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khalavaster t1_iwyb1mo wrote

In other words, "I'm going to do it again but be way smarter about it."


dfgooner OP t1_iwyb66g wrote

‘I have all these flawed plans, and I you don’t like those, I have other ones!’


i_have_chosen_a_name t1_iwyz9cl wrote

She will launch a crypto token and scam a bunch of people just like that Martin Shrekpilly guy or whatever his face is called did as soon as came out of jail. He went straight to Wall Street bets and crypto subs to scam them. And ofcourse they let him. Made more then 10 million within 2 months of getting out of jail. Apparently they bought know the secret to convince a fools money to part ways.


YesYesYesVeryGood t1_ix2l2l6 wrote

Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin) took up the spotlight involving Pharma Bro. They even included a scene of him [from the Netflix show: Inventing Anna] showing off music he bought the right too at an outing she was at with their high roller friends.


NeverNotUnstoppable t1_ix2jidl wrote

Hey, after all this if anyone gets fucked over by her that's on them, zero sympathy.


[deleted] t1_iwye5qk wrote



jens-2420 t1_iwylghl wrote

Not before end of April 2023. If she is still here then.


[deleted] t1_iwza67w wrote

I just can't imagine she won't run. She easily has the resources to flee to a country without extradition.


UsaToVietnam t1_iwzc1u5 wrote

I'd imagine the agency has a few extra boys watching her. It would be a pr nightmare if she escaped.


[deleted] t1_iwzcnxs wrote

The reality is that they don't have nearly enough resources to do that. There's a lot more criminals out there.


UsaToVietnam t1_iwzfmrl wrote

The reality is that shes high profile enough to plant a couple extra watchers on her.


Netplorer t1_iwzoaa2 wrote

She is from money and after getting busted married to even more old money. You know she is getting away with a stern talking to.


[deleted] t1_iwzqj0e wrote

She actually didn't get married to shelter her from ever having to pay restitution.


seasleeplessttle t1_iwzh3r4 wrote

She's pregnant, the scammer goes to the slammer after she squats out the parasite.


[deleted] t1_iwzhfni wrote

The kid is just another one of her victims. No reason to insult them.


seasleeplessttle t1_iwzvzs2 wrote

The kid is a tool to get a lesser imprisonment. But only cuz she's white.


george_costanza1234 t1_ix03bii wrote

Sure, but the kid did nothing wrong. Not the kid’s fault his mom is a narcissist of the highest order and would wield his life as a bargaining chip


Talonsminty t1_iwyvr8c wrote

She's a pretty white woman whose in with the rich. Unless she openly murders someone she's here to stay.


benznl t1_iwzf5ld wrote

Am I the only one who thinks she is definitely not pretty?!


george_costanza1234 t1_ix03iud wrote

She definitely isn’t. But we all know blonde white women get a +3 skill boost


benznl t1_ix0jjjg wrote

That's probably true. How very sad


EelTeamNine t1_iwyb4pd wrote

She'll be 50 when she finishes her sentence (I don't think she's eligible for any parole bring a federal conviction) and nobody is going to want to nor have reason to work with her in biomed.


UsedToBsmart t1_iwybrmc wrote

Only Fans may be an option. Are cougars still a thing?


ThisIsWhatLoveIs t1_iwycy0p wrote

She’s a homely broad. Nobody is paying for that shit.


TheCosmicJester t1_iwyhin1 wrote

People would pay for a Kari Lake OnlyFans.


PM_ME_YOUR_ANUS_PIC t1_ix40ihj wrote

I hate Republicans but I find Kari Lake and Marjorie Taylor Greene really attractive lmao, something about dominant women I think


Platypuslord t1_iwyeyg4 wrote

Does her fake deep voice turn you on? I get the feeling you would pay good money to see Mark Zuckerberg naked.


Heisenberg991 t1_iwye25z wrote

I'm going to rise again with the 100 million bucks I buried in my parent's backyard.


Anachron101 t1_iwydc9z wrote

The amount of people willing to make money even though it means creating people like her or Apartheid Elon is one of the reasons why shit like this happens constantly.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwyf2sq wrote

I am not fan of either for sure, but comparing Musk to her is peak r/technology circlejerk.

Some times I wonder where your brain is guys smh


burningcpuwastaken t1_iwygcg8 wrote

Yeah, I'm sure full selfdriving will come out next year! /s


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwygk4y wrote

That's shady marketing on a product that exists. Tesla cars exist. SpaceX rockets exist. Starlink satellites exist. The Boring Tunnel exists.

It's idiotic to compare those to Theranos, which as a company never delivered a single product.

I am truly amazed I have to explain this. Don't be greedy with your chromosomes my dudes.


NekoCatSidhe t1_iwz3s69 wrote

What Holmes was selling is a product that already exists too. It is called a Lab-on-a-chip, a device used to make analysis on very small amounts of blood. Just google it if you don’t believe me. It was also already sold commercially before she even dropped out of college, and it is very high tech product that takes a lot of research and investment to design and manufacture, and there was no way a college dropout could actually make one.

