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Wondershock t1_iy4oj06 wrote

While we've all presumed this, it's important to gather data on things like this. If it's measurable, we can also measure counter measures to counter measurable countermeasures and measure negativity counters with scientific measure counters, countering negativity with measureable countermeasures, measuring how well we're countering negativity.


ActualAccount009 t1_iy4prrx wrote

two negatives make a positive therefore we can cure hate with hate


Spider-verse t1_iy4sbpa wrote

I hate this idea


Usbarce66g t1_iy4sj99 wrote

Because hindsight is 20/20.


ConcernedDudeMaybe t1_iy4t6o7 wrote

It depends how far in the past you set your sight on. Sometimes nearsightedness is best, other times farsightedness is.


Wondershock t1_iy524bm wrote

Scientists have been hard at work developing a new kind of hyper-racism since the late 80s which we hope will get us through this mess.


FinalBat4515 t1_iy7bv5m wrote

Hating hate is an actual philosophy. You might be on to something here


zebtacular t1_iy5o6g7 wrote

So the US Political machine has it down to perfection! We are saved!


AmiAlter t1_iy4tm1c wrote

Nah, this will just be given to advertisements to sell stuff better.


DaemonAnts t1_iy5dv3v wrote

Nothing new to them. The idea that fear and sex sells is older than capitalism and taught in every marketing class.


SIMPLYadumb t1_iy7p30n wrote

Except those who should be combating this have no resources to do so while those who have the resources, already know this and use it to make more money. I'm not saying these studies are bad but we still have a big problem with taking action against things like this and the companies we know are bad for us.


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_iy4m7kk wrote

I don't believe it you ugly toad.




But I hope you have a nice day.


CactiRabbit t1_iy4thu9 wrote

Of course you don’t you putrid slug.

But thanks, I hope your day is good too!


[deleted] t1_iy7er81 wrote

And neither do I you sleazy snail.

Have a good day


The_Sum t1_iy4vjw0 wrote

That's why it's fun to sort by 'controversial'.


Xyspade t1_iy6ioae wrote

Everyone loves drama, especially when they're not in it.


brickyardjimmy t1_iy4rq5g wrote

Why even do a study on this?


Of course this is true. Humans are much more likely to seek contrast in anything because that's where the potential for threat is greatest. So, yeah, a negative comment is likely to attract our attention because we are hard-wired to look for it out of safety.


1leggeddog t1_iy4ufpl wrote

> Why even do a study on this?

Because we need data. My college professors years ago told us we'd be doing this til the end of time. And that we need ot keep doing it, because policies change, views on subjects, change over time by different age groups and identities.

And everytime you say something, no matter how mundane, you'll be challenged to prove it with facts all the time.


theFletch t1_iy4x0c2 wrote

"I can challenge anything with made-up facts." - says the internet.


WillBePeace t1_iy7t6i0 wrote

Your facts are nothing compared to my anecdotal evidence


TheLAriver t1_iy4z7lr wrote

We don't need data. We already have data. This was already common knowledge and not debated before this study existed. But it's also already been studied plenty.

No one is gonna be challenged for sharing this opinion. It's so commonly held that some people have felt the need to try to push back against it with focuses on positive news.

I also don't see how this study would have any impact on policy. It's not a question that's relevant to legal policy. Unless you're hoping to live in some kind of fascist dystopia where your online activity is evaluated for negativity.


1leggeddog t1_iy56kej wrote

Data is not finite.

Data has a shelf life.

Just take the myriads of studies done on Alcohol. It was proven many times over to be bad for you. Ok.

Then it was proven to have beneficial effects for some with helping with coronary artery disease, lower bad cholesterol, etc etc.

Then the concentration of blood/alcohol ratio allowed before it becomes impaired driving was revisited several times over the years and refined according to better health understanding of the human body.

What i'm saying is that not only does the univserse change, so does our understanding of it. And that impacts past studies and past truths we held as facts, often to a greater amount of certainty.


brickyardjimmy t1_iy5hn1e wrote

Why do you need data? What do you plan to do with it? How do you plan to package and sell it and to whom?


Or do you need the data for shits and giggles or for some altruistic purpose?


This isn't science. It's gobbledygook at best.


Mr_SkeletaI t1_iy5043h wrote

These comments are so annoying. There are so many things that may seem obvious to us, but aren’t true. Like claiming we don’t need a study that hair grows back thicker after you shave it, because obviously it does (it doesn’t).

We need solid evidence and data to prove things and to act on them.


brickyardjimmy t1_iy5hbzu wrote

This sort of study, invariably, will not provide intelligence that anyone will use to benefit human life. It will, however, be used most likely to help marketers or politicians fuck with human life.


