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The_Starmaker t1_iy44ys5 wrote

If he doesn't understand why there's a short character limit, he never understood the platform at all.


TW_Yellow78 t1_iy5jj67 wrote

He never did. He was always saying Twitter should be like china's weibo which is hub for almost all online activity in china (twitter, instagram, facebook, amazon, etc.) I mean imagine the profits if you can control all social media and online shopping. It'd be like Windows or Google.

He thinks people are too stupid to realize weibo is so big as social media BECAUSE the government controls it to censor at will and eliminated competitors (for example the recent protests where the protesters were airdropping info got shut down by apple through pressure from chinese government).

Of course maybe he thought his government friends would help him out there too with subsidies and government contracts like with his other companies. (Like the people calling for twitter to be a "public utility.")


EyeLikeTheStonk t1_iy6gz3d wrote

Twitter did not want to be the next facebook... It was meant for short statements.

But with 1000 characters, might as well consider Musk is innovating by copying Facebook.


RG_Viza t1_iy6u4fh wrote

Totally missing the point. For a smart guy he sure is dumb.


k-phi t1_iy75041 wrote

Character limit is there to create posts like:

1/4 title

2/4 subtitle

3/4 some thoughts

4/4 conclusion


iqisoverrated t1_iy81y1v wrote

You mean twitter is designed for brainfarts? In that case it might not be a bad idea to increase the character limit. At least give people the option to express some actually thoughtful content for a change.


russdb t1_iy7fd2v wrote

Well then what's it for then? Because there aren't any good reasons for limiting conversation like that.

It hinders discussions. Important discussion and real, actually meaningful discussions cannot be had on Twitter currently.

Considering that Twitter only made a profit for two years in it's entire existence, perhaps they never even knew what they were good for.


HiImDan t1_iy43vyp wrote

I'm just disappointed it's not a nice round number like 1024


pihkal t1_iy6zy5i wrote

Knowing Musk, he’ll probably set it to 42069 characters, because he acts like a teenager.


The_Darkprofit t1_iy40ukf wrote

No understanding of the product he is selling at all. No understanding of audience, nuance, or strategy. What a colossal failure he is proving himself to be.


snowyshards t1_iy56tov wrote

Nah, that's a good thing, but its probably not an Elon idea because previous workers on Twitter already confirmed that solving the problem of character limit was already in the works, Elon just wanted to steal the credit.

The character limit was never a good thing, in fact it used to be worse when posting pictures on tweets would also count as words and the limit was 120 characters I believe.

Seriously, it was never a good thing that one of the most influential means of communication with the literal world leaders on it has a character limit. Twitter user had to make up corny words like oomfie and shit like that in hopes to communicate and almost everyone has to word their tweets in way to use as little words as possible but simultaneously make it so nobody takes their wording the wrong way (this is why the waffle and pancakes meme exist).


ShadyKnucks t1_iy5gh9t wrote

It’s a platform meant for concise, brief communications. If you want to write a paragraph +, go on Facebook, Reddit, or Medium.


snowyshards t1_iy5uwdo wrote

That was the original intention until it become the most influentical social media app where all politics take place.

Ultimatums are not going to cut it, I have seen many times people getting cancelled because they worded out badly something important they wanted to say while trying to keep it under 280 characters.

Twitter was being used for things it was never meant for and that become irs main audience, something about the character limit had to be made

And this is no me defending Elon, Twitter's previous staff before his takeover was already considering something like this.


tuxzilla t1_iy7kvqu wrote

All the limit does is make people post pictures with a paragraph of text that you have to click on to be able to enlarge and read or post your paragraph on and post a link to it.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy43n5u wrote

Talking about nuance here is pretty ironic.

Edit: The downvotes prove me right lmao


Geiseric222 t1_iy4mlyq wrote

Do you have any point or are you just going to hide behind nuance to do all the heavy lifting for your point as I assume your crying about people being mean to ok musky


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4nh72 wrote

The fact that you assume that I'm a Musk fan says everything that needs to be said about nuance.

This is the problem with Reddit: you guys can tell good things from bad things in broad strokes, but as soon as someone says something actually nuanced you lose your shit and start othering people.

