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Wondershock t1_iy4oj06 wrote

While we've all presumed this, it's important to gather data on things like this. If it's measurable, we can also measure counter measures to counter measurable countermeasures and measure negativity counters with scientific measure counters, countering negativity with measureable countermeasures, measuring how well we're countering negativity.


ActualAccount009 t1_iy4prrx wrote

two negatives make a positive therefore we can cure hate with hate


Spider-verse t1_iy4sbpa wrote

I hate this idea


Usbarce66g t1_iy4sj99 wrote

Because hindsight is 20/20.


ConcernedDudeMaybe t1_iy4t6o7 wrote

It depends how far in the past you set your sight on. Sometimes nearsightedness is best, other times farsightedness is.


Wondershock t1_iy524bm wrote

Scientists have been hard at work developing a new kind of hyper-racism since the late 80s which we hope will get us through this mess.


FinalBat4515 t1_iy7bv5m wrote

Hating hate is an actual philosophy. You might be on to something here


zebtacular t1_iy5o6g7 wrote

So the US Political machine has it down to perfection! We are saved!


AmiAlter t1_iy4tm1c wrote

Nah, this will just be given to advertisements to sell stuff better.


DaemonAnts t1_iy5dv3v wrote

Nothing new to them. The idea that fear and sex sells is older than capitalism and taught in every marketing class.


SIMPLYadumb t1_iy7p30n wrote

Except those who should be combating this have no resources to do so while those who have the resources, already know this and use it to make more money. I'm not saying these studies are bad but we still have a big problem with taking action against things like this and the companies we know are bad for us.