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codes4242 t1_ixxwb72 wrote

So they found a way to create hydrogen fuel from ammonia at a low temperature. That's cool and all, but I can't imagine ammonia as being a realistic thing to fill car gas tanks with as a starting precursor for liquid hydrogen. Anyone who has smelled pure ammonia would know why I say that.


pickleer t1_ixxz5uw wrote

Using an LED in the car to crack the H from the ammonia is what makes this novel.


CapAll55 t1_ixxylec wrote

All it would require to avoid the pure ammonia smell at the pump is an airtight connection between gas tank and pump nozzle. That’s an off-the-shelf part already, making these tanks would be straightforward. The greater challenge would be designing a car-sized hydrogen engine of comparable power output. I’m no thermo expert, but this seems possible if the transference of ammonia to hydrogen can be quick enough to feed the engine as much H as it needs.

This can genuinely happen if it can be profitable. And that’s the kicker, it’s gotta be as profitable as gas or more.


Longjumping-Still434 t1_ixxzroi wrote

And hope that oil companies don't "get rid of" the competition.


CapAll55 t1_iy06x5a wrote

Yeah absolutely, which happened with electric cars in the 90s. If todays EV push is any indication thought, with enough persistence and acceptance even big oil has to get on board or be left behind.


Alan_Smithee_ t1_ixzp3f1 wrote

It would have to be a sealed system like LPG; ammonia fumes are lethal.


CartmansEvilTwin t1_ixyi61n wrote

What's being discussed in Germany is using ammonia as a kind of hydrogen carrier substance for long haul transport and storage. For example from Africa to Germany or as storage medium over the seasons.

The reasoning is, that ammonia is much easier to work with them ammonia.


Alan_Smithee_ t1_ixzoz5h wrote

If you’ve smelled pure ammonia, you’re probably dead.

But it actually shows some promise as fuel: good energy density, easy to transport and store, unlike hydrogen.

Most ICEs and fuel cells will run on it.


flower4000 t1_ixxwnqt wrote

It probably takes more energy to cool it than it creates


onewaytojupiter t1_ixyg5pv wrote

It does, hydrogen is already very inefficient as an energy source..


grabman t1_iy0g59w wrote

Yes, in high school chemistry lab accidentally took a sniff. Not a pleasant experience


turbo_nudist t1_ixxyjue wrote

this headline is written like they’re generating electricity from the flipping of a light switch on and off repeatedly lmao


GXSigma t1_ixxz503 wrote

I was going to say it sounds like they just turned on a green light. There you go, the petroleum is now green fuel.


mmarollo t1_ixygzix wrote

99.99% of these “advances” are cool on paper and good Reddit fodder, but are unable to scale in the real world for any number of reasons not addressed by the study.


Flistroja t1_ixyl1gb wrote

Ammonia can be the potential medium to stor and sell bulk hydrogen. The ”sell” part is usually required for investments to happen. Not likely as a fuel except for shipping with a minimum of people around. It is a pretty nasty gas.


bascule t1_iy1uo3g wrote

We’re going to need an awful lot of green ammonia “cracked” with renewable energy for making nitrogen fertilizer alone, let alone converting it back to hydrogen, losing even more efficiency in the process


DENelson83 t1_iy1wked wrote

Big Oil will suppress it.


almost_not_terrible t1_ixyh78i wrote

Stop trying to make hydrogen fuel a thing.

It isn't, and never will be.


MoTheSoleSeller t1_ixzw7z9 wrote

Eh could be, imo with all the people and money we've got, might aswell throw some r/d torwards it. Many more people have likely wasted much more money


Darnocpdx t1_iy1bwq2 wrote

Nope, it's processing and dustribution is just as inefficient as oil, which is why EVs will dominate and why its taking down oil, nothing compares to a wire (already existing in most cases) and a plug.


BasvanS t1_iy2bfx7 wrote

It will be. For static applications that use excess solar energy. Once you have to move it, it’s basically over. And if you want to put it in a car, you don’t understand the physics of it, but probably like snacks from the petrol station.