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echelon37 t1_iyf03e1 wrote

I don’t know why everyone is suddenly realizing Twitter is awful now that Elon Musk owns it. Musk is burning it to the ground, but it was on fire long before he got there.


SnowyNW t1_iyfbw18 wrote

Just 4d chess to cure the world of evil social media, don’t you see????????


misterstinks t1_iyf9404 wrote

It's been swarming with trolls, Elon bros, and Trump supporters since he bought it. They will lose interest before long.


KickBassColonyDrop t1_iyfboh9 wrote

Twitter feeds are curated to your interests. It's quite a reach to claim this given that the behavior of the platform has largely stayed consistent.


misterstinks t1_iyfd0w9 wrote

It is not a reach. Look at the replies on news stories, trending topics, etc. All the shittiest comments are from 4chan rejects who joined in the past 60 days.


RedditIsRanByBots t1_iyfc3zc wrote

For real like, if you had never found out Elon Musk bought twitter, you wouldn't even be able to tell anything had happened.

(Don't get me wrong Elon sucks yada yada, but it's the same website)


ReformedPC t1_iyf598n wrote

Idk Twitter is working perfectly fine to me


runningpheasant t1_iyfai3k wrote

Look how many people are mad at you for not having a problem with current Twitter lol


Drexlay t1_iyf7web wrote

It has the most active users of all time of any social media site this month


redvelvetcake42 t1_iyf8cru wrote

And users generate how much income for Twitter?


Drexlay t1_iyf9mkh wrote

That doesn’t matter to me I am not a stakeholder


Interigo t1_iyf5anz wrote

New social media platforms and data leaks, classic combo