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Graega t1_iy1hs2t wrote

The issue isn't the time taken, it's why: lack of funding. We need to stop subsidizing and then not taxing oil, and start putting oil taxes toward nuclear research. And solar, wind, etc.


Human_Anybody7743 t1_iy2sb4q wrote

Solar and wind finally managed to get a few of the coins that fell behind the couch cushion in about 2008. They took it and ran. Now it's starting to look questionable as to whether just running a steam turbine is going to stay competitive even if the heat source were free.

What we need subsidies for now is electrolysers and batteries made of abundant materials as well as manufacturing in more than a couple of countries.

If you have a billion or three left over after the current run at fusion fails it'll probably be enough to get tidal off the ground too.


Captain_N1 t1_iy6ydsa wrote

the shit heads pushing so called green energy never talk about fusion power. They really dont want it because it would make power generation so abundant and cheap and allow more freedom. thats the last thing those in control want. If they wanted energy to be almost free fusion power would be the top tech being researched. Only fusion power turns us into a space race.