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Dazzling-Magician928 t1_iy45122 wrote

Go to "Settings" on your iPhone, then tap on the "Privacy" section.
Then click on "Location Services" and scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you'll need to tap on "System Services"

Toggle "Significant Locations" button to off.

You can also hit the Clear History button inside Significant Locations, which deletes your locations collected so far.


SuperToxin t1_iy50bni wrote

It’s also not a secret if you just don’t know something. Stupid headline.


powersurge t1_iy6ep7z wrote

This is not a privacy problem based on how Apple has architected the data. From the article:

That means that the location info is stored on your iPhone, and is encrypted and dissociated from you if it needs to leave the device.

No outsiders can see your Significant Locations, and they're not accessible through iCloud either.


ThimeeX t1_iy788td wrote

It's so annoying that you can't use optimized battery charging (to improve battery lifespan) without having significant locations turned on.


giuliomagnifico t1_iy44mzw wrote

This is not secret, it asks you when you configure it. Anyway better to disable it also for battery (few 1/2% more)


BallardRex t1_iy47uad wrote

It’s the Sun, a tabloid, they’re just click farming.


marablackwolf t1_iy4hjkl wrote

Fuck the Sun!


UggWantFire t1_iy4svkp wrote



apollo888 t1_iy4tjh9 wrote

Any right thinking person. Don’t need to be scouse to hate the sun.


UggWantFire t1_iy4tuqk wrote

Fair point, well made. But they do set a good example for the rest of us.

Now to do the mirror and the daily mail.


apollo888 t1_iy4v15s wrote

I’m onboard for that! Let’s not forget the Murdoch press either. Fuck it burn it all down. I had real hope the internet would kill off newspapers in UK or at least reduce their power. I was so naive.


Juliuseizure t1_iy4toot wrote

Nah, gotta go further north. The Isle of Skye maybe? It's not truly arctic, but getting close.


VdomanFla t1_iy5lb3p wrote

That would be a delicate accomplishment.


S0RRYMAN t1_iy4f3qk wrote

New flash, they all do it. Google sends me a report of where I've been at the end of each month. It shows a map with a line showing my traversal during the month.


J_Megadeth_J t1_iy52q2r wrote

I like using Google maps' history feature to see that. Super helpful as a pizza delivery person to see everywhere I've been and total mileage. I wish I could overlay every single trip I've taken to see where I've been total.


birdele t1_iy63yk6 wrote

The Google person/fbi agent assigned to tracking my location has the most boring job on earth. Work to home, home to work. Repeat forever.


g-nice4liief t1_iy4rnd6 wrote

You can turn it "off"


AlterEdward t1_iy4yg4z wrote

You can absolutely turn it off.


g-nice4liief t1_iy766de wrote

Google will still follow you. That why i used "". They just won't save the data but you still will get followed.


c7hu1hu t1_iy6g4ez wrote

FBI: " go from home to work and back to home, and on the weekends you go...nowhere. That's a little sad."

Me: "Shut up, FBI."

FBI: "Oh and let's talk about that home gym you have and the relative lack of fitbit activi-"



SomeRabidButterfly t1_iy4qwgd wrote

I’m not really that worried about corporate surveillance


Deertopus t1_iy5hxig wrote

Delete it from your hand.


lovepuppy31 t1_iy5obsz wrote

You can opt out of all the big tech tracking you want it still means they're gonna track your ass after you say no


blinky909909 t1_iy5ajvy wrote

that's weird, i don't even have an iphone...


doterobcn t1_iy42hka wrote

Sneaky sneaky


neowip t1_iy4336a wrote

Would be if Apple sent it to servers or did anything with it that wouldn’t benefit the user. It stays on the phone and Apple doesn’t do anything with it other than speed things up locally for users.


doterobcn t1_iy4a5u2 wrote

I can think of totally legal scenarios where this could fuck me up, for example, trying to surprise my GF ...


neowip t1_iy4ecii wrote

How? This is stored on your iPhone… how could that fuck you up?


thickener t1_iy4tbqb wrote

It’s your data on your phone. Guess what, your phone has ALL YOUR TEXTS. like omg. All that personal data of mine suspiciously saved on my device. OMG I just checked and my phone also has copies of ALL MY PHOTOS. How creepy is that? Wow apple jeez.


doterobcn t1_iy4yxea wrote

My GF has free access to my phone, if I was planning a surprise party and I went to some places, she could find out. It's not a big issue, but it's an issue.
Sometimes I disable google tracking for this same reason.


Mr_Xing t1_iy507h6 wrote

Sounds like a you problem bro


doterobcn t1_iy50gk4 wrote

Well, for me its apple at it again not being clear on what is storing about me, but yeah, it's my problem


oDDmON t1_iy4c18c wrote

> "Significant Locations are encrypted and cannot be read by Apple," according to Apple.

The same Apple who, researchers found, may have been less than truthful about their existing privacy practices? Thanks, but no thanks.

Also, I’m considering experimenting with Faraday fabric to mitigate some of this tracking BS.


GarbageTheClown t1_iy4q5um wrote

Surprised you chose to read any of that content, because it's apparent you didn't read into what those researchers found, or Apple's privacy practices.