But somehow she was able to sell it as something that was actually new and innovative, but was unable to use the money raised from investors to hire a team of competent engineers to design her own Lab-on-a-chip before some journalist found out she was actually using the ones made by other companies and using her investors’ money for that. If she had been better at hiring competent people and managing them, she could have succeeded, but she was just a narcissist crook, so she did not.

Personally, I think the only difference between her and Elon Musk is that Musk is better (or maybe just more lucky) at hiring competent people. He is not better at managing them (his antics at Twitter show that he is actually an extremely incompetent manager), but that was enough for him to have other people actually make the products he was selling and succeed. But they are both narcissist crooks, in my opinion. Musk is just a better crook : he is shady, but knows better than to do anything actually illegal.


ukezi t1_iwz2bjy wrote

It's selling capabilities that don't exist really selling a product that exist?


Timbershoe t1_iwyhlkm wrote

That’s because you made the mistake of thinking this is a sub about technology.

It isn’t. People don’t discuss the technology and are largely technologically illiterate.

It’s about the high level potential impact of technology, and generally a focus on specific dislikable individuals with high profiles. Cause that’s easy karma points.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iwyhnxy wrote

I'm not disagreeing but damn, didn't think it was so bad. These people lives, breath my air, vote my government. Scary shit.


twjohnston t1_iwyizc4 wrote

You realize that religion exists, right?

Like, adult humans not only believe in a magical sky daddy, but also shape their lives and attempt to shape the lives of others based on their belief in said magical being.


p_mxv_314 t1_iwysk95 wrote

You never know maybe all those space x rockets are just blue origin ones with stickers over the logo


spelunk_in_ya_badonk t1_iwyc4zx wrote

There’s no shortage of people desperate to get rich quick. I bet she’ll have no problem concocting another scam. Next time it’ll probably be some scam where she doesn’t even have to deliver a product. Who knows what types of new securities fraud she’ll be able to commit a decade from now


LastCall2021 t1_iwycnxe wrote

I’m not so sure. She kind of lucked into this ‘female Steve Jobs’ zeitgeist at a time when it seemed like that’s what the world was looking for.

But the reality is she’s not some genius, just a college drop out who was never that smart in the first place. There was that conference where actual tech people were asking her probing questions and seemed gobsmacked by her non answers.

For some reason it took awhile before the rest of the world caught on. People like their zeitgeists. But now it’s pretty clear she’s just a bimbo trying to fake her way into fame and fortune. She’s not coming back from this.


spelunk_in_ya_badonk t1_iwyd8p5 wrote

Don’t be so sure man. This bitch was obviously a fraud and people still gave her money


LastCall2021 t1_iwydigh wrote

She had money connections because of her parents. That probably made her seem initially successful. That veneer has worn off by now though.


Even_Singer2025 t1_iwyqcpl wrote

A bimbo?


LastCall2021 t1_iwzqa0t wrote

Signs point to yes


Even_Singer2025 t1_ix3hgtu wrote

What's your girlfriend like?


LastCall2021 t1_ix418xp wrote

Wife. She’s a CPA. Runs her own firm that doesn’t bilk people out of money over a technology that defies the laws of physics.


Asimpbarb t1_iwydh75 wrote

11 years is way to short, 20 years no parol would’ve been better. Don’t care to much about the money, but her fake diagnosis hurt ppl.


meaculpa303 t1_iwygcc9 wrote

I hear Billy McFarland (Fyre Festival) is looking for a new partner.


royaltrux t1_iwyhgaz wrote

Gonna invent a new soda company, "Gen Pop"


Science_Matters_100 t1_iwyhfhv wrote

Got approached to invest in that one. It didn’t make sense, getting all of that from a couple of drops of blood, if you know a bit about lab work and infections, etc.

I know someone who lost six figures, though. Smh


Lighthazle t1_iwygdmu wrote

She has the same eyes as Zuckerberg.


plsnthnks t1_iwye6ms wrote

Maybe she can sell raw water with the juicero guy


ShartedAtCVS t1_iwyflx2 wrote

Cool, well she can try again in 11 years then.


WuriderX t1_iwyjuqs wrote

That is exactly how criminals think. They could be freshly arrested in the back of the police car and the only thing on their mind is how not to get caught next time.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_iwzoy5m wrote

She is a greed-driven antisocial malignant narcissist psychopath. Did anybody expect remorse? I mean, come on.


HaywireVRV t1_iwyeatk wrote

She won’t rise again.

“Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.”


dlrace t1_iwyg7du wrote

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...strike...three...


346_ME t1_iwyhazb wrote

Ah yes that’s good 😂😂😂

Someone who hasn’t learned her lesson and has an ego 100x larger than her intelligence. She needs to go away and be sentenced to community service for the rest of her life.


