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HarryEffingPlopper t1_iyaean2 wrote

Theyre comparing number of miles an EV can drive charged to 80% using speculative prices in a years time vs. a petrol car filled to 100% (full tank) using today's prices???

Not exactly a good comparison.


icefire555 t1_iy9ebt6 wrote

How? Gas prices are also soaring. Is this because it's written around Europe? It has a paywall so I could only read a few paragraphs.


TheLaserGuru t1_iy9hhdk wrote

It's about the UK. They set an energy price cap recently but if they had not then electricity prices were expected to go through the roof; the estimates were for the electricity prices to double. Even with the new price cap the cost of charging an electric car is going up a lot; not to the point that it's more expensive than gasoline but getting close. They effectively are using tax payer funds to keep electricity bills lower for the next two years, once that ends electric cars may be more expensive to operate than gasoline.


kuldan5853 t1_iy9hie1 wrote

most likely. For reference, electric energy in some places in europe has reached >1$/kwh and even in a bit more tame environments it's>50c/kwh now at home.

Gas prices in turn have mostly stabilized on a level about 30-50% above last years numbers, whereas for electric the increase often was >100%, sometimes 200%...


[deleted] t1_iyar4tv wrote



kuldan5853 t1_iyarv3e wrote might have noticed there is a war going on. That's throwing the whole energy sourcing (be it gas, electric, petrol or Diesel) out of whack.

Before the crisis, ~25c - 30c / kWh was normal in Germany - right now you're lucky if you get a contract for 60c, and some as I said have been asked to pay up to 1€... (I pay ~55c right now for reference).

Our prices for gas (petrol / fuel for cars) went as high as $9/gallon at times.. we're now back to a more sane $7/gallon.


Good_Wafer1008 t1_iybb0h2 wrote

Im waiting to see if "BatteryGate" becomes a thing in the next few years personally


skunksmasher t1_iybh4wk wrote

Extra initial cost
Batteries only last ~~8 yrs and then cost many thousands$ to replace
Most mechanics still cannot fix electric cars
Rising electricity costs
One could argue that as time goes on tech prices come down, BUT INFLATION.