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JoanNoir t1_iy4l7ga wrote

Available on Amazon.


Deranged40 t1_iy4lh5r wrote

Yeah, four minutes after the ban was set...


schleepercell t1_iy50gux wrote

There are Hikvision and Dahua cameras all over everywhere in the US, probably 100s of thousands of them. Consumers can get them directly through the gray market, thats what you are seeing on amazon. Typically, a security company will resell them to businesses branded as their own product. If you see a dome style camera in an office or warehouse etc... its most likely one of the two. I am not even sure what the alternatives are.


SprintToTheMoon t1_iy54q56 wrote

Axis, Avigilon, bosch, turing, etc. while hikvison and dahua no doubt have a large presence there are plenty of alternatives available


SnooDoggos4906 t1_iy5l3vz wrote

I would imagine they can sell off existing inventory. It has already been imported.


bitfriend6 t1_iy54g5d wrote

Not at a reasonable price, arrivable at a reasonable time (20+ days shipping from China) and no guarantee of it getting through customs. More importantly, no guarantee that any American wireless company or ISP will service the phone. You could drop a standalone SIM into it, but the industry is sunsetting standalone SIMs and companies who still provide them will not give you a good rate versus a phone with a built-in eSIM. There is still a chance the phone company will disconnect the phone upon learning that it violates sanctions, as a self-protection measure.

The only way to actually use banned Chinese devices is over wifi or the regular web where access can be hidden or obscured. You can't hide on the phone network.


RandomXDXDXDXXX t1_iy4nl8z wrote

Just checked myself and can confirm you can still purchase products from the four brands listed in the title on US Amazon.


Weary-Author9909 t1_iy5cu9x wrote

This looks and reads like an extension of the 2020 Federal Dept and Federal attached organization ban on use. There is additional language about Certificate of Conformity which is a import legitimacy tag required when hardware has an official government use.

Official doc here


This is a ban on government use under the national security umbrella. Im sure you will still find these devices available on consumer markets and especially amazon and ebay since those marketplaces have lots of China national stores with drop shipping straight from alibaba, or reserved amazon warehouse spots.

Most of the enterprise level manufacturers that rebranded these cameras in 2020 (Axis, Vivotek, Bosch) have already swapped over to unrestricted models.

Im not sure why other companies havent changed their models (Amcrest, Paxton, Annke, Lorex) but I expect they will continue to sell their systems despite being "banned".


Himehappy t1_iy5d0cv wrote

Many professional companies including ADT Security are big sellers/users of Hikvision cameras and they are found every where public/private USA.


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_iy57a7f wrote

Apple and Samsung are loving there duopoly status being more secure


Sofakingwhat1776 t1_iy4vs8m wrote

In other news: Cricket experieces sudden loss of all inventory.


XdraketungstenX t1_iy6xsd5 wrote

Ok folks, give me another good quality brand. I've got 2 hikvisions and was looking at another one. Since they are banning Dahua there goes Amcrest. Amcrest is reportedly rebranded Dahua.


TestFlyJets t1_iy6yfwa wrote

So, serious question: if we have these installed at home for exterior security should we consider removing them?

It’s not clear to me what the threat is to an individual consumer just trying to keep an eye on the porch pirates and random car door handle jigglers.

I’ve had way more real cyber security issues with the QNAP NAS that the Hikvision cameras are connected to, but I haven’t seen any USG bans or threat reports on those.


OneTruePirate t1_iy72cd7 wrote

Even if we assume backdoors exist, your home is a low value target relative to the many large commercial operations, government offices, airports etc which use exclusively these brands. I think you're fine to leave them up, since they're still fit for the purpose you put them up for. Chances are you'll have no issues maintaining or replacing them in future if needed. At worst, hikvision et al could hypothetically see your surveillance footage, but they aren't gonna physically steal your stuff.


Alan_Smithee_ t1_iy760q9 wrote

I had been considering Hikvision for a couple of customers. I guess that makes the decision for me.


goodlifepinellas t1_iy6v7h7 wrote

Oh... Elon's gonna love this one with talk of making a non-amdroid/apple device, lmao


monchota t1_iy5atug wrote

Good, kill it.


stivo t1_iy578kl wrote

So USA are banning these companies for doing the same (built in back doors) thing that USA companies are doing? Ohhh the hypocrisy


shwag945 t1_iy59xlz wrote

China poses a serious national security threat to the US. Reducing avenues for Chinese infiltration into American systems isn't hypocrisy. What the US does is irrelevant to banning Chinese tech.


ninernetneepneep t1_iy6r0oj wrote

And you don't think they can/could take advantage of backdoors the US adds? This has already happened in the past. CIA tools falling into the wrong hands ..


shwag945 t1_iy6udjd wrote

This is like refusing to put out a forest fire because there is also a house fire nearby. Deal with the larger threat (China) before dealing with US spying.


ninernetneepneep t1_iy6vj9h wrote

How about we deal with both. The US probably spies on US citizens more-so than China does. Snowden much? And the fair part of it is likely fear mongering and lobbyists for Samsung and Apple.


shwag945 t1_iy6vqy8 wrote

If we are gonna do both why not deal with China first? Why are you complaining about this?


ninernetneepneep t1_iy6x5ch wrote

I didn't complain. I did indicate that all backdoors are bad. I'm fine with stopping all China trade.


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4mok0 wrote

Weird, all the drones are exempt.


Deranged40 t1_iy4mu3e wrote

It almost suggests that there's a massive difference between networking equipment sold to ISPs and a drone that can fly for 15 minutes at a time.


0rabbit7 t1_iy4phyp wrote

Ah fuck so that’s why my drone doesn’t work as a commercial WAF?

I jest, but 🤷‍♂️


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4psth wrote

How long do you think it takes to take overhead photos of a military base a transmit them overseas? Do you think they use a pigeon? Taiwan's already dealing with this issue.


Deranged40 t1_iy4pwn2 wrote

You are wildly unfamiliar with U.S. military base airspace management if you think there's drones flying over them taking pictures. Taiwan might have this problem, but the US doesn't.


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4q48j wrote

If you want to live in some jingoistic fantasy land where the US military has zero security holes, feel free, but it's incredibly naïve.


Deranged40 t1_iy4qa38 wrote

I live near a military base where a guy was approached with multiple guards armed with fully-automatic rifles, just for taking a photo of a deer without any buildings or even so much as a fence in the photo. They will shoot a $1000 drone flying over before asking questions.


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4qiiy wrote

"I live near a military base! I know everything about their security!"

Jesus Christ. Embarrassingly naïve would have been more accurate.


Deranged40 t1_iy4qm05 wrote

"I can speak intelligently about one small aspect of security that I have first-hand experience with" was somehow interpreted by you as, and I quote you directly: "I know everything about their security"

Lol, okay bud. You keep living in the world where US military bases can't figure out how to keep drones out of their airspace.


IChooseFeed t1_iy4sxnv wrote

Taiwan's situation is unique given their position in Asia and the World.


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4tfe3 wrote

Taiwans position in the world has absolutely nothing to do with it's susceptibility to drone surveillance and invasion.

But I'm sure you guys all know way more about military security than the Senate committees on Intelligence and Homeland Security.


IChooseFeed t1_iy50h4z wrote

China's One China Principle makes Taiwan a problem for anyone who wants to deal with either countries, it makes a huge difference.