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IrreverentHippie t1_iwtydok wrote

TLDR Certain frequencies can mess up the systems that keep the deadly microbes from leaving the room


Top-Yard3513 t1_iwur10l wrote

The real brown note.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_iwvurqv wrote

There’s a name for this sort of thing, i wanna say resonant frequency. It’s basically the same as breaking a class with your voice. If you hit the right frequency, the glass breaks. You can do the same with lots of computer stuff too. There’s even that story of that Janet Jackson song that would brick laptops because the bass hit just the right frequency that the hard drive (I think) breaks. Pretty cool stuff.

Edit: it’s actually called vibration resonance


MuteStarNeet t1_iwty8z3 wrote

Didn't metal gear have a similar plot


Eponymous-Username t1_iwtyzgj wrote

There was also an often overlooked subplot about a giant metal robot.


Nogohoho t1_iwu1gri wrote

Really small in the grand scheme of things. The deadly parasite was far more affecting, especially when it killed your hard won soldiers.


Ok_Pizza9836 t1_iwtzmwx wrote

Technically yes but that was based on different types of language and if you spoke it the virus killed you


NPD_wont_stop_ME t1_iwtz6g8 wrote

This reads like one of those random sentences they make in the Family Guy joke machine on that episode of South Park. Lol


alexwasnotavailable t1_iww4qcx wrote

At first glance I read it as “discovered how MAGIC could be used…” lol I was like no way?! Magic!


idulort t1_iwu39pv wrote

I love the image of the researchers. They look like close buddies and the entire research fels like it comes from late night drunk hypothesizing. And voila, now they're known for revealing a major vulnerability in the industry standards in one of the most globally perilous industries.


TopCheesecakeGirl t1_iwu2wr2 wrote

What a brilliant idea to share this information with the world. Won’t give ANYONE any ideas! 🤓


Mochme t1_iwv6wwt wrote

I know you're probably joking but if you aren't this is such a stupid take on this whole thing. If a bad actor wanted to sabotage biosecurity of a pathogen research institute there are a million other ways (directly smuggling material out of the lab, physically sabotaging air filtration systems) that don't require extended periods of blasting noise that would alert everyone who is now aware that can compromise BSL3 and BSL4 clean zones (biosafety zones). This Knowledge is highly important to ensure disease research labs keep their research code of conduct safe within the context of the actual physical world we live in. Not within the context of a mission impossible movie.


porcodoi t1_iwv113t wrote

Would you rather:

A: everyone know this and enable every country to take precautions or ways to detect these things

B: only one or few countries/individuals know this and could unleash it without anyone knowing what's going on

It's similar to nuclear weapons: better if everyone has them than if only one country does


Goodnitenite78 t1_iwv4hjq wrote

I mean that's kind of how security works. Make everyone aware of it so they can take the appropriate measures to protect their systems.


TigBiddiesMacDaddy t1_iwub3kp wrote

So… you could say they found the Death Note” 😏


redtoad3212 t1_iwudams wrote

great! man-made horrors beyond my comprehension!


Azer1287 t1_iwu6qy4 wrote

I told you to stop playing All I Want For Christmas is You, Dave.

{Executes Order 66}


DrLee62 t1_iwtzmum wrote

So this is the brown note I've heard about.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_iwvv6kv wrote

It’s vibration resonance, at least I assume. If you find something’s natural resonance and crank the frequency, you can break shit. It’s the same as breaking a glass with your voice, Janet Jackson bricking hard drives with a certain bass frequency, etc.


surle t1_iwu33or wrote

Sick mix tape.


Taurabora t1_iwuf5ux wrote

The next Kingsman plot.


T-408 t1_iwu3eli wrote



mingziopsso t1_iwuuj9f wrote

Hah! I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

But no, not like Pontypool... for now...


phuckthatguy t1_iwuf8xc wrote

This is why Nickelback was created.


Kiron00 t1_iwufmsf wrote

Great, thanks for sharing this with the entire world.


LordNedNoodle t1_iwx7oyn wrote

The villain in Get Smart had similar plans, but with a nuke.


HHtown8094 t1_iwu84th wrote

it’s the siren song and the wedding processional: so deadly to all men.


InitiativeDue2336 t1_iwu8ahf wrote

So, don’t play I am a single lady while working in a bio lab in white suits? Got it!


ThELaSt6977 t1_iwu9jh5 wrote

Pretty sure there was a movie about this…


pickleer t1_iwuch7q wrote

Movies and anime but also Chuck Palahniuk's "Lullabye" features a "culling song".