That is way more annoying than a dismissive comment.


Mr_SkeletaI t1_iy5jt3m wrote

Redditors try not making bold cynical claims with no evidence challenge (impossible)


toiletscrubber t1_iy4vsy3 wrote

more like its because positive comments are the norm and they lose significance


TriSamples t1_iy50ka6 wrote

It’s almost like criticism is fun and enjoyable.


Turok1134 t1_iy79v3s wrote

It's almost like people feel better about their crappy lives when they're shitting on someone or something.


BigBadMur t1_iy56gau wrote

Judging by some of the reactions to negative comments on this platform this study would be deemed to be true.


Illlogik1 t1_iy59i69 wrote

Man you think? Where have these researchers been living under a glacial sheet ?


Zagrebian t1_iy8olyl wrote

The alien imposters are starting to figure us out.


gonz000000 t1_iy4na09 wrote

Humans feed on negativity. Like blood to a vampire.


dantevonlocke t1_iy4sgpv wrote

Less feed on and more our brains are set to look for it. If good things are happening then your brain just let's it slide. Bad things get attention cause that's what used to keep us alive.


AbouBenAdhem t1_iy4qp9s wrote

Is it necessarily a bad thing that we pay more attention to dissenting opinions during a discussion?


joshuads t1_iy5t4au wrote

> we pay more attention to dissenting opinions

You can see negatives without dissenting opinions. r/politics is full of negative comments but dissenting opinions are pretty rare.

But paying more attention to negatives has real world value. We should be paying more when someone runs into a theatre yelling "fire" than if someone runs in yelling "free cupcakes." One has much more devastating consequences. On social media the effects are less devastating and more demoralizing.


skunksmasher t1_iy5n3eb wrote





I think you are awesome.


Jynx2501 t1_iy6uhka wrote

I mean, isnt this why tge 24 hour news cycle is so negative? Its been like this as long as Ive known.


Gen-Jinjur t1_iy7u6mx wrote

For centuries our species’ survival has depended on our developing a hyper-awareness to both environmental dangers and threats within our own “tribe.” Anything that reeks of a threat grabs our attention.

And in the battle for clicks, that becomes a huge problem. Manufactured threat existed well before social media (evening news shows routinely were advertised by ad bites saying things like “Hidden dangers in your child’s playground!!! Full story at six”) but now it permeates our lives.


cleaning_my_room_ t1_iy4pcou wrote

Further study is needed to determine if pictures of boobs are more attention-grabbing than apples.


Zealousideal-Plan454 t1_iy4purc wrote



Demonbratastic t1_iy4px1k wrote

They spent a billion dollars figuring out something that’s pretty common knowledge


Vitaloss t1_iy4qtdx wrote

The study of the study of studies is a study to find out how much money is being spent on the studying of studies. They never completed it


WhatsIsMyName t1_iy4qyzp wrote

I can tell you anecdotally...a compliment is nice and makes me feel good but I don't think about it past a few minutes unless its a really nice compliment. But a negative comment I'll think about all day. Unfortunately.


RhesusFactor t1_iy577ab wrote

Im also wary of positive comments that might be paid endorsements.


mrpodo t1_iy4qzj7 wrote

Doesn't surprise me. Look at nearly any reddit thread, a whole bunch of negative comments upvoted.


JoeMcDingleDongle t1_iy4umpb wrote

Really depends on the comment and the sub. Some subs downvote negative comments to hell


About47Vikings t1_iy4rczo wrote

I mean, I find it similar to shopping online. A product could have 500 great reviews and 2-3 bad reviews and the bad reviews can sometimes be a defining moment for a lot of people.


Surxe t1_iy4s4d1 wrote

1 negative is always more attention grabbing than one positive, regardless of the context. That’s been known a while


_mars_ t1_iy4ubku wrote

Didn’t Facebook do that math a long time ago?


NotSorry2019 t1_iy4uv3f wrote

I wonder if it’s a survival thing - being “attacked” automatically sends our adrenaline skyrocketing as we prepare for “fight or flight”. Reading in the comment section can be similar to a walk in the woods - one minute you are just casually strolling, looking at the pretty trees, and then wham! A wild animal jumps you from nowhere!!!


