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BountifulScott t1_iy99cjn wrote

I have driven the Ioniq 5, Mustang MachE and the Bolt EV, in addition to various friend's Teslas.

I'm kinda "meh" on the Teslas. The ride was fine, but I can't get past the aesthetic. Its just not my thing.

The Ioniq 5 was really fun, but it paled in comparison to the MachE. That thing is just fantastic.

But in the end we bought a Bolt. We have an ice car for family travel (there are six of us), but the Bolt for more solo local trips. Its worked out well. I don't understand how the Bolt isn't even more popular. It's a fantastic deal.


AMatofFact t1_iy9jwoi wrote

It's made by Chevrolet, those guys can't even figure out how to properly rustproof steel frames, and you want me to buy an electric car from them?

What I want is a bare-bones EV from Toyota or Honda with no luxury features whatsoever. Give me roll-up windows and manual seats on an EV.


BountifulScott t1_iy9pe3v wrote

Unfortunately, Toyota and Honda have both severely underperformed when it comes to EVs.

My Bolt is fantastic. It might not be for everyone, but it does the job and beyond. It's the practical, accessible EV at this point. And for $10K+ lower than the rest I am very happy. AND I would note that up to $1K of my payment is used to add a charger in my home.


bdsee t1_iybjlok wrote

Toyota plans to be the first to market with a solid state battery electrov though which could catapult them from the laggard they are to the front of the pack.


BountifulScott t1_iycuysf wrote

I don't disagree. But I would like an EV now. Perhaps when they release this I will be in the market for a new vehicle.


Graega t1_iya9t5c wrote

They're pretty ugly. Not to mention the interior smell; my buddy tells me they've got a really unpleasant musk.