Dutchmango t1_iwuk0b0 wrote

The death note or the brown note. I’ll take the brown note!


real_horse_magic t1_iwuv4af wrote

Researchers looking like they’re about to drop 2022’s hottest deadly pathogen album


Naragub t1_iwuyqk5 wrote

The germ note


beenburnedbutable t1_iwv1xc8 wrote

Let the bodies hit the floor! Sir?

No not that song, we need everything dead in this sector, play the Nickleback.


kuhzoo t1_iwv3kis wrote

That's kinda scary, but also nowhere near as cool as the headline made it sound.


DavidELD t1_iwv9bji wrote

Hey Alexa, play Despacito



timberwolf0122 t1_iww38cq wrote

Are they talking about a kid rock concert or an ICO gathering?


twilight-actual t1_iww3m2a wrote

Country Music has already demonstrated this technology.


tomistruth t1_iwu1h0q wrote

Can researchers please focus on how to treat diseases and give world peace to the world instead of researching new methods to kill humanity and accidently kill us all?


moose1207 t1_iwujkks wrote

HVAC Controls Technician here. I have experience working on these rooms as well as ERs and just general hospital work as well.

Whatever this study is it is most likely a very specific problem. The sensors and programming I use or have seen installed by others can in no way be faked by some malicious noise.

I would have a physical sensor in the room, another outside the room somewhere both reading building pressure, do the math and verify the room is negative. I would also have a sensor reading CFM (cubic feet per minute of air movement) from outside in to ensure the correct amount of air exchanges is happening. As well as the other various sensors that monitor exhaust fan status and supply air fan status I can't see how it can be effectively attacked. If one of those sensors failed, or was reading incorrectly the facilities crew that deal with the HVAC would be notified and it would be investigated immediately. Doubt this would throw the area into chaos either.

Almost feel like I'm reading an onion article.


Smitty8054 t1_iwuwpm3 wrote

So only related inasmuch as it relates to hospitals and cleanliness.

So early in my career I sold filtration for industry and commercial facilities such as hospitals.

During my training the company owner told me that once I got an actual in-person look at their HVAC systems that if I were in an accident I would ask to be taken to a different hospital. Thought there was some exaggeration. Oh shit no.

I eventually secured every hospital in my town but many more. The whole system had filters (thousands) but there were critical care areas served as well.

For the uneducated cooling coils do exactly that and produce water that draws heat away. This water falls into a pan at the bottom and is supposed to harmlessly drain away.

So I saw systems missing filters all the time. Either neglected or on purpose. On purpose because it’s a lot cheaper and easier to remove filters to increase airflow vs replacing. Cooling pans not only clogged but stagnant with obvious visible biological growth. These often fed critical care and surgery units.

But the topper? Won’t name it but a childrens hospital and TOP NOTCH BURN CENTER (so good the took adults).

We’re doing free testing to show how fucked things are including samples. The walls of the unit (understand that a single air handler unit can be 20x20 and there’s many) had what appeared to be rust. On an aluminum air handler? Aluminum can oxidize but it does not turn brown.

Found out that these SHEETS of whatever was actually biological! Wtf.

Gave the report to the hospital engineer. Never heard a word about it. They bought a ton of filters from me as they were the best on the market but addressing this issue with labor and maintenance?


For what it’s worth I doubt any of this has changed. Overall don’t sweat it. You have a FAR greater chance of getting a nosocomial (hospital born) illness from just being there than bad filtration.



aShittierShitTier4u t1_iwuc5lb wrote

As way of disclaimer. I am forced to say that, due to stimulation of various centers (remember OOOOHHHMMM, etc.), the possible negative contraindications must be pointed out. A record has to, of all things Anyway, hypertense people, etc. possibility of epilepsy (petite mal), psychic motor disorders, etc... etc... etc.

My week beats your year.


irikev t1_iwtylpx wrote

This type of information should really be broadcast. Important to let everyone know about it. Annnnnd here comes another pandemic shut down....wait for it...


TerminalHighGuard t1_iwu35rp wrote

….or a directed energy weapon. Like the ones likely being used in Cuba that gave those spies Havana Syndrome?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how COVID was loosed.

Hope biolabs around the world are taking precautions against this.


Unlimitles t1_iwvd1r0 wrote


wonder how massively downvoted i'm going to get for pointing out that kanye on a drink champs interview talked about a Frequency in rap music to keep people in a lower state of thought.

The "808"

Someone will come along and say that doesn't pertain to this AT ALL.