HotFightingHistory t1_iwytbnw wrote

She gets court while the former owner of Nikola gets a new startup and millions in venture capital.


[deleted] t1_iwzapbu wrote

Are you serious? He has got to be the most obvious fraud I have ever seen. Literally everything about him is just trying to imitate Elon. How do people fall for this shit?


North_South_Side t1_iwz6qsc wrote

She's a weirdo narcissist and/or sociopath.

She belongs in jail, but so do many other people involved this this issue.


ogbcthatsme t1_iwzat5c wrote

Bitch, you’re a felon. Fuck off!


rimshot101 t1_iwzm17y wrote

I haven't followed this whole thing too closely, but the fact she got 11 years tells me one thing: she must've stolen from rich people.


micheal1856 t1_iwyhtgy wrote

Well she has 11 years to think about how to do it.


Carrot_8244 t1_iwyidel wrote

A book on her experience, interviews, web series on theranos would be a good money for her post release.

If Netflix is present by then, remember this common man giving you ideas.


boneheadbrown t1_iwyr729 wrote

Sounding like a damn Scooby-Doo villain.


NewHampshireAngle t1_iwys3li wrote

She’ll be a shot caller behind bars in no time.


poop-machine t1_iwyvi80 wrote

She should team up with Sam Bankman-Fried for her comeback. That venture simply can't fail.


voodoovan t1_iwyxepi wrote

Let her do at least 15 years of prison first, before duping people again.


glibglab3000 t1_iwyxq2j wrote

My penis has told me the same thing.


No_Assist2955 t1_iwz0llp wrote

Trumps new V.P candidate ? She meets many of his staffing criteria.


Jorycle t1_iwz1j1p wrote

Nothing tells you that cancel culture is a myth like Elizabeth Holmes having a chance to "rise again."

I'm sure those cancer patients who were told they were cancer free based on some fraudulent blood screenings really appreciate that.


TrustButVerifyFirst t1_iwz1p76 wrote

If as a fraudster, she can convince the son of a wealthy family to marry and impregnate her, she can pretty much do anything.


woolypully t1_iwz2wo0 wrote

That's because narcissists never feel like they lost. They feel like the other side cheated.


mbasi t1_iwz3w1m wrote

Let's see how that tune sounds after a decade in prison. Things can change a LOT in that time


aquarain t1_ix0kz59 wrote

Her aspirations might decline to having as much Ramen as she wants.


TigerUSF t1_iwz4tn7 wrote

after prison, She should be living in a 2 bedroom apartment making 40k a year. Like normal people. She should not be allowed access to run anything.


Independent-Still-73 t1_iwz72q3 wrote

85% of an 11 year Federal sentence is 9 years, I'm sure her ambition will wane


Eur1sk0 t1_iwz7xcc wrote

Human stupidity and greed is infinite.


antzcrashing t1_iwz8l06 wrote

Of course she does, and she probably will since she is 1100 times more famous than the first round, and America loves a comeback story. Also she will be out in 3 years tops


derpoftheirish t1_iwzt19n wrote

Federal sentences are not able to be reduced more than 15%. She will serve minimum 85% of her sentence. Only way she's getting out in 3 years is if she gets her actual sentence reduced on appeal.


kenmlin t1_iwz8r48 wrote

I mean, she will only be fifty when she gets out of the prison.


dungone t1_iwzdomv wrote

Let's check on that ambition ten years from now.


becomplete t1_iwzg27o wrote

The treatment of white-collar criminals is absurd. If you want yet another example of the inherent inequity in our country, look no further.


Gideon_Effect t1_iwzhtgz wrote

If you lie, cheat and steal to get on top it appears to be acceptable now.


mdw233 t1_iwztpk0 wrote

Of course she does. Who wouldn't?

What should she want to do?


failbox3fixme t1_ix041dd wrote

She’s going to come out like Martha Stewart smelling like roses and still making mils.


ISAMU13 t1_ix1j4e0 wrote

"Damn right, I'll do it again."

She'll try crypto next. Blood Coin.


beehappy32 t1_ix1tnur wrote

She’s going to be close to 50 when she gets out and completely out of the loop with what’s going on in the business and tech world. And no one will want to work with her anyways


forbidden_soup t1_ix23894 wrote

A 'rise' insofar as fraudulence can raise crooks.


wk2coachella t1_ix27ssa wrote

"you think darkness is your ally?"


YesYesYesVeryGood t1_ix2ksds wrote

Dropout 2: Ambition to Rise Again

I wanna see a scene where Sunny Balwani is in court at his verdict being convicted of the 12 counts put against him, and in the end, someone asks... "Was it worth it Sunny? Was it worth taking her back in going through all this?"


Neonmoon117 t1_ix3tyx9 wrote

Of course she does. She’s a sociopathic narcissist.


rushmc1 t1_iwyrscz wrote

Who cares?


Sinuminnati t1_iwyhiv4 wrote

If Martha Stewart can do it, why not EZ Holmes.