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Tiggywiggler t1_ixpjd1c wrote

I'm never buying one of these things. The amount of recalls and re engineering on safety systems, i just couldn't trust it.


0KdQ6 t1_ixply02 wrote

All their recalls are just get posed to Reddit. Most are actually fixed over the air.


Tiggywiggler t1_ixpmu3y wrote

They are talking about seatbelt manufacturing problems. You arent fixing that over the air


Bloody_Smashing t1_ixqhw4m wrote

Teslas are more of an appliance than a car, and it won't take very long for real car companies to start catching up to them.

The number of people willing to bet their lives and welfare on Chinese manufacturing is astonishing.


thebigsad_69420 t1_ixqktmc wrote

People have been saying this for 10 years

It is literally an ongoing joke


Bloody_Smashing t1_ixqm0fb wrote

Quality automotive development takes time, and battery technology isn't quite where we need it yet.


thebigsad_69420 t1_ixqmo8z wrote

Lmao it is clear you are not an engineer


[deleted] t1_ixt8t5o wrote

Uh I’m one in the automotive industry and I wouldn’t touch a Tesla with a ten foot pole.


thebigsad_69420 t1_ixuifz0 wrote

If you're not with Tesla then I'm praying for your job within the next few years brah


[deleted] t1_ixurxbd wrote

Lol, we work with several of them as a contractor but Tesla’s sales are already falling with just the first competitive EVs coming out. That will continue especially as literally every company launches better EVs in the next 5 years.

They don’t have near the quality control or production as other automakers, they try to cut corners until they learn the same lessons everyone else already has.

Have you sat in a Tesla? Interiors are shit bruh.,inflation%20and%20rising%20interest%20rates.


MrLionOtterBearClown t1_ixr7x41 wrote

I mean TBF not all teslas are made in China. Most are still made in America. And no doubt they have their QA issues, but the defects are blown wayyyy out of proportion. Sure, a higher percentage of teslas have production defects that other manufacturers, but it’s not like EVERY car they make has something wrong with it. Most are problem-free. I know like 10 people with teslas and like 2 have very minor panel gap issues and one had the 12v battery die but that happens to gas cars too.

They’re also all in the top 10 safest cars from crash ratings and things like that.


Extreme_Address7043 t1_ixqnxcn wrote

Lmao, just go see the other post about how many cars Ford is recalling. And guess what, for Ford it’s not going to be an OTA. But please tell me more about these “real car” companies.


SlackBytes t1_ixrq5u1 wrote

Tesla is the most profitable US automaker. Next year it’ll be number 1 in the world. While legacy automakers make less and less each year.


FBI_Agent_Fred t1_ixqivqx wrote

And the guy that owns Tesla also owns something else that the CCP doesn’t think of too fondly. I wonder if there could be influence. Lol


PM_ME_YOURPRIVATEKEY t1_ixqqrql wrote

Is this the new line for Muskrats? The CCP is trying to smear the poor billionaire?


FBI_Agent_Fred t1_ixqrdx0 wrote

I wouldn’t know, I don’t know many/any, but wouldn’t it be very easy for them to apply pressure to create changes they wanted on Twitter since his factories are still mostly in China? Seems like he could be easily leveraged.

Poor billionaires potentially being smeared by entire countries. Life must be so tough for them. So sad.


PM_ME_YOURPRIVATEKEY t1_ixqrkcs wrote

Turns out having the net worth of a small country makes you a target for harassment from state actors.

Hoarding wealth is a mental disorder.


shrekster82 t1_ixqmj0b wrote

Teslas are made in Fremont California and Austin Texas. The misinformation on these subs are insane. Also Chinese made Tesla’s are insanely well produced as well.


bronyraur t1_ixqj1i5 wrote

You realize Tesla Makes cars in America yes? They are also the largest producer of BEVs in the world, very much a real car company lol. You’re the same thing as a musk fanboy to me just opposite.


Bloody_Smashing t1_ixqk6xc wrote

>You realize Tesla Makes cars in America yes?

Lots of cars get assembled in America my dude; if your'e going to start this "argument", at least be more specific, but I can already tell you'll just waste my time and give me a headache at best.


Abba_Fiskbullar t1_ixqlzec wrote

You're either disingenuous or low information. US built Teslas are made almost entirely using domestic parts. I have a neighbor who works in the stamping department in Fremont, and he's making parts there, not unboxing shit from China.


Bloody_Smashing t1_ixqmgi5 wrote

>US built Teslas are made almost entirely using domestic parts.

Key word: almost


Abba_Fiskbullar t1_ixqp4s1 wrote

Yes, they buy parts from Bosch and Continental, just like every other manufacturer, but part of how Tesla has been able to maintain cost control is through vertical integration. Most of the parts for Fremont built cars are made within a few miles of the Fremont plant, and have been since it was making Tacomas and Vibes as NUMMI.


