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Guilty_Discount1173 t1_iy0bjlr wrote

Shut up I know


ItsAllegorical t1_iy2fj79 wrote

My psychological wellbeing has reached it's nadir. I have nothing more to fear from social media except missing something.


CK-Prime t1_iy0hs0z wrote

Opens Reddit

Closes Reddit

Opens Reddit

Closes Reddit

Opens Reddit


Acidflare1 t1_iy2i69w wrote

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, Scroll….
Finger falls off, Scroll…


rensi07 t1_iy399rw wrote

Confirmed, nose works to scroll.


rcmaehl t1_iy3ny4t wrote

This reminds me of that Reddit post of the guy with an 8(?) Inch nose.


WexfordHo t1_iy0c47k wrote

Cause or correlation?

Nm it’s Psypost, we’ll never know.


merigirl t1_iy0ofsv wrote

Indeed. Perhaps (to be read as guaranteed) people who have other mental health issues have a higher likelihood of compulsive behaviors, such that would lead to phone/internet addictions as well as causing all of the other negative issues mentioned.


cmVkZGl0 t1_iy0w8je wrote

Correlation. You're smartphone is the easiest and most convenient distraction which low cognitive abilities, less self-contro,l and poor psychological well-being response to.

Remember when they used to blame TV on everything? Could have the same headline just swap the words


carefullycactus t1_iy23eje wrote

People were once shamed for reading! Source


ultra242 t1_iy28twk wrote

Well then I'm definitely not going to worry about my smartphone use


paradiseluck t1_iy2ce3w wrote

People in the past were shamed for doing (x), you are not gonna let 'em stop you from doing (y) are you? Smoke that cigarette, go 100 over the speed limit if you have to.


Lil_Odd t1_iy2x33x wrote

I mainly use my phone for reading so, I’m with you on this. Lol


Destin2930 t1_iy0es9d wrote

I was dumb, depressed, and short tempered long before smart phones


DoktorThodt t1_iy0btkp wrote

The same can be said for any addiction.


Dumguy1214 t1_iy1237c wrote

I am 42, I grew up with out a phone plus I am not on social media, I just use the phone to call people

watching young people stare at these things for hours is a little unsettling, I have seen heroin addicts look better

Iceland has started to ban phones in schools and the kids with in days start to play and talk to each other again


Lighthazle t1_iy0g536 wrote

Not caffeine.


BraveTheWall t1_iy1ku0g wrote

Caffeine is absolutely linked with increased impulsivity and anxiety. AKA poor impulse control and reduced psychological well-being.


monchota t1_iy5ajlz wrote

Its also directly related to better focus for kids thag need it. It depends on the child and things like that should be on a per child basis. Source: grew up with learning disabilities and listened to it a lot of bad advice. Untill I got good doctors who treated me.


A40 t1_iy0id39 wrote

Which comes first: Phone, or etc?


fuzzytradr t1_iy0l61e wrote

Why you gotta call me out like that!? 😟

thinks for a moment

Wait a that's nearly all of us!


SWThrowaway000001 t1_iy1iikh wrote

Lol I love these studies. Go anywhere other than a restaurant or bar and 99% of people are on their phones.


vftgurl123 t1_iy0p05o wrote

yeah ok but at least i’m not addicted to weed and alcohol anymore so take that.


AngryArabDude t1_iy0gbi0 wrote

People with less self-control are addicted


Frater_Ankara t1_iy2gt8h wrote

Believe me, as a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t drank in 15 years, self control was not the issue.


AverageJoe-707 t1_iy0rq7s wrote

They forgot to mention cell phone neck lol


rangeo t1_iy0gvbt wrote

I feel fucking fine assholes....what are we talking about.


No_Set_9593 t1_iy188jq wrote

That just sounds like a normal addiction, doesn’t have to be specific to cellphones


Picozoo t1_iy1myph wrote

Well, that’s my cue to stop scrolling


pizman30 t1_iy1x06k wrote

Lets get this straight, the phone is addicted to me!


Goanreddit t1_iy2yi6w wrote

Smartphone is a utility product. The product meets so many of our diverse needs on a daily basis. So if someone is using smartphone to read books the statistics will highlight that the person is spending 6 hours daily over the phone. You can use smartphone to do something very constructive and productive too. Like writing longform posts for your blog apart from reading.


Grosspiganimal t1_iy1dhxv wrote

Kids are losing their ability to listen and follow verbal directions.


windowbar t1_iy1e2vi wrote

Kids have always not listened to directions. This isn't because of cell phones.


