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zookr2000 t1_ixuk7a9 wrote

Hey - if they can do it to Taiwan, they can do it to the U.S.


Zetryte t1_ixv78ai wrote

The US already does enough of it to itself, I wonder how much China would even need to contribute at this point


zookr2000 t1_ixw0zjv wrote

That's why so much crap is "Top Secret" - if people only knew how much they are being screwed over - & not just by our own government.


Chruman t1_ixv97z5 wrote

The US perpetrates cyberattacks on itself? What? Lmao.


Anxious-derkbrandan t1_ixv9bol wrote

No, disinformation


Chruman t1_ixxcjnw wrote

That is an equally stupid take. The disinformation is almost certainly perpetrated by foreign influence. The US as a state actor is not causing instability because it would serve no purpose.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_ixx0gnk wrote

Effectively, yes. Sometimes it's by people who are straight up malicious. Sometimes it's by "innocent" people who genuinely believe the nonsense. Alex Jones would be a good example of the first, anyones parents could be an example of the second. Both dangerous, but with completely different intentions.


Chruman t1_ixxcb8r wrote

The US as a state actor is not perpetratrating a disinformation campaign against itself. That is utterly ridiculous. It serves 0 purpose to the US to create instability.

Sure, some people in the US are acting in bad faith and even maliciously, but to say the US as an entity is doing it is misleading.


CryptoOGkauai t1_ixvc9ag wrote

Xinnie the Pooh can huff and puff all he wants, but he’s still not getting an intact Taiwan nor an intact TSMC.

With TSMC they could control the 21st and likely the 22nd century. Without both ASML and TSMC (or access to their chips), they’re totally screwed because they can’t make the mid or high end chips themselves and won’t be able to compete.

If they invade: its scorched earth baby, and the real goals (stated above) will be unobtainable.


soaringtiger t1_ixw7kj0 wrote

As much as those are significant goals, their real goal is what they say, idealogical demagoguery. They really want taiwan to let their population know they did something Mao wanted so badly. And by they I mean Xi.


TrainerThin t1_ixy4osi wrote

Only risk is china backed public opinion swaying locally, and our insane politics.

I can easily see a “why are we spending money on Taiwan” popular opinion spread.


El1Zilla t1_ixvwb1b wrote

China already sends its loyal CCP followers to US and Canada and encourages them to run for office here so they agree more with CCP agenda and less with western governments.


ExplosiveDiarrhetic t1_ixwnmls wrote

Yeah i think anyone associated with ccp needs the boot


El1Zilla t1_ixwnrul wrote

They do but CCP is only part of the problem, it’s decades of people thinking CCP is something when it’s just a corrupt bunch of people. China would collapse if CCP were to go.


ExplosiveDiarrhetic t1_ixwo4oh wrote

I meant the west needs to stop allowing the ccp and their families the ability to stay. Xi jinping’s daughter for example is still in usa


El1Zilla t1_ixwo807 wrote

Gotcha, gotcha yeah with the decline of younger people there’s gonna be more Indians don’t worry lol


ExplosiveDiarrhetic t1_ixwobhd wrote

…? You sound like a bot


El1Zilla t1_ixwok1w wrote

Eh, I’m saying Chinese population is getting older. They are having less kids. I figure they’re going all out or be beaten by India who is still rising in population. I mean CCP will try to influence like ever other super power but the time is limited


downonthesecond t1_ixwc8ts wrote

It's likely very effective when only a dozen countries actually recognize Taiwan.


this_barb t1_ixwezhm wrote

What's up with all of these wannabe super-powers bullying smaller countries lately?


stef-navarro t1_ixy6ai7 wrote

The common point with Russia is that a big dictatorship cannot afford long term to have a neighbor flourishing democracy with people from the similar cultures. It’s easier to make people hate the US than the neighbor country many have relatives or friends from. So, exaggerated propaganda and war are the only options they see.


Drs83 t1_ixx6vs6 wrote

"In April 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, said he had been subject to racial slurs on the internet from Taiwanese accounts.

Taiwan responded by saying the slurs originated from China, but were made under the pretense of being Taiwanese people."

And then everyone in Taiwan laughed at the excuse knowing full well that Taiwanese keyboard warriors are just as racist as the rest of the world. No one who has ever been to Taiwan would be surprised to find out there were instances of racism.

China is such a convenient out for the Taiwaneae people at times. They have horrible air pollution but pretend to blame it on pollution blowing over from China so they don't have to address their own problems.


j3ychen t1_ixxt4st wrote

Some internet comments from allegedly Taiwanese accounts seem really insignificant compared to an actual country (that was actually doing well public health-wise) being excluded from the WHO during a global pandemic.


CaptainWanWingLo t1_ixvdpqq wrote

Can’t even manage their way out of covid, good luck conquering Taiwan


Drs83 t1_ixx72p9 wrote

Taiwan still has all kinds of pointless covid mandates.

Edit: If you're going to downvote me at least point out which one of the dozens upon dozens of Covid mandates and regulations the Taiwanese government is still enforcing that isn't pointless. I'm listening.


j3ychen t1_ixxta1c wrote

Like what, masks? No one cares about having to wear masks, and they’re already loosening those measures anyways. Like it was just never a political priority. What pointless mandates?


Drs83 t1_ixy5a04 wrote

The useless ones like masks in schools but not when having PE class or when presenting, masks in restaurants unless you're sitting at a table with a dozen people until you get up from the table and then magically masks are required again, somehow a kid turning 3 magically requiring a mask, silly 3 day absences from school for symptoms, still not letting parents attend school functions or more than one parent attending a teacher conference, the list goes on and on.

They still have tons of silly, pointless, wasteful, mandates that are just a power trip for those on top and a panic crutch for those on the bottom.

There are tons of people who are getting fed up with the silly mandates and it's 100% political at this point. There was a reason it kept coming up over and over again leading up to the elections yesterday.


mmarollo t1_ixyg0o6 wrote

Never underestimate the power of a totemic fetish charm. It’s woven into our dna from a million years of hominid evolution. Masks today are the 21st century version of the decorative rattle used to repel evil spirits while dancing around a fire in Turkey 19,000 years ago.


usaslave t1_ixxelf0 wrote

China likely just bought a bunch of votes allowing the pro-China KMT party to take a number of political offices across the island in the recent election. They can’t invade so they’re doing the same thing they did to Hong Kong.