Bloody_Smashing t1_ixqykat wrote

It's a globalist industry, and the origin of parts isn't the main issue here, despite the fact that China is an alcoholic's shit stain on the automotive industry (and many other industries) the world over.

I see Teslas as appliances more then cars simply due to their extremely hostile stance on right-to-repair, and the sheer lack of haptic feedback that goes into most of their designs. There are really good reasons why "real" car companies don't use touchscreens to engage gears for example, it's really poor design.

Battery technology also isn't where we need it yet. Do high quality dependable batteries exist? Sure they do, but those surely don't help the bottom-line of manufacturers, and cheap batteries are everywhere, especially out of China.


bronyraur t1_ixqv5og wrote

Lol it’s literally “the most American made car” you’re either a troll or an idiot


bronyraur t1_ixqlehn wrote

Lol a waste of your time— both your statements are unfounded and dumb:

  1. Tesla is an appliance not a car/ not a “real car company”

  2. You trust Chinese manufacturing when you buy one (outside china) - US buyers do not have to trust china, as they are built primarily in America/North America


SeaweedSorcerer t1_ixrrylk wrote

The article mixes together two “recalls”: one that affects more cars and will be fixed with a software update, and a smaller recall that needs a physical inspection. This, as ever, is evidence that the regulators need to break down the “recall” regulation to catch up with a world where cars can software update trivially.


AlanzAlda t1_ixs8o17 wrote

The point of a recall isn't that the car needs to be physically recalled. It's that there's a legal and regulatory framework for the government to track large scale issues with these vehicles. Just because it's an over the air fix, doesn't mean that every customer will get it, or that we shouldn't care about the flaw being present to begin with.

If anything you should be more scared that Tesla flies by the seat of their pants with untested software, and evident flaws emerging at a rapid rate.


SeaweedSorcerer t1_ixs8tzr wrote

The point is there is a level of consumer action for these two decision paths that is vastly different. People are going to start ignoring the word “recall” assuming it will be a software fix.


AlanzAlda t1_ixs909x wrote

The onus to notify affected customers has always been on the company issuing the recall. Nothing here has changed, people don't go to the Ford dealership to deal with a physical recall until they get the notice in the mail.


budjuice t1_ixq2aoq wrote

78000 issues fixed over the air 2000 in person. I personally love that ALL my recalls and issues have been fixed over the air or as part of regular software update that happen every few weeks. Also love the new features that magically appear. Best car I’ve ever had from a feature functionality standpoint.


Tiggywiggler t1_ixq4tzc wrote

78000 issues?! And you consider that to be a good performance? You are happy about that?


budjuice t1_ixq561a wrote

According to the article of the 80000 recalls 78000 are software fixed. Yeah i consider that great. There’s another much larger recall related to the power windows. Also over the air fixed. The letter goes something like this. “Recall for you car VIN…. Nothing for you to do. It has already been fixed.” Back to what ever you were doing. Cool.


pixiegod t1_ixpruet wrote

Not all…Tesla does a good job keeping their fires and issues under wraps….we don’t hear about them all…

Source: I worked at automotive OEM’s during the time Tesla first releasing their cars…the automotive world is a small one as everyone buys stuff from the same vendors.


evorna t1_ixpswut wrote

Sounds like the Chinese dictatorship


BLSmith2112 t1_ixq7et7 wrote

Finally a logical comment not being downloaded to hell. Kind of shocked. I own a Tesla and have never noticed any actual issues.


RhoOfFeh t1_ixqey4l wrote

I had one for a year.

Now I have two.


tvfanatic1337 t1_ixq76nz wrote

Why didn’t they just release good software the first time. They have a lower standard for software because they rely on over the air updates as a crutch rather than developing it correctly the first time.


0KdQ6 t1_ixq7glv wrote

All manufacturers now do over the air patches. And none have yet been able to write bug free code.


tvfanatic1337 t1_ixq7mv8 wrote

Other companies don’t have as many over the air patches as Tesla. Tesla had a recall earlier this week for taillight software not working! This is the most basic thing, turning on a light, and they don’t even put care into that software even.


thenoblitt t1_ixqsizw wrote

You have no idea what you're talking about


tvfanatic1337 t1_ixqz38j wrote

I pointed the above article out because it was just 3 days ago. If I pull up every Tesla recall since June when this Ford recall, I would hit the character limit of Reddit


tvfanatic1337 t1_ixqzc36 wrote

I have had a Honda for 8 years and never needed a software update for a recall and no major issues. It’s good engineering.


wheresmyspaceship t1_ixqjhr1 wrote

Even great software has bugs. No one in the history of ever will ever write bug free code.


