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SomeKindofTreeWizard t1_ixbq0is wrote

I'm game if it doesn't come with their damned launcher...


rvnx t1_ixc4kws wrote

That's a guarantee. But at least you can set it up to quit when you close the game.


[deleted] t1_ixcm8m7 wrote



MyNameIsDaveToo t1_ixcrxkk wrote

I can't describe how much I hate it. I like a few Ubi titles, but I have resisted downloading any because I don't want a FOURTH store/launcher installed (already have Battlenet, steam, and gog). I came back to PC gaming recently, after going console for about 2 decades, and was sorely disappointed at the current landscape.

Went from just buying the game you wanted and installing it to having to figure out which store even sell the game you want, shopping around because the price isn't the same, and then having to run a launcher and have internet just to play the game that you PAID FOR and should be able to use however you want. Digital music and movies are no different; you still pay the same price, but now if the place you bought it from goes under, you suddenly don't own any of it anymore.


bamfalamfa t1_ixbue35 wrote

you could not live with your own failure. where did that bring you? back to me


theregalbeagle t1_ixcnfgu wrote

Fairly certain Valhalla wasn’t a failure, this is just Ubisoft exploiting the smoothbrained steam only customers to extract the last bit of cash from an untapped market.


UsecMyNuts t1_ixd2h6p wrote

>Valhalla wasn’t a failure

>Ubisoft exploiting the smoothbrained steam only customers

This is contradictory because you can’t ignore 80% of the PC market while also being a success. It’s like releasing a new song for only android users and completely ignoring YouTube/iPhone etc.

Valhalla was a failure, sales wise, reviews wise and pretty much every other metric used to measure success. It’s YouTube and twitch views are lower than every other full AC game, and the fact that Ubisoft are now doing a full 180 and returning to steam should tell you that whatever they had going on with epic games didn’t work out at all.


theregalbeagle t1_ixd5nga wrote

What’s the slice of PC only gamers that also only buy on Steam that are interested in Valhalla 2 years after release?

I highly doubt your 80% of the PC gaming market is steam only. Plenty of AC fans bought on Uplay, Epic, or those other two pesky platforms if Xbox and PlayStation.

This isn’t Ubisoft returning with their tale between their legs. This is to study what sales they will generate from steam only holdouts.

Fun Fact: in February of this year Ubisoft announced Valhalla generated 1 billion in revenue making it the biggest earning title in the series. You should probably pay attention to actual financials and not what gamer media tells you.

Valhalla helped Ubisoft hit their most profitable quarter ever, was the fastest selling title, and made the most money selling through. All without Steam.

Here’s the source


UsecMyNuts t1_ixd64cs wrote

>study what sales they generate from steam only holdouts

You mean the detailed paper they released to their investors which outlined the exact amount of money they estimated they would lose including a 5 year forecast?

Oh and btw that announcement was for Ubisoft as a whole including Ubi+ which was wildly successful on consoles.

Maybe you should actually read what those papers said, instead of just the title. ;)


Necromorph2 t1_ixbteqf wrote

I’m good thanks .


assault_shakr t1_ixctooo wrote

Yup same don't need anymore Ubisoft in my life.

Maybe they could make a crappier more expensive version of steam and sell it over there. Away from steam.


ginger308 t1_ixemlqi wrote

Yeah I haven’t bought a Ubisoft game since 2013 lol, not going back


PedroEglasias t1_ixcjdfe wrote

lol they've realised the cut Valve takes for covering all the bandwidth and storage requirements to allow customers to download games indefinitely was actually pretty fair...


tickettoride98 t1_ixcsf9y wrote

More like they realized they were losing a lot of sales by not being on Steam. This isn't about the 30% cut being "fair", it's about Steam being such a behemoth you can't afford not to be on it.


PedroEglasias t1_ixcsthb wrote

The costs of bandwidth and storage on geographically distributed mirrors, and allowing customers to download as many times as they want, forever, would be very high.


Lhumierre t1_ixfqv7d wrote

Especially population, Division 2 has endangered species level of people playing.


reb0014 t1_ixcppk8 wrote

I wonder if they will do anno 1800, by far the best Ubisoft game


BLSmith2112 t1_ixcuafg wrote

Checks watch

Let's go Anno 1800! I wanna play that one so bad.

Edit: > City builder Anno 1800 and the free-to-play Roller Champions will hit Steam at a later date.

Oh! Exciting. Will be waiting.


YWAK98alum t1_ixcya60 wrote

I am on a basically permanent boycott of Ubisoft after the absolute hash they made of HOMM6, ruining one of my favorite franchises.

I still play HOMM3.


Abracadabra21 t1_ixd9jsb wrote

One of my favorite games growing up. Played so much HOMM 2/3 and Might and Magic.


JimBeefLakeMonster t1_ixdu66a wrote

AC games are only to be bought for less than 10$ years after release


MasterpieceBrave420 t1_ixesw5y wrote

I've bought games on steam I already had for free on epic because I hate using the epic launcher that much. Ubi's bullshit is even worse.


DummyDumDump t1_ixdc9mc wrote

3 months from now it will be on sale for 5.99 including all dlcs


votchamacallit_ t1_ixddzwf wrote

But would it work on Steam deck properly? Any Ubisoft game I have installed I have to re login if I happen to play another Ubisoft game. Regardless if I put down remember this PC.... It just casually forgets.


kingjpp t1_ixbv76w wrote

No thanks, ubisoft games are utter trash


D-Noch t1_ixc612i wrote

Playable movies that are crap ports. Miss me with that, anyway