For example, one might say "This is a good thing, but this is a bad argument for this good thing" and y'all throw a fit and start yelling "Oh so you support bad thing, uh? BAD THING SUPPORTER!". It happens every. fucking. time.

Good enough of a point fro you? Do you see yourself in what I've said? If so, yikes.


Geiseric222 t1_iy4ns73 wrote

So your going to stick with having no real arguments but just a vague sense of superiority?

Because if that’s what your trying to do, your failing at accomplishing that. You just look dumb


[deleted] t1_iy4oq1b wrote



Geiseric222 t1_iy4pcuf wrote

Ah so when you said buy nuance what you actually meant is you like it and are mad that others think it’s stupid. Why not say that rather than pretending it had anything to do with nuance or any of that crap.

I get it’s because that doesn’t feed your superiority complex but still


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4pvyp wrote

I mean, stop and think before fucking typing. You just said Twitter is for shitposting, do you have an idea of how stupid that is? 90% of news embed tweets. Every politician thinker and institution talks on Twitter first. The trending hashtags are a gauge for what's going on. At least before Musk bought it.

Just because your boogeyman bought it doesn't mean you gotta lose your cools and wet your panties.


SafemoonTo10Dollahz t1_iy4nko6 wrote

Do you not think it's a little peculiar how many geniuses there are on Reddit who are experts in so many different areas?


Geiseric222 t1_iy4o0em wrote

I mean this whole topic is about a guy who thinks he’s a genius in many different areas but is just an idiot that was lucky to be born with money,

You don’t need to be an expert to see that


SafemoonTo10Dollahz t1_iy4okx9 wrote

Ah right so you actually believe the rubbish you read in Reddit comments


bigthingstuff t1_iy5i8vv wrote

I actually believe all the news stories about the idiot. And books.


MailyChan2 t1_iy4t5iy wrote

Do they? Do the downvotes prove you right? Make out with a wall socket.


Banea-Vaedr t1_iy3zjwo wrote

Seems like he's recreating old reddit


hibearmate t1_iy4sgn5 wrote

TBF - in many ways, Reddit is just a slower version of twitter


ShadyKnucks t1_iy5gro2 wrote

The character limit is what makes Twitter what it is. How is Reddit a slower version of Twitter? Honestly curious


Wh00ster t1_iy7fb96 wrote

Thank you for not being dishonestly incurious


66666thats6sixes t1_iy85j6a wrote

To me, navigable comment trees are the killer feature of reddit. Reading twitter threads suuucks comparatively.


OtmShanks55 t1_iy3yb8s wrote

Oh, so an 720 extra characters for bots and trolls to spew hate?


Banea-Vaedr t1_iy3zkyz wrote

It'll be just like reddit


sweetwheels t1_iy56mla wrote

At least reddit has some semblance of moderation. Twitter is becoming 4chan.


Robeleader t1_iy3yh9j wrote

I thought he bought Twitter, not LiveJournal...


NormalSociety t1_iy41yf1 wrote

Now there's a site I haven't heard of in a looong time.


udsctb364 t1_iy48l7j wrote

I keep going through a cycle where I remember that LiveJournal exists, making one, and remembering that it's 100% russian view bots as an audience


morenewsat11 OP t1_iy3hm2p wrote

>Elon Musk on Sunday said he was planning to expand Twitter's character limit from 280 to 1,000 characters as he continued to make changes to the social-media platform.
>In response to a Twitter user's pitch about extending the character limit in each tweet to 1,000, Musk replied, saying "It's on the todo list."
>Earlier in the day, Musk replied "good idea" to a Twitter user who suggested the company should make the character limit on tweets 420, instead of "that annoying 280."

When does Twitter stop being Twitter? So okay, what he says and what he's going to do are different things. IMHO 280 characters is already enough - most tweets (the best) don't come close to the number. (246)


BeDecentFFS t1_iy48y1w wrote

He wants to spin Twitter into some kind of catchall comms platform complete with video conferencing. Nobody there to manage his insane expectations, unlike SpaceX and Tesla that have management teams that know how to keep him from destroying everything.


sweetwheels t1_iy56u9g wrote

I read SpaceX basically have systems in place in order to massage Elons ego and prevent him from making stupid decisions and supporting good ones.


why_lurch t1_iy4flt5 wrote

Why not keep the 280 limit for a free tier, then make a premium tier where each additional character costs 💲


ffdfawtreteraffds t1_iy47vsw wrote

Mm-kay. That's an additional 720 characters for me to not give a shit about.


