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FBI_Agent_Fred t1_ixqivqx wrote

And the guy that owns Tesla also owns something else that the CCP doesn’t think of too fondly. I wonder if there could be influence. Lol


PM_ME_YOURPRIVATEKEY t1_ixqqrql wrote

Is this the new line for Muskrats? The CCP is trying to smear the poor billionaire?


FBI_Agent_Fred t1_ixqrdx0 wrote

I wouldn’t know, I don’t know many/any, but wouldn’t it be very easy for them to apply pressure to create changes they wanted on Twitter since his factories are still mostly in China? Seems like he could be easily leveraged.

Poor billionaires potentially being smeared by entire countries. Life must be so tough for them. So sad.


PM_ME_YOURPRIVATEKEY t1_ixqrkcs wrote

Turns out having the net worth of a small country makes you a target for harassment from state actors.

Hoarding wealth is a mental disorder.