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VolofTN t1_iy4pagi wrote

Here me out. I think society would be better off disconnecting from each other more. Society is glued to their phones.


dantevonlocke t1_iy4srpl wrote

It's not even the fact that we are connected more it's the who. Being connected to the ones close to you, friend and family, is good. But the human brain is just not set up to care about the lives of thousands of people you've never seen on such an intimate level.


International-Fig905 t1_iy56xlk wrote

I was just wondering this with some subs(especially the toxic ones). I always see the argument “this is a safe space”- but should that really be the internet’s job to let you work through trauma? Shouldn’t a safe space be a therapy couch? Like whenever the internet gives a “safe space,” we get incels, or proud boys, or female dating strategy.

Edit: would also add “safe space” as rehab, or in person support groups.