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lurklurklurkPOST t1_ivntfe8 wrote

And still nobody can summarize it for me.


nyetpak t1_ivoah1p wrote

You're an immortal delivery guy who throws pissjugs at ghosts that tries to interrupt your hard work which is paid for in facebook likes.


BlueMonkOne t1_ivvitl9 wrote

Ghost that you can only see then you have a special fetus strapped to your stomach.


thisispainful76 t1_ivnw8rm wrote

It’s what happens when nobody says no to kojima


suckfail t1_ivoahmd wrote

I really wanted to like the game. Played it for a good 4 hours.

Just couldn't get into it, felt weird for the sake of weird and boring. But I know, Kojima is god or whatever on Reddit. I'll take my downvotes now.

For the record I liked MGS5.


TheThirdRnner t1_ivofqa4 wrote

Yeah Kojima can definitely go off the deep end. The guy hates the box so much he'll do whatever to stay out of it. Tbf I remember everyone said the plot to MGS2 was nonsensical and too hard to follow, turns out the plot was just 20 years too early.


AmericanLich t1_ivot71v wrote

I’m a huge kojima fan, didn’t get anything from Death Standing. It was insanely pretentious. Plus the gameplay was just boring. All of the dialogue made me cringe.

Which is sad because I was really excited for it after the trailers. All of that weirdness would have been cool if it really mattered at all and had interesting gameplay to keep you hooked. But it doesn’t.


Sorge74 t1_ivox5sd wrote

I played maybe 4 hours, doing fetch quest didn't work for me.


RPi79 t1_ivonb15 wrote

I'm glad I'm not the only person thinking it was made really weird because it sucked otherwise.


Fuzzl t1_ivnvn8p wrote

Digital urban exploring cutscene game with balance challenges and weird baby to babysit.

And its epic.


Square_Owl_4075 t1_ivnvykv wrote

So you watch cutscenes and mash a button when it flashes really big on the screen?


shiftingbee t1_ivnxnvk wrote

No, you also walk a lot, drive a lot, build infrastructure with other players you can't see but can sometimes hear them scream around you a lot. And then you mash the button and watch a lot of cutscenes.


jroddie4 t1_ivoeg70 wrote

Imagine the pandemic happened and all the internet got shut off. Jeff bridges (or whatever his name is) is the local GrubHub driver and has to go reconnect all the telephone poles while bringing people their Amazon shit.


GAMESGRAVE t1_ivothi9 wrote

You’re an on foot delivery man. And you have a baby. Ghosts exist.


xmsxms t1_ivnvpoj wrote

Walking simulator


Fuzzl t1_ivnvxhk wrote

Calling DS a walking sim is like calling COD a shooting sim.


boostfurther t1_ivodtqn wrote

Not a summary, but great analysis on the deeper ideas in the game by one of my favorite YouTubers (warning: spoilers in video)

The core theme of the game is about building connections and bridges (both metaphorical and literal).


SumGreaterThanZero t1_ivqemjp wrote

Scientists flew too close to the sun and broke the afterlife. Now when anybody dies they turn into a nuclear bomb, and there's a bunch of invisible ghosts stuck wandering around and they want to drown you in crude oil. You are an immortal mailman and one of the few people with the correct skill-set to potentially re-connect society before it's too late by installing a new version of the internet across America.


SpaceTabs t1_ivoabaw wrote

"The worlds of the living and of the dead have collided, and the only way for people to successfully avoid ghosts – aka Beached Things, or BTs – is to strap a prenatal fetus to their chest which then detects the BTs through a device known as an Odradek Scanner. These fetuses, confined to a pod which is mounted on the front of Bridges operatives' uniforms, are known as Bridge Babies, or BBs.

"This pod keeps the BB alive until it is decommissioned, which usually happens after about a year of service. The pod is designed to replicate the environment from which the BB was taken: its mother's womb. Bridge Babies are the result of a pregnant woman becoming brain dead, which facilitates the unborn child's connection with the Beach where BTs reside. The stillmothers, as they're called, are kept in an ICU at Bridges headquarters in Capital Knot City, where data taken from their wombs are used to periodically update the conditions of the pod that the BB resides in."


starkistuna t1_ivo2j5y wrote

I tried but I found it very repetitive and dull. I got 4 hours out of it tops.


-The-Moon-Presence- t1_ivnvjyq wrote

I fucking love this game.

Can’t wait for Kojima’s next project.


Dr_Icchan t1_ivpdtpv wrote

that's not a lot for such a hyped game.


BlueMonkOne t1_ivviqta wrote

I mean, I downloaded it. I played it for 4 hours. Will I complete it? Eh...


ResurgentOcelot t1_ivotoof wrote

That’s… not very impressive honestly. Still, good for Kojima that he broke even or made a small profit, at least.


thisispainful76 t1_ivnw7zy wrote

Total fucking nonsense.


[deleted] t1_ivnwctw wrote

Why is it nonsense?


thisispainful76 t1_ivnwlod wrote

I’m not sure what kojimas intentions were or why he choose to make a nonsensical story with twins who are pregnant and dead, but actually alive. People with absurd names, DHL cosplay, world war flash backs, and a fragile (but not that fragile) plot. I think you’d have to ask him.


Bear-Ferr t1_ivnx0ku wrote

Also, here's a plot dump for 30 minutes right at the end to explain everything we didn't throughout the game.


Charlie-2-2 t1_ivoh4x7 wrote

I believe he wanted a platform for people to help each other, working together through challenges. Poetic and therefore definitely not for casual entertainment which perhaps is why people dislike the game as it steps outside traditional gaming goals

That’s my take, take it or leave it


circular_file t1_ivpum7f wrote

Would you recommend it for a casual player who isn't into violence for the sake of violence or convoluted puzzles for the sake of puzzles, but played the hell out of MMOs? I played Witcher and enjoyed it, but CoD and GTA aren't my bag. I played Journey and enjoyed it, but Myst wasn't my bag (beautiful world but the excessively contrived puzzles ruined it for me.) I'm definitely a casual player, at most I have half a dozen hours per week to play video games.


BadgerSituation t1_ivq1ikr wrote

It's one of the hardest games to judge in terms of who'd like it or not.

I loved it, but I have one good friend that I know very well and I had no doubt that he'd hate it.

It's become one of his favourite games.

But, from what you said, it could be for you.

You can avoid most violence (apart from boss fights) and it isn't really a puzzle game in any way.


circular_file t1_ivq2xji wrote

I enjoy good combats, but I don't get a kick out of splatter for the sake of shooting stuff.
I think I'll try it out. Thanks!