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imaginexus t1_iy71xov wrote

Uh there’s a Notes app for this stuff, and it even has check boxes. Also there’s a Reminders app that you can tell Siri to set for you.


Dyzastr_us t1_iy7z0m7 wrote

But when you text yourself you can pretend you have a friend.


usmclvsop t1_iy9joym wrote

but how will companies data mine your notes app? Text it to make sure it's visible to as many eyeballs as possible


ArchangelRenzoku t1_iy6vai1 wrote

Thankfully Samsung's have SNotes for all this. If you have a Note, you don't even have to unlock or turn on your screen. Just remove the pen and start writing. :)

It's all oragnized, taggable and searchable but also syncs to the cloud so you never lose said notes. Sometimes OS's don't backup MMS messages (or correctly) and that would leave alot of your text conversation moot.


zR0B3ry2VAiH t1_iy6zx95 wrote

No, you should share all of your thoughts with us... umm.. I mean yourself... using this archaic unencrypted protocol.


hateitorleaveit t1_iy779vz wrote

I’d be very surprised to learn of a modern phone that doesn’t have notes and reminders


carlinhush t1_iy7htga wrote

Who still uses MMS?


ArchangelRenzoku t1_iy7hw7d wrote

Everyone who owns an iPhone or Android and communicates with the other ecosystem.


carlinhush t1_iy7ifcz wrote

What? I have not used or seen an MMS in years - maybe not even in this century. Everybody I know uses Whatsapp or Signal. TBH I wouldn't even know how to send an MMS


prozacandcoffee t1_iy837so wrote

If you send a message in Signal but both sides don't have it, it currently processes as an SMS/MMS. (I think that's changing soon.)


nebman227 t1_iy8y430 wrote

At least anecdotally in the US, no one I know uses a third party messaging app other than Snapchat, which is only some people I know - it's all iMessage/sms/mms.


ArchangelRenzoku t1_iy7j7ry wrote

I'm glad someone has privacy-conscious contacts out there.

Now if only both sides of my family would get on board... I would prefer Signal.


LiliNotACult t1_iy73bxv wrote

Idiot thinks they've invented Google's Keep. Works on all browsers and mobile devices. Very convenient.


SpecificAstronaut69 t1_iy74l6e wrote

Next up: author discovers thin sheets of cellulose that can be inscribed with a piece of graphite that are sold in shops everywhere.


LiliNotACult t1_iy75ej4 wrote

I'm pretty sure there's a legitimate non-parody DiWHY of that where someone turns used paper into new shitty paper for literally no reason. It wasn't a 1:1 thing either, they had to use a bunch of chemicals and ruin a blender lol


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy7mncm wrote

Looks like the idiot is you, since Google Keep doesn't compare. It's just for notes, you can't attach large files.

Sending messages to yourself is more similar to a free and infinite Cloud Storage than some lame ass note taking app.

My own Telegram has like 70Gb, worth of films.


randuski t1_iy74uzc wrote

This is a person who doesn't realize what notes are.

Everything this person texts to themselves, i put in a list, without even having to touching my phone.

My grandma would love this life hack tho


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy7mxqk wrote

Oh wow, let me know when a lame ass Notes app can handle big files.


randuski t1_iy94stk wrote

I can't really think of a file so big it won't fit in my notes app haha


madmax77xll t1_iy7u9q8 wrote

Another old dude that doesn't know how to use technology


st3ady t1_iy70muz wrote

I wished this feature was available maybe a year ago and now it exists, woohoo


dadofbimbim OP t1_iy71yw2 wrote

You mean iMessage not sending a received gray bubble?


omega__man t1_iy75r8r wrote

Another block to the list.


mredofcourse t1_iy7n527 wrote

This is really bad advice.

Instead, you should learn how to organize your digital life, utilize basic utilities (notes, reminders, etc...) and sync through various means like cloud or local if you prefer.


Technoplume t1_iy74psi wrote

Quote "I’m using my messaging app the way millions of people use their email". So saved you time reading this.


sandtymanty t1_iy7bxzv wrote

You're crazy. Don't do it.

-I just received this text from myself.


carlinhush t1_iy7hwz5 wrote

I blocked myself in Whatsapp. That guy did not stop spamming unnecessary stuff all the time.



soundLikeATiger t1_iy96ugy wrote

I fax myself all day every day - and you should, too


Adrian_Alucard t1_iy71dq0 wrote

I just use my own memory. Is easier, less time consuming and more private. Maybe I'll have to do it in the future, if I start developing alzheimer or something, but right now I'm a healthy adult


LegitAndroid t1_iy72cr2 wrote

Spoken like a person that doesn't have a lot going on lmfao


Adrian_Alucard t1_iy72rck wrote

More like speaking like a person who use his brain, rather than having it atrophied because the lack of use


LegitAndroid t1_iy74sy9 wrote

I’m pretty sure my summa cum laude, 5 years a software engineer brain is far from atrophied but okkkkkk


SnowyNW t1_iy72z9b wrote

I hope English isn’t your first language otherwise I’m confused on what point you’re trying to prove :(


SnowyNW t1_iy71qe5 wrote

But then you’re just forgetting all the things you’re not even remembering


Adrian_Alucard t1_iy725a9 wrote

I don't have alzheimer, I can keep track of all the daily routines and chores with no issues


SnowyNW t1_iy72c6b wrote

Do you just have a really boring life and no hobbies and no new interests?


Adrian_Alucard t1_iy72kxz wrote

Yes, I have hobbies. I don't really understand your post


imaginexus t1_iy72xok wrote

You don’t need to remind yourself to play Castlevania all day, you’re right.