SeaweedSorcerer t1_ixrshca wrote

In a lot of cases it’s something like “after building 50,000 of this thing and doing in factory acceptance testing/real world telemetry on them we’ve realized tolerance constant for sensor x should have been 0.054 instead of 0.057. We’ve changed it.” Software gets messy when it touches the real world.


LegitimateCrows t1_ixpni5f wrote

Ford just recalled 634,000 vehicles worldwide for cracking fuel injectors that can cause fires. And your point is what again?


pixiegod t1_ixpryqt wrote

I wouldn’t buy a ford either…

This being said, the stat you want to look at is how many recalls as a percentage of all cars built. Tesla’s build quality has been on the shit end of the stick for a very long time.


Bosavius t1_ixq21mn wrote

Could you provide me a link to a source for those stats please?


pixiegod t1_ixq5ti3 wrote

Sorry, the dppm (defects parts per million) is for parts…this ranking is based on defects per 100 cars, so it’s easy to have multiple defects per car or scores in the multiple hundreds.

Tesla and other startups for years weren’t on the study(iirc, I am older unit with an older memory chip damaged by a very full life!)…but in 2021 Tesla was 30 out of 33 OEM’s.

Love them or hate them JDPower is a known force in the car world…and before all the Musk fanbois come in here trying to save Elons ego from any more shame…Tesla was known in the industry for having a very connected team of 3 who pulled a few stories from major leading sites/publications early on…in other words, they are the media darling…Jalopnik practically had his lips stapled to musks ass for a decade at least.

So if any market data was manipulated…it would have been to take him from a west score to the 30 he finally placed at…

Ps…I am of the mindset that anyone can be bought…I treat JDPower in the automotive space like I treat Gartners in the IT space….great to get an high level idea as to what a “thing” compares to other “things”…but the details might be skewed depending on who you pay off…this being said, you won’t get into the magic quadrant by bribes alone and the bribe can only move the needle so far.

Also, just re-read the article and yes…this was Tesla first year…Fisker, Aptera, Rivian, etc are not there.


mukavastinumb t1_ixqdv1y wrote

Ford recalls / Ford cars

Same thing with Tesla.

Ford made ~15 mil cars last year and Tesla ~ 1mil. You are free to google recall numbers


Monkey77778 t1_ixpuur9 wrote

Point is fords and teslas are shit vehicles, man you teslas fan boys always out here embarrassing yourselves.


Tarcye t1_ixq2d0z wrote

It's a requirement of being a muskrat.

It's an instant -98% intelligence debuff.



bronyraur t1_ixqjd06 wrote

What’s a quality car company to you, just curious


hrgilbert t1_ixqu431 wrote

Not OP but I'd personally say Volvo, Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW, Honda.


ColossalJuggernaut t1_ixquwkb wrote

What do you guys think about Nissan? I have a Rogue from 2015 that has been a dream so far at 100k miles. Very reliable, but I am just one data point.


Bensemus t1_ixs7tv5 wrote

lol Hyundai is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars too. It's just part of being a car maker.


SomeBloke t1_ixpoy7q wrote

… that he's never buying a Tesla? And that he wasn't aware that meant the only other vehicle option in the world is Ford?


Zrkkr t1_ixpqml0 wrote

Also I would not buy a Ford even if they had no recalls, from what I've heard from friends and family they suck ass.


budjuice t1_ixq2ep8 wrote

Just regular EV haters. Like those ICE people park diagonally at super chargers. Prob one of those guys.


[deleted] t1_ixqvsd3 wrote

I was an tech at a major manufacturers dealership. I did recall repairs all the time. The ones and mounts Tesla has don’t seem to be unusual, though i guess I’d have to see an official list to really compare.

Edit: so that’s not to say they aren’t doing worse than others, but it’s hard to make an actually judgement just based on media coverage.


Badfickle t1_iy27gqo wrote

Are you equally concerned with the recalls of other manufacturers? like Ford's that catch on fire?


Tiggywiggler t1_iy2qi1r wrote

Teslas catch on fire. There is a website dedicated to it.


Badfickle t1_iy3i19m wrote

>There is an astroturf website dedicated to it.


All cars can catch fire under the right circumstance. I mean come on "Tesla hits tree", "Tesla drives off cliff and catches on fire", "Teslas ignites after being in Hurrricane Ian" Dog bites man.

Fords had to recall 1/2 million vehicles because of an actual manufacturer defect that caused 54 fires, not because they were driven off cliffs.


Glad_Ideal_8514 t1_ixptsyd wrote

The media have done a real job on you if this is your impression. I’m guessing you’ve never driven a Tesla? Meanwhile I’ll never buy another brand again.


shrekster82 t1_ixqmc35 wrote

Good Tesla doesn’t need you to buy one. They will sell 2-2.5million cars with or with out you by the end of next year.