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Few_Assistant_4936 t1_ix79w23 wrote

Can we just not have weaponised robots?


homogenousmoss t1_ix8kuju wrote

We’ll have them, the only thing that was stopping the military is technology no being quite there. If we know for a 100% its going to happen, we can at least then try to curb it.


Wildtimo t1_ix6pkhr wrote

With the remote?


LowNeedleworker1854 t1_ix7781q wrote

Right! I don't understand this at all. Why is there an implication we control them?


b_a_t_m_4_n t1_ix86l0x wrote

How can we control mines? How can we control chemical and biological weapons? How can we control nukes?

History would suggest that once they exist you can do little but mitigate the worst case uses. A bit.


Dangerous_Brief t1_ix6z9ht wrote

learn to hack I suppose. Interstellar style.


CptVakarian t1_ix71498 wrote

As long as they don't go Horizon: Zero Dawn style...


ddubyeah t1_ix8ieg3 wrote

Obviously, you just design them with a preset kill limit.


FamiliarWater t1_ixapeze wrote

"That's what great about it sir, you don't!"

"You claim they've gone haywire and then you ordered them to decimate the enemy The populus stays on our side and we get the eastern hemisphere".


Father_Achad t1_ix769zd wrote

only God can save us from weaponised robots