3my0 t1_iy4w72l wrote

That’s why Musk hate is the most popular thing on a technology sub lol


Kipzi t1_iy4xk6m wrote

Annnnnnnnnd it's psypost


Redbig_7 t1_iy4xn0c wrote

well yeah because a negative comment constitutes a problem, as a human it would make sense that solving problems take priority over seeing the good parts, though the opposite can happen if the majority of comments are negative


sebuptar t1_iy4xxoh wrote

Fake news idiot


Moto-Guy t1_iy5fjv8 wrote

I bet if they polled they would find out a person getting hugged gets less "eyes" than a person getting slugged


ayrcommander t1_iy5j1zb wrote

Positive should be normal right? An upsetting or discouraging headline aimed at groups sets them on the defensive. 🫣


SpaceFace11 t1_iy5l5qp wrote

If a negative struggling world is more profitable then surely we will all be struggling and negative in no time.


Riot55 t1_iy5m1yk wrote

Welcome to the media landscape for the last 15 years

Talk shit get clicks


individualine t1_iy5z1p1 wrote

Trump knew this 6 years ago which is why he posts negative comments. It works!


FatStupidOldMan t1_iy654qh wrote

Conflict drives clicks. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook… it’s all the same.


isekai-cheeese t1_iy691r5 wrote

at the very base of our psyche we scan and look for threats. social media is the jungle.


Kanden_27 t1_iy6kgik wrote

"The f*** did you say to me you little sh*t?!"


reddit_citrine t1_iy6wsxf wrote

Normal reaction, when was the last time you had a positive mention from someone that made it to your bosses bosses boss? When was the last time a negative was mentioned, yesterday.


Gideon_Effect t1_iy84a3w wrote

I can see a big corporate advertising board meeting in the works.


Skyrmir t1_iy87kf9 wrote

Danger always takes precedence over pleasure as a simple survival trait. It's gotta be built into our intelligence to have gotten us this far.


weizXR t1_iyci47q wrote

I was told the sky was blue as well... but I'm going to need a study first in order to confirm.


[deleted] t1_iy4ndp2 wrote



ironicf8 t1_iy4u3yb wrote

This is the 10th "study" to find what is blatantly obvious to everyone I've seen today. Why are we wasting time and research funds on this garbage?


Hicks_206 t1_iy4oufu wrote

No shit I coulda told you that haha


[deleted] t1_iy4owkk wrote



JoeMcDingleDongle t1_iy4uhao wrote

Lol what? Contrarians are usually right?


[deleted] t1_iy520vg wrote



VolofTN t1_iy4pagi wrote

Here me out. I think society would be better off disconnecting from each other more. Society is glued to their phones.


dantevonlocke t1_iy4srpl wrote

It's not even the fact that we are connected more it's the who. Being connected to the ones close to you, friend and family, is good. But the human brain is just not set up to care about the lives of thousands of people you've never seen on such an intimate level.


International-Fig905 t1_iy56xlk wrote

I was just wondering this with some subs(especially the toxic ones). I always see the argument “this is a safe space”- but should that really be the internet’s job to let you work through trauma? Shouldn’t a safe space be a therapy couch? Like whenever the internet gives a “safe space,” we get incels, or proud boys, or female dating strategy.

Edit: would also add “safe space” as rehab, or in person support groups.


Conscious_Yoghurt_68 t1_iy4qr7o wrote

You needed a study for this? Are AI bots doing these studies to learn more about humans?


thinkB4WeSpeak t1_iy4sowt wrote

Not surprising as all the asshole comments are always the top of every Twitter and Facebook thread. Those websites also don't have downvotes like reddit though so the good silent people can't outweigh the noisy dicks.


Ok_Tax7195 t1_iy4zhx4 wrote

Depends on the comments. Negative comments tend to accurately reflect the human condition and challenges that people face, where positive comments tend to be "put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine", which is harder to identify with.

That's making it more black and white than I intend, since some negative comments can be straight up toxic while some positive comments can offer a better life perspective or motivation, but you get the general idea.


Fenix42 t1_iy5cjcx wrote

>Negative comments tend to accurately reflect the human condition and challenges that people face, where positive comments tend to be "put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine", which is harder to identify with.

That all depends on your mental state. If you are in a happy place, positive posts will be easy to identify with. If you are in an unhappy place, negative posts will be easier to identify with.

The kicker is, a negative post can more easily shift people from happy to unhappy then a positive post can shift people from unhappy to happy. This is true outside of social media as well. People are more willing to believe negative things said about themselves over positive things. We are out own worst critics.


Ixidorim t1_iy70f4j wrote

No shit, also red is easier to see than Blue


NewOnTheIsland t1_iy4vjpe wrote

You stupid fucking idiot!!

Now that I have your attention, Hope you have a wonderful day :)


rollicorolli t1_iy4xafj wrote

That study is bull.

(please upvote me)