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Plane_Crab_8623 t1_ixlgei8 wrote

Yeah but will humans listen to animals?


blay12 t1_ixmic22 wrote

After the 37th time in 3 hours that a cat tells us it’s hungry, will we even want to?


breaditbans t1_ixmupn9 wrote

If my dog had a food button that could command me to feed him, he’d be 600 lbs.


gard3nwitch t1_ixniq4g wrote

I saw a YouTube channel of someone training their cat to press buttons with messages recorded on them (there are a bunch of YouTube channels of people who do this with cats and dogs, with various success), and they had a video montage of their cat pressing the "treat" button all day and night to demand food lol.


portalyst t1_ixnt1mw wrote

I saw that cat! It also doesn’t like the house to be messy and if the owner leaves things on the floor, the cat. pushes the “cleanup!” Button demanding she clean it up. AND it also tells her to change its litter box. Lol.


[deleted] t1_ixliktd wrote

There are already soundboards available (with voice samples of the owner) that pets can step on and communicating with their humans. Does work OK with cats it seems, when the pet is smart and willing enough. An AI would be great though - I‘m excited for this tech.


ToothlessGrandma t1_ixlkwae wrote

Do you think one day we'll be able to use this technology and be able to effectively communicate with Republicans to understand what's going on in there?


[deleted] t1_ixlnms0 wrote

Sorry, I‘m an EU citizen and therefore not entitled to participate in such conversation ;) But to calm you: We‘re dealing with exactly that issue here since I can remember. We even got a sayer for that:

Please translate yourself via google translator - it won‘t let me paste the translated page-link on my phone.


grumpyfrench t1_ixlwj18 wrote

Search result for "it can't be what mustn't be ?


[deleted] t1_ixmhh26 wrote

yes and I guess that every language has got it‘s own version of it. I‘ve just found it a perfect match and definition of that attitude.


wedontlikespaces t1_ixmlwc7 wrote

It happens because some people tie there self worth to an opinion. Especially if that opinion is really stupid.

If someone has been in that they don't like cheese there probably going to be willing to accept that other people liking cheese is normal.

However if you change cheese to "divisive politician here", that goes out the window.


Prineak t1_ixluc68 wrote

No that’s an art problem, not a language problem.

Their shrinking communities will cause their language to become increasingly esoteric, and meaning will become more fluid until they all become poets.


fundahl t1_ixp9ekq wrote

That sounds like you have issues communicating, not the other person's fault.


[deleted] t1_ixln0pe wrote



CertifiedFLGoogan t1_ixltztu wrote

Careful lol. This is a leftist sub. You won't get far.


Orbital666 t1_ixluoly wrote

Progress by definition involves iterating outside of established norms into new directions and ways of thinking. Conservatism is ideologically opposed to progress, so yes, this is a leftist sub. Society is leftist. You want conservative government, go to Iran. They love traditional values.


CertifiedFLGoogan t1_ixluuvn wrote

There we go. Couldn't be more wrong. But I can't blame you for zeroing in and focusing on the crazy. Hell some conservatives do it also with your party. There is always extremes. Not every conservative is how you think. It's sad you feel that way.


Orbital666 t1_ixm20m2 wrote

Again, you’re triggered. No one asked you to engage in this discussion but you were so bothered that you had to say something. Was it worth it? Did we learn anything? Has anything demonstrably changed? Fucking no. I hope you grow from this.


Biggzy10 t1_ixlpdd7 wrote

I've seen what you're talking about and it's never been proven that the dogs actually understand sentence structure. The soundboard thing is just basic pavlovian response. The dog knows if it hits a certain button it will get what it wants. It doesn't know the actual function or definition of the word.


[deleted] t1_ixlq3y4 wrote

OK I‘ve seen it with cats but it‘s the same basically. They seem to understand basic things (food, pets)and also things like mom and dad. I‘m in between thinking that it somehow works (bc of expiriences with my own cat & language) and wanting a proof tbh ;)


wedontlikespaces t1_ixmm4e7 wrote

My cat understands how to get me to give her food. She goes and looks sadly at her empty food bowl, and then looks sadly at me. If she could get that food by pressing the easy and convenient "food" button, she would work it out. But that's not the same thing as comprehending language.


snoozieboi t1_ixmtmeo wrote

I seem to have read about that famous woman who spend decades with gorillas(?) and taught them sign language. Some claim it all was her bias towards wanting to understand etc

I've also seen the sound board things with dogs and cats and it's intriguing, especially when a cat apparently realizes it's raining and presses something like "stupid" "weather", but it's not like it's scientifically proved in a controlled environment, of course.