Spiritual_Swing_2326 t1_iy4o2xo wrote

That will completely spam up people's feeds, allow insane people to really go off. :(


russdb t1_iy7fgw0 wrote

They just post 30 separate tweets, what is the difference?


kronicfeld t1_iy4q6nd wrote



HarikMCO t1_iy4bd6o wrote

of course he is, which is why he fired the team that had already implemented the feature, scrapped it, and then tasked people with re-implementing it.


XRNOHPORTER t1_iy4df66 wrote

He should make it 666. The conspiracy nuts will go absolutely crazy


tundey_1 t1_iy4yc3w wrote

Imagine buying a super expensive super-bike and deciding the one thing missing is that it doesn't have 4 wheels. So, you proceed to shoehorn 2 more tires to your super-bike because you have more money than sense.


Ol_Dirty_Batard t1_iy7gff8 wrote

Then you drop the oil and plug the oil filter because it cuts costs, and run it on low octane.


Jyith t1_iy44t5j wrote

Everyone hear ye hear ye! Musk the Grandificent (a new word probably invented by the Grandificent himself) will PERSONALLY go, and with his little sausage fingers fix this issue!


Love_Sausage t1_iy4a5kj wrote

Has there ever been a greater example of “seagull management” in business history?


B33rtaster t1_iy4guaa wrote

Nothing like twitter on fire to keep me warm in these cold months.


XxXlolgamerXxX t1_iy4qs8o wrote

You know why the popular vine app allow just 6 seconds of video? The limit of characters is a feature not an issue.


k-phi t1_iy75fhi wrote

>You know why the popular vine app allow just 6 seconds of video?

Because people have very short attention span


grimace24 t1_iy4s9hd wrote

1,000 characters is no longer a tweet, it's a tangent.


Wh00ster t1_iy7fk0i wrote

No, this is a tangent: "Help! I'm in a tangent! How did I get into this bloody great big tangent? What kind of tangent has an angle like this?"


YoRHaL-9000 t1_iy4wpps wrote

"Welcome to Twitter, come write your manifesto here!"

$44 billion to make Twitter the Wooden Shack in Montana of Social Media.


NineteenAD9 t1_iy59pgw wrote

This just defeats the purpose of actually being Twitter.

People will just use something else. Bye bye remaining advertisers


TheCrimsonFreak t1_iy48q4q wrote

Still not gonna bring advertisers back, Musky. How's failure taste?


Rockonious t1_iy4zc8x wrote

I said it before and I'll say it again, Musk is a complete tosser...


BlueMonkOne t1_iy5jfxa wrote

Elon loves Twitter so much he is going to kill it.


WillDeletOneDay t1_iy734wy wrote

So basically he wants to destroy the entire premise that the site was founded on?


MrWhite t1_iy4ph7d wrote

Is that on the list before or after Tesla robo-taxis?


Queekusme t1_iy54xho wrote

If he does this imma post the bee movie script daily… no, hourly!


Rem4g t1_iy7cglm wrote

This is a 1000 character post. It’s not actually that bad really. A lot of people are now just using the add tweet function and making threads anyway so I don’t hate the idea of increasing the amount of characters so more can fit in a single tweet.

It will also allow people to use proper English without having to shorten everything. U kno wat I mean?

Twitter has already allowed people to add multiple tweets at the point of inception, creating a thread post. 1000 characters wouldn’t stop people from tweeting short messages either.

Fuck me I’m only at 572 characters now.

Ok 1000 characters is too much!


White_lynx_investor t1_iy7huiy wrote

Great! He is about to create a blog website with responses and votes… where have I see that? Ahhh, REDDIT! 🤣


anavriN-oN t1_iy43vqi wrote

If you need more than 280 characters to convey a thought you might want to check yourself for Asperger’s.