Grosspiganimal t1_iy1fy3a wrote

I respectfully disagree. Previous generations that didn’t grow up with cell phones were able to take notes in class that were dictated by the teacher. That is impossible today.


windowbar t1_iy5quf5 wrote

Isn't this all generalizing a bit too? I mean, some kids are loud and annoying, disrupting the class, but most of my classmates are wonderful. We still take notes that are "dictated by the teacher". It goes on fine! My class average for our last geometry test was a 94! It isn't impossible to learn with smartphones in this day and age. In fact, we just used our devices, whether that be a phone or computer, to review for a science test on Kahoot! We all did really well. I just think it is a bit out of touch to think that kids like me can lose the ability to do something as simple as take notes just because smartphones exist.


you_are_a_dope t1_iy1n75e wrote

Okay but within the past 6 months, on this very sub, there was a study that said the same behavior had no impact on cognitive functions. Wtf am I supposed to believe? This is the eggs healthy thing all over again.


MarqNiffler t1_iy1vesi wrote

Ok first of all, how dare you


mbcummings t1_iy0td6m wrote

Said digital only publisher. 🤔


xpda t1_iy0w8ee wrote

Smartphone overuse is the effect, not the cause.


xavis t1_iy18066 wrote

Cause is media addiction.


LightInthewater t1_iy1da71 wrote

Not entirely, it's jsut the way kids socailize now. Posts, texts, instagram etc. Its how they talk with one another. A kid losing his phone means they're out of their social circle.


PaidToBeRedditing t1_iy1it2e wrote

Applies to PC too, i'm not really a big phone person, i like to pat my self on the back because i dont use insta or tiktok or whatever else. Then I remember that as soon as I get home i'm sat in front of my two screens watching something/desperately trying to find something to watch, and browsing reddit/imgur, or playing a game.

but our society is also inextricably linked with the internet these days. I mean, there are people fighting a war right now posting tiktoks about being under fire.


No_Assist2955 t1_iy1l9f2 wrote

So basically everyone who own a smart phone. This explains a lot.


SteamKore t1_iy1uk2a wrote

I'm aware. Thank you.


puck_gibby t1_iy221wx wrote

Middle school educators: “ya think?”


sexaddic t1_iy236vb wrote

Yeah well that’s just what Big Grass wants you to think!


Hillbilly_Boozer t1_iy24649 wrote

>Each participant’s phone data was retrieved via the “SocialStatsApp” which provides information about the use of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Don't worry guys, they didn't mention Reddit. We're safe for now


whyreadthis2035 t1_iy24khl wrote

I’ll take that at face value. I can’t find places I’d driven to for years pre gps, without GPS. And inn losing words.


Daedelous2k t1_iy26mmt wrote

You know what else is? Being a regular on /r/politics.


Historical_Tea2022 t1_iy2cfge wrote

Everyone is on their phone or computer all day so how do they test this?


cassy-nerdburg t1_iy2cl15 wrote

Ah so that's what's causing that. Fuck.


MutedMembership4296 t1_iy2dhp9 wrote

Anyone get this message on their smartphone, haha? Sorry, I couldn't control myself😎.


Last-Divide-6666 t1_iy2gf17 wrote

Flip side- it can help practice self-control by restricting screen time


Wh00ster t1_iy2ig58 wrote

Thanks Tim Apple


Sagittarrius-A t1_iy2j7vt wrote

We are going from using 10 fingers to just 2. And we call them smartphones, i think i can see why


the-finnish-guy t1_iy2z2pl wrote

All the depressed people using phones to distract themselves from being sad.

Looks at my screentime: 12 hours, 14 hours, 12 hours


LloydAtkinson t1_iy31b9s wrote

Fucking finally. I think this is one of the things that everyone knows but needs scientific confirmation. I don't care how much hate from zoomers I'll get for this but fucking tick tock is eroding their mental capacity and harming society as a whole.


mrsxfreeway t1_iy3d4v6 wrote

Also has a lot of people thinking they have ADHD


RobToastie t1_iy40jlt wrote

> Each participant’s phone data was retrieved via the “SocialStatsApp” which provides information about the use of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

That's not smartphone addiction, that's social media addiction


monchota t1_iy5a6qc wrote

Work with teenagers, it is not just us "elder millenials" saying that. There is a difference in screen time, the teens gaming most of the time and not social media. They seem to be better off cognitively, just need good direction. The other teens who literally spend all thier time on YouTube and TikTok, are getting worse.


Tales_by_light t1_iy5gg2c wrote

Makes sense. I've seen these detriments in adulthood and adolescence.


WillDeletOneDay t1_iy6uttl wrote

Sounds like those are all traits that make you more susceptible to smartphone addiction.


Theory-of-Everytang t1_iy1ge26 wrote

Well it’s happening to everyone we we all suck. Switch to VR.


dimzzz t1_iy2509x wrote

I mean this isn't wrong have you seen what's on tick Tock?


NjGTSilver t1_iy27qov wrote

In other words:

“lower cognitive abilities, less self-control, and worse psychological well-being… linked with Smartphone addiction”

This is no different than porn, alcohol, drug, sex it other addictions…


gordo65 t1_iy160vb wrote

Same is true of smartalcohol addiction.