterate.

It’s about the high level potential impact of technology, and generally a focus on specific dislikable individuals with high profiles. Cause that’s easy karma points.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwyhnxy wrote

I'm not disagreeing but damn, didn't think it was so bad. These people lives, breath my air, vote my government. Scary shit.


twjohnston t1_iwyizc4 wrote

You realize that religion exists, right?

Like, adult humans not only believe in a magical sky daddy, but also shape their lives and attempt to shape the lives of others based on their belief in said magical being.


p_mxv_314 t1_iwysk95 wrote

You never know maybe all those space x rockets are just blue origin ones with stickers over the logo