My cat would lead me to where he wanted to go, mostly to open doors so he could patrol his areas inside or outside. He'd also want to play by seemingly starting to look actively for invisible preys before I would present a toy he'd attack. Very easy to read at times, but he never told me about my car's extended warranty.


selectiveyellow t1_ixn3n9m wrote

After Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out, Koko's handlers unironically produced a video of Koko criticizing humanity, just a whole political speech.

Outside of that, I think Koko was pretty good at asking for oranges. Honestly, language is hard and it's difficult to tell a gorilla what they're allowed to do.


snoozieboi t1_ixncg20 wrote

All I remember from a documentary was Koko having fits and just like a kid choosing to just using the word for "poop" over and over, pretty much like my nephews.


wedontlikespaces t1_ixncgwn wrote

Gorillas are interesting because they actually possess the necessary vocal cords for language, but more recent study using the whole Koko thing, have proven they don't possess the corresponding language centre in the brain. It's like they are waiting to evolve.

More accurately the vocal cords evolved much earlier in evolutionary history for some other, unknown, purpose and were "repurposed" later on for speech when we evolved the language centre in the brain, which tends to happen a lot in evolution.


gard3nwitch t1_ixnk9fm wrote

I've watched a lot of those videos, and it seems to me that the animals are trying to communicate what they want using the buttons, and seem to understand that there's some message being communicated when they press the button. I doubt they understand sentence structure - it seems more like a toddler's understanding of language at best. Think about a human toddler going "want up!" Or "Dada, juice!". But that's still pretty impressive, I think. I've been thinking about getting some, since one of my cats will stand next to the cart of cat supplies and just yell at me until I figure out by trial and error if he wants catnip, brushies, a toy, etc. If he could press a button to tell me what he wants, that would be better for both of us lol.


scaryjobob t1_ixnkz0g wrote

If I use Google Translate to tell a waiter in France that I want something to eat, I also wouldn't understand the 'definition' of what Google Translate tells them. All I would know is that it might illicit the response that I am hoping for.

I feel like that's a pretty solid definition of how translation works, in general. If the animals are able to associate the different buttons with different outcomes, then I think it would still count as a rudimentary translation system.


| It doesn't know the actual function or definition of the word.

Just wanted to clarify, the words are for the person to interpret... not the animal. I think the whole experiment makes a lot more sense if you think of it as the animal learning communication, as opposed to learning a language.


fardough t1_ixnir5u wrote

If they are working on dogs first, then I will be sad. My guess their vocabulary is small:

“Hey” “That” “There” “Yes” “No” “Pamper me” “Food”

I think those words would cover everything she tells me.


thefutureeye t1_ixlij7z wrote

"Hello animals!"

Animals run and hide as usual.

"Wait, come back animals! I'm allowed to talk to you by a new AI tech!"

Animals remain hidden.

"Dang animals."


stuartrawson t1_ixlim8p wrote

And only horny animals respond


vernes1978 t1_ixlqjhd wrote

You sound like me!
Human gets impaled on antlers


revtim t1_ixmti60 wrote

"This leash demeans us both"


breaditbans t1_ixmv1zh wrote

Quit picking up my poop! Jesus, you’re disgusting.


selectiveyellow t1_ixn498x wrote

I think the poo stare is actually them watching you watch their surroundings. Like if a bear jumped out of your neighbor's garden shed you would probably indicate that Toby should pinch that one and get back home asap.


