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Enchydrogen t1_iyefuv6 wrote

I don't think anyone is suggesting using liquid hydrogen for cars. The gaseous form would make more sense but there are definitely problems that need to be solved for it to work specifically in small vehicles. Hydrogen has much more credibility in larger applications.


NeverNotUnstoppable t1_iyejkpz wrote

>I don't think anyone is suggesting using liquid hydrogen for cars.

Uh, plenty of people are suggesting exactly this.


lonewolf420 t1_iyentce wrote

nothing like driving around crazy people crashing into things with odorless energy sources 10x more flammable than gasoline.


Enchydrogen t1_iyemy5k wrote

If there are people who think liquid hydrogen in passenger vehicles is viable, I would love to read about it. I've only read about the gaseous form being used due to the storage constraints of hydrogen.

Please, if you have more information I would like to know more.


DBDude t1_iyeqn6f wrote

BMW is trying liquid hydrogen in a test car.


Enchydrogen t1_iyerv1c wrote

I'm sure they will test many ways in which to use hydrogen but I have yet to see people seriously advocate for a liquid hydrogen passenger vehicle. It would solve A LOT of problems is those Germans figured out how to store it efficiently in a vehicle that size.