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defcon_penguin t1_iwmn2ob wrote

So, the technology is thirty years away still?


-The_Blazer- t1_iwmx9ku wrote

Well, at least many current experiments use tokamaks, which this doesn't impact. So there's that.


rethumme t1_iwmpkp4 wrote

I'll take it, if at least it means we've learned something new about hot plasma


Badtrainwreck t1_iwmszdi wrote

What a great setup to a joke, but also yes I am super excited to see where the technology goes. I hope we get to see some cool stuff discovered within the next 50-60 years. I want to die jealous of “kids these days”


defcon_penguin t1_iwmqg4q wrote

Well yes, but laser fusion was publicized as being almost ready, in comparison to magnetic fusion. So it is a bit of a delusion


dgriffith t1_iwnilq7 wrote

Laser fusion!

Always a bit of delusion

I have come to the conclusion

That there is much confusion

About high energy plasma physics.


ToothlessGrandma t1_iwmvoeg wrote

It's almost like bleeding edge technology that requires new understanding takes awhile.


realmastodon2 t1_iwnz3t3 wrote

Needs more funding. Basically this form of fusion is operating on scraps. The equivalent of working out of a garage. Most fusion research is hindered by lack of funding.


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_iwo18jv wrote

most research in general is hindered by lack of funding


realmastodon2 t1_iwo5c5b wrote

Yes they are. Most research does not lack talent or tools. Just money.


snow_eyes t1_iwp227x wrote

I've recently started learning about biology, seems like there is a lot that can be discovered.


JamesTWood t1_iwn4wq4 wrote

right! I've been waiting 30 years already 🤷🏻


on_spikes t1_iwp0uze wrote

yes. but now they have a better understanding of why it is 30 years away


Qwe550 t1_iwpri2z wrote

“Years away from inventions” Weirdest scaling system ever


throwawayqw123456 t1_iwo64ax wrote

If this makes you less hopeful about the possibility of fusion it probably shouldn't. New and well defined problems are usually what lead to breakthroughs

Source: I'm a nucular physiometrist


jxx37 t1_iwmu10z wrote

The energy of the future, and always will be.


KickBassColonyDrop t1_iwo63xg wrote

We'll have a colony on Mars before we unlock fusion. Haha


Formal-Appearance210 t1_iwodlfj wrote

Fusion has been just around the corner for as long as I've been alive.


CMG30 t1_iwoswbl wrote

Ah yes. Looks like fusion is only 20 years away... And always will be.


[deleted] t1_iwn3c2q wrote



MeatBallSandWedge t1_iwn55bv wrote

Meanwhile, you're writing your comment using an electronic machine that is the very pinnacle of all human technology. It wasn't created in a vacuum, it is the sum total of all the research, design, and product manufacturing that came before.
So much for being happy with less 🙄


slowwPony t1_iwny6tq wrote

We can probably find a happy medium between spartan and hedonistic consumption patterns, it's not the worst point, if a tad prosaic


portraitopynchon t1_iwnbu39 wrote

"You criticize society yet you participate in society. I am very smart."


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_iwo1g62 wrote

"I will criticize society for every problem in my life without even trying to uphold my ideals. I am very smart"


EclecticKant t1_iwo525u wrote

We are spending so little on "trying to create stars" that, if we don't succeed, aliens won't even be able to tell that we tried. We spend more on most of the most famous sports, we spent more on the football world cup of this year than the entire world spent in fusion research for the last 70 years, we spend a lot of money on absolutely useless things, and you complain about spending an insignificant amount on something that could be a civilization game changer.


[deleted] t1_iwo7xgc wrote



EclecticKant t1_iwoadoy wrote

Luckily we are able to do multiple things at the same time, trying to save the planet and fusion research.

> I don't recall saying we spent too much money on it.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but doesn't this

> I suggested that maybe we are too arrogant to believe it can be done at all, ergo we should turn our planet saving efforts toward other means.

Mean "we shouldn't be spending our resources on fusion research, and focus those resources on other means to save the planet"? To me it sounds like a suggestion that we spend/spent too much money on fusion, and that we should spend them elsewhere.


JamesTWood t1_iwn4tsm wrote

my hypothesis is that higher dimensional phenomena are interacting with the plasma and causing destabilization. i don't think we'll crack fusion until we're able to account for the higher dimensional physics at play, and we won't do that with 3D+1 experiments alone. we're flatlanders trying to make a sphere


the_zelectro t1_iwn99j9 wrote

Come back to me when your fourth dimension wants to interact, and doesn't have to be folded into the size of a walnut


[deleted] t1_iwoex4x wrote



the_zelectro t1_iwof69z wrote

Einstein's handling of a fourth dimension is one thing. He wrapped time and space together, and I'm fine with his model.

A fourth spatial dimension, as string theory and its ilk propose?? I'm not into it


[deleted] t1_iwogae4 wrote



the_zelectro t1_iwogjyh wrote

Sure, but evidence does. There's no evidence, therefore making bold predictions on how it relates to fusion is just insane.

I do hope a theoretical breakthrough resolves our issues with fusion. I do not think that we're at the liberty to act like we know what that breakthrough is though