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GetOutOfTheWhey t1_ixk9fxj wrote

Google could probably single handedly destroy the iPhone market share if they found a way to clone the iOS onto an android phone.


macmonet t1_ixlirek wrote

No. They would need a lot more for it. Retail Stores incl. tech support, build quality, software and services and most importantly: trust.

Google dumped too many projects in the past and seems, frankly, uncertain.


alt4614 t1_ixlzry0 wrote

From where I’m looking it really only needs apple to fuck off with this green/blue-text nonsense on iMessage to turn back the tide. Android would come storming back.

That’s the cord holding this entire apple-crazy mindset together. If shit was seamless between apps and devices, there wouldn’t be any concrete reason to think of a rectangular screen hidden behind a case as superior or inferior to any other. But being in club blue-text is how folks identify the “cool kids” from the masses and apply the pressure to conform.