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Informal-Lead-4324 t1_iwhz5b1 wrote

You're being selfish wtf. You're saying YOU get to decide whether or not someone has the ability to recover their data. Wtf. YOURE being authoritarian. And it's funny because we know Damn well corporate interests in your country would be exempt. There's 0 fucking chance your government is going to fine Facebook for paying a ransom on their own data.

So in this case what happens. The authorities "look into it" and you're out your data lol. Thanks officers.

Your last paragraph Is moot. In a world with 0day no click exploits, you're literally victim blaming people who technically could have done absolutely zero to prevent it.


Cantora t1_iwl0q9q wrote

You're on a very arbitrary tangent based purely on, what seems to be, biased speculation. You're not someone who has any input on this issue in Australia. Thank fuck for that.