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InfamousBrad t1_iur61p1 wrote

> For one scheme, prosecutors said Prasad arranged to have Apple components shipped to an outside vendor's warehouse, where they were repackaged and eventually sold back to Apple.

Are you kidding me? That scam was in my textbook on computer-related crime in 1979, after somebody pulled it on AT&T. It's the kind of thing that even rudimentary accounting controls should catch, these days.


nortob t1_iur97e4 wrote

Which… perhaps they did, belatedly. No one here asking how the mofo got caught.


citizenjones t1_iurob3y wrote

Lots of bad behavior can go on for long time....but when it finally gets to accounting things can change exponentially faster.


Cyathem t1_iuruiwh wrote

20 years of crime laid out to seem obvious when you have it all in a spreadsheet and start filtering out noise.


SpaceTabs t1_iurgw7i wrote

It's like payment card fraud. There's more fraud than ever, chip cards did nothing, and the credit card companies just pass on the losses to the consumer. So did Apple, given the amount of profits.


The_professor053 t1_iusl9wq wrote

How does the scam work exactly? I can't work it out from this...


InfamousBrad t1_iussq4h wrote

You get a job managing inventory. As stuff comes in, you steal it, and ship it to a warehouse you rented. Once it gets there, you sell it back to the company at a bargain rate, cheaper than any of their other providers.


yoshek3333 t1_iurhmju wrote

Prasad a scammer? Jim Browning is letting some of these scum slip through lol


bkconn t1_iurmaqy wrote

Not the same type of scam, dude.


[deleted] t1_iurmz5a wrote



bkconn t1_iurodff wrote

Does it? I don't even understand what you're saying unless you're just being racist... ?


BeanGuardianWNY t1_iuqqv56 wrote

no, STFU, you can get a lawyer for $17 mil


michaelrulaz t1_iuqv3ww wrote

When the feds bring charges, they almost always get a conviction. They have an impressively high conviction rate. I’m assuming since he pleaded guilty AND he had accomplices facing charges still that he cut a deal.


100catactivs t1_iurtt8g wrote

That’s how much he cost apple, not how much he made in the scam.


nicuramar t1_iur8t22 wrote

Isn't it more moral to admit, though, if you are guilty?


Justme100001 t1_iuqyfe8 wrote

Such a strange word "defrauding". Almost like he got rid of a problem Apple was dealing with all the time, costing them hundreds of millions, for only $17 million and 99 cents...


TheThingsWeMake t1_iuraa06 wrote

yeah it reads like de-frauding. Same beef with flammable and inflammable.


Love_To_Burn_Fiji t1_iuru6ks wrote

"$17 million? But I stole $45 mil........uhh I meant yeah that's correct. $17 Million."


UnpackNews t1_iusal32 wrote

He stole 5% of the taxes they should be paying


REiiGN t1_iurvm35 wrote

Got the decimal place wrong didn't they?