Fancy-Respect8729 t1_ixlld19 wrote

After years of development we invent a way to communicate with animals, only to find animals simply don't give a fuck about us.


ryankehl t1_ixmgcq7 wrote

Mark Wahlberg has been doing this for years


w4k t1_ixmr36z wrote

Say hello to your mother for me


j428h t1_ixlkcqe wrote

Eliza Thornberry is about to be real


MpVpRb t1_ixnzuhd wrote

New AI tech makes small, little, tiny, teeny, itty, bitty bit of incremental progress on a really hard problem. Headline writers continue to go for gold in the olympics of exaggeration


Casper_198472 t1_ixlv3v4 wrote

Person says something. AI Tech mistranslates it Weird animal mating ritual starts.


sturmey t1_ixlrapk wrote

I've always been able to talk to animals, humans too. But whether they understand me is a different question. Also when they talk to me, I haven't really got a clue what they're saying.


you_are_a_dope t1_ixltade wrote

I already talk to my dog all the time


BTworld361 t1_ixmdxwf wrote

only 80+ upvotes I'm surprised such a powerful technology generated little acclaim even from just the title alone. Unless I'm missing something. Talking to animals OMgosh, finally those talking animal movies might make sorta sense now!


SweetAlyssumm t1_ixn7vdj wrote

Did you ever watch Mr. Ed? It's hilarious. And a very catchy tune I can still hear in my head.


CultureBubbly6094 t1_ixmfxso wrote

Charlie Kelly had spiders talking to cats years ago thanks to some stupid science bitches, though they couldn’t even make him more smarter.


thingandstuff t1_ixo7ds3 wrote

Yeah, stupid science bitches couldn’t even make he more smarter.


klousGT t1_ixmy9we wrote

But humans have always been able to talk to animals.


deathjesterdoom t1_ixlwd90 wrote

Wonder how long it'll be until someone tries to convince the chimps that Hitler did nothing wrong. It is the internet after all and this is why we can't have nice things.


anonanon1313 t1_ixmbqoi wrote

If they get this to work I'll bet the first application will be for hunters, they already use a variety of calls. On a related note, I've found that making loud hissing noises is goose for get the fuck out of the way. Oddly it works on people too.

I'd love to have a chat with orcas and find out why they're sinking yachts.


selectiveyellow t1_ixn4qt7 wrote

"Because it's funny."

is probably half of why dolphins and orcas do anything


MathCrank t1_ixmgi2f wrote

Is this how we become vegans?


Geeber_The_Drooler t1_ixmvrld wrote

Great. Most humans incapable of communicating amongst each other - NOW we'll be misinterpreted by critters as well.


KickBassColonyDrop t1_ixmw1k7 wrote

Would be great to talk to my cat. I have rough understanding most of the time. But around dinner time and after dinner time, I don't know if she's saying feed me more or let's play with lasers.


Cliffe_Turkey t1_ixmyh7v wrote

I wonder if this technology can be re-purposed to allow spiders to talk to cats?

I know there was a researcher working on that, but he became quite weary.


JimsonTweed26 t1_ixmzfcs wrote

“So a squirrel told me to fuck off today”


spoonfruit t1_ixn6agn wrote

I have some things I need to talk to my cat and dogs about! lol


BettyTheMale t1_ixnuxtu wrote

Is there some way to measure an animal’s coherent intelligence? Now just how smart they are but how well they intelligently interact with humans, I feel some cats/dogs are very animalistic and some are well like sentient (not literally).


skunksmasher t1_ixnuzj1 wrote

But the animals still don't understand.


cant-say-less-info t1_ixor9jv wrote

Why not start with dogs, cats, chicken and pigs as they are everywhere.


Illustrious-Fault224 t1_ixq259a wrote

Human: hello good bird!

Bird: screw you dude, I’m trying to slide this finch’s dms


Karrus01 t1_ixlm98x wrote

I too have read the Breakthrough series by Michael C Grumley that deals in this very subject.


Fun_Bed9734 t1_ixnb37i wrote

This will finally help answer the question, "is my neighbor's dog racist?"


ofimmsl t1_ixm1626 wrote

Walking through the forest and every animal you greet tells you to "go fuck yourself"


Ryuukeshin t1_ixm39gt wrote

Let's just hope nobody tries to talk to squirrels...


DC_Farmboy t1_ixm60sr wrote

Just don’t listen to the sheep. They’re nothing but liars!