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theregalbeagle t1_ixd5nga wrote

What’s the slice of PC only gamers that also only buy on Steam that are interested in Valhalla 2 years after release?

I highly doubt your 80% of the PC gaming market is steam only. Plenty of AC fans bought on Uplay, Epic, or those other two pesky platforms if Xbox and PlayStation.

This isn’t Ubisoft returning with their tale between their legs. This is to study what sales they will generate from steam only holdouts.

Fun Fact: in February of this year Ubisoft announced Valhalla generated 1 billion in revenue making it the biggest earning title in the series. You should probably pay attention to actual financials and not what gamer media tells you.

Valhalla helped Ubisoft hit their most profitable quarter ever, was the fastest selling title, and made the most money selling through. All without Steam.

Here’s the source


UsecMyNuts t1_ixd64cs wrote

>study what sales they generate from steam only holdouts

You mean the detailed paper they released to their investors which outlined the exact amount of money they estimated they would lose including a 5 year forecast?

Oh and btw that announcement was for Ubisoft as a whole including Ubi+ which was wildly successful on consoles.

Maybe you should actually read what those papers said, instead of just the title. ;)