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patchmedicine t1_iybyvd7 wrote

i’m not sure that’s the point of the article. I think the main point is that a lot of these green energy companies claim to be “squeaky clean” and what not, and that’s what attracts a lot of people to their business. for example apple doesn’t advertise its climate impact as part of phone marketing yet electronic bike companies do even those they both use these supply chains to get rare earth metals like lithium for their batteries. I think the point is to draw attention and say hey it’s a good idea but the execution isn’t there yet. But regardless still extremely screwed up how awful some areas are in the world, I hope that changes soon.


MacaroniBandit214 t1_iydqw9q wrote

Except the fact that Apple does use their climate impact as a part of advertising. After every announcement they talk about how their production is “on track to be emission free by 2030”

Edit: emission not admission