Oh, wait…


HarikMCO t1_iy4bhlp wrote

every problem has a solution that's clear, simple, easy to explain, and wrong.


HeartrendingHello t1_iy5iph4 wrote

I've never had more than 140 characters on Twitter ...


kraenk12 t1_iy5jxq4 wrote

How fucking stupid can this guy be?


anunfriendlytoaster t1_iy5zz6i wrote

Just got find out which developer can do that and rehire them.


Minerva182 t1_iy62b76 wrote

This comment section is hilarious. I think I can almost feed from haters coping. I love it.


HellBlazer1221 t1_iy648e0 wrote

Then he might as well rename it from Twitter to Chirpier.


Kill3rT0fu t1_iy649m1 wrote

Elon Musk also says he sniffs his own farts


fogcat5 t1_iy6ns7i wrote

Why not just add racist epithets repeating on the end of all the tweets to make every one of them look 1000 characters long? It would look about the same.


russdb t1_iy7fn61 wrote

No one says mastodon sucks because it has a higher character limit, but plenty of scholars and such bemoan the short character limit as stifling important conversation. I actually like this move.


ThrowAway5NF8WA1LCr t1_iy80fdv wrote

Elon: "What makes Twitter unique compared to its peers?"

Engineers: {produce a long list of things only Twitter does}

Elon: "Great! Let's change all those thing!!"

Dude has bought Twitter and is deadset on turning it into


ResearchFew9041 t1_iy57un5 wrote

one thing I think everyone is forgetting here is if it winds up being a mistake it is legit just a 4 numbers to change in the code and it gets reverted. You're watching some ancient website that has barely changed over the past years be innovated. On top of that, I imagine twitter has some serious statistics that they capture and will be able to tell, factually, if it was a good idea or not.


movzx t1_iy5drzg wrote

> one thing I think everyone is forgetting here is if it winds up being a mistake it is legit just a 4 numbers to change in the code and it gets reverted.

There is absolutely zero way this is "4 numbers to change in the code" and simple to revert. You are either not a developer, or you are a developer who has never gotten anywhere near an enterprise-scale application before.

There are significant migration effort required to ensure zero downtime and performance impact when modifying your data schema. Rolling that back on a whim is a non-starter.

Not to mention unintended side effects of almost quadrupling the expected data payload across your entire architecture.

> You're watching some ancient website that has barely changed over the past years

Factually untrue. Also, another big indicator you are not a developer. User facing change is not the only change that happens on applications.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iy5mqwl wrote

As I mentioned, I'm sure Twitter has the statistics to determine if the change is a good idea or not before making it live. The data schema change may require a migration effort, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to roll back if it turns out to be a mistake. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's definitely doable. As for the data payload, that's a valid concern and something Twitter will have to take into consideration. As for what I said about the 4 numbers to change in the code, that's referring to the code itself, not the data schema. The code is much easier to revert than the data schema, which is why I said it. And as for the ancient website, I'm referring to the look and feel of Twitter, which hasn't changed drastically in years, not the underlying code. I was talking high high level, you brought it down to low level.


Maximum-Ad7213 t1_iy8a5x2 wrote

You were talking out your ass, this dude brought you back to earth.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iy8xesx wrote

talking of my ass, when I broke down every single statement in 2nd reply, maybe you should get brought back to school and learn how to comprehend what you read


Maximum-Ad7213 t1_iyadpaa wrote

Oh shit, buddy, that was a slam! Perhaps you’re right, maybe I should “get brought” back to school. Though, I’ll note that your word choice smacks of a teenager who is still currently being brought to school.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iybcvse wrote

Well, I'm glad you think you have me figured out. But I'm more than happy to remind you that I'm a grown adult with a college degree. Why did you quote me using the phrase "get brought" when you (hopefully) know that is right in this context? Here's a 3rd grade English question that you may help you out: Maximum-Ad7213 was brought to school by his parents. What does "brought" mean in this sentence, and how should it be used?


Maximum-Ad7213 t1_iybpugc wrote

Homie, you’ve never said that you have a college degree, so the reminder is more of a first time statement. You’ve also inserted one too many words, but hey, I’m sure you’re using a cell phone and shitting right now too. As far as your third grade question, that would be a little advanced for that age group, but not impossible. How do I know? I also have a college degree, in fact I used to be a English teacher. Now? I have an advanced degree and no longer teach. You, my child, have been trolled and your responses dwell in one of my areas of expertise. I’d say a better exercise to understand the phrase “get brought” would be to tell me what types of words each are and how they operate in a verb phrase. Also, I’d encourage revision because you sounded fucking stupid haha


ResearchFew9041 t1_iycuy0f wrote

>Homie, you’ve never said that you have a college degree, so the reminder is more of a first time statement. You’ve also inserted one too many words, but hey, I’m sure you’re using a cell phone and shitting right now too. As far as your third grade question, that would be a little advanced for that age group, but not impossible. How do I know? I also have a college degree, in fact I used to be a English teacher. Now? I have an advanced degree and no longer teach. You, my child, have been trolled and your responses dwell in one of my areas of expertise. I’d say a better exercise to understand the phrase “get brought” would be to tell me what types of words each are and how they operate in a verb phrase. Also, I’d encourage revision because you sounded fucking stupid haha

​ Oh, I see. You’re trying to be clever by pretending to have a college degree. I'm sure you were a great English teacher, but let me school you on the English language. The phrase "get brought" is a verb phrase consisting of an auxiliary verb ("get") and a past participle verb ("brought"). In this sentence, "brought" is an action verb that means "to take someone or something to a place or person". Therefore, the phrase "get brought" means "to be taken to a place or person". I'm glad you attempted to educate me, but you should have done your homework first. I suggest you brush up on your English and stop pretending to be something you're not.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iycv3sc wrote

You've clearly never met me before, so it's more of a surprise to you that I have a college degree than it is a reminder. Also, it's not just the phrase "get brought", but the fact that you used it in a derogatory manner that I found offensive. Now that I know you're an English teacher, I think you should be familiar with the difference between the active and passive forms of verbs, which is what you need to understand to answer my question properly. Furthermore, I think it's worth noting that insulting someone's intelligence is usually a sign of insecurity, and it's not a very effective way to prove your own. If you're confident in your own abilities, you won't need to resort to such tactics.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iycv78a wrote

You seem to be quite proud of yourself and your education, but that doesn't change the fact that you've been trolling me. Your responses have been rife with incorrect grammar and word choice. If you're so confident in your knowledge, why don't you explain what types of words "get brought" is composed of, and how it operates in a verb phrase? I'm sure you can do better than the condescension you've been exhibiting. If not, then perhaps you should take a refresher course in English composition.


ResearchFew9041 t1_iycw9z5 wrote

It looks like I'm not the only one here who should take some time to brush up on their English skills. I'm well aware of the difference between a verb, verb phrase, and conjugation. And it seems you may have forgotten the key principle of teaching: educate before you criticize.


Difficult-World3 t1_iy7lvok wrote

It’ll be the one good thing he does. 1,000 is still a bit low but a significant upgrade over the current limit. Either way, move to the fediverse.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy43els wrote

This is actually a great idea that I welcome.

The character limit impairs discussion and turns everything into a slap flight.


Geiseric222 t1_iy4mz7q wrote

This is nonsense the character limit has nothing to do with that. Twitter is, at its core, a shitposting site. That is it’s appeal


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4pfvx wrote

This is an ignorant take as it's the go-to website for institutional messages, politicians, and thinkers.


Geiseric222 t1_iy4puag wrote

Yes and people tweet out those messages not for spirited debate but just to get that message out. No one wants to get bogged down in a pointless debate on Twitter.

Literally the only politicians that even respond to twitter threads are the most pathetic and inconsequential of the group


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4r7y1 wrote

And don't you think that character limit may be an impairment?

All the good discussions are like

> [1/12] So I will start by saying...


m64 t1_iy45y0q wrote

NGL, Mastodon's 500 characters is way more comfy and still readable in pretty much the same manner as Twitter (though perhaps only because people were already trained by Twitter to keep it short ;)


HarikMCO t1_iy4bovc wrote

most instances bump up the limit because it's so limiting, the use of auto-collapse and summaries (that liveurinal had over two decades ago) are far superior to forced brevity and those godawful 23